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Invest in iMorph Smart Health Technologies, Inc.

iMorph is disrupting the $21 billion global smoking cessation industry


CigFree SmartBand™ our flagship smoking cessation solution addresses 1.3 billion smokers worldwide
Returning personal behavioral health choices to individuals using wearable smart technology
A core team of more than 100 years of business, public health and software development experience
CigFree has completed a prototype solution and designed an IRB clinical efficacy study for launch
CigFree learns your unique smoking gesture, alerts you with a personal message to choose health
CigFree is an all natural non drug, non nicotine, healthy low cost solution to quit smoking/vaping
Biggest competition is from expensive toxic addictive nicotine replacements and drug products
Our next smart health product is an eating reduction solution entry into an $80 billion diet market

Our Team

Adrian was addicted to smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day for 15 years and discovered the power of positive affirmation psychology. He tired of smoking and what it was doing to his life and wanted to quit. He was in the smart automation business and thought what if he connected smart automation with self-help psychology. He devised a robo-call program that recorded his affirmations in his voice and randomly called him throughout the days to listen to his affirmations. He quit smoking in 4 days and contemplated foundation of CigFree CigFree to help others.