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Invest in iMorph Smart Health Technologies

Using AI to automate self-help psychology with wearable smart technology to solve your health issues

Pitch Video
Investor Panel

Investor Panel

Fares interviewed iMorph Smart Health Technologies on December 9, 2021. Play Video
Fares Ksebati
CEO of MySwimPro
says, "Company is focused on helping people improve their health. They have identified core segments of the market (quitting smoking) that they can provide value for. This market is large, the pain is real and they're building a foundation to help."
says, "Focus on your core market and the distribution channels that drive revenue. Don't get distracted by other opportunities that will rise up not directly related to your unique value proposition. Best of luck!"

What Investors Say

Terra Stone Capital Partners
Invested $25,000 this round
As investors, we feel that many of the companies we look for to invest our money have to have a social responsibility component. Whether it solves a problem or give a healthy alternative to an existing one. iMorph smaat-health technologies gives smokers a healthier choice when it comes to quitting smoking. It replaces drugs and other harmful chemicals and gives the smoker a psychological edge. The problem they are tackling is also important and potentially represents a brand new market. Doctors are trained to treat patients and save lives. However, currently the medical establishment make money for dispensing drugs, not clinical services.
What People Say