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Invest in iMorph Smart Health Technologies

Using AI to automate self-help psychology with wearable smart technology to solve your health issues

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iMorph is the future of the burgeoning tele-health market.
CigFree SmartBand™ is our flagship, AI and machine learning driven automated wearable smart band solution for smokers.
We formed iMorph uniquely to return personal health choices to people by converging technology with self help psychology
We are the low, single cost health provider of solutions designed to eliminate or reduce negative personal health issues
iMorph helps you to modify health behaviors without drugs and other expensive alternatives.
Our entire line of upcoming products address health issues including: Stress, Mental Fitness, Depression & Weight-Loss.
iMorph becomes your de-facto 24/7 personal health assistant and will always be there for you when most needed.
Smoking cessation is a growing $7 billion market in America dominated by uncertain drugs and Nicotine Replacement.

Our Team

Adrian was addicted to smoking over a pack of cigarettes a day for 15 years and discovered the power of positive affirmation psychology. He tired of smoking and what it was doing to his life and wanted to quit. He was in the smart automation business and thought what if he connected smart automation with self-help psychology. He devised a robo-call program that recorded his affirmations in his voice and randomly called him throughout the days to listen to his affirmations. He quit smoking in 4 days and contemplated foundation of CigFree CigFree to help others.