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Grow food beautifully and easily


Sales revenue to date of ~ $1.7M, with average of 60% Year Over Year Growth
Market expected to expand by nearly 4.5X between 2020 and 2026 (360 Research Reports)
New products in development to leverage incredible customer reviews and existing brand recognition
New Markets Under Development in Europe and Asia
Significant food inflation enables consumers 1 year payback period on purchase

Our Founder

Indoor gardening is the future! Our systems use 95% less water and 60% fewer fertilizers than traditional farming. They also eliminate emissions associated with transporting food halfway across the world, while turning food waste into an issue of the past. What's not to love about putting individuals in control of their food and the environment!

We Can’t Wait to Grow Together

IGWorks stands for Indoor Garden Works. But really, we stand for so much more. We stand for freshness and beauty in our products. We stand for clean, accessible, healthy food that is free of harmful herbicides and pesticides. We stand for the environment by reducing water consumption, fertilizer waste, and CO2 produced by packaging and transportation of food halfway across the world. And, we stand for our customers, for whom we work diligently to provide great customer service.

Please join us, so that we can grow together!

According to the National Gardening Association, over ⅓ of families in the United States already grow their own vegetables, fruit or other food at home - and this includes 29% of 18-43 year olds. Indoor gardening in particular has grown by 30%.

IGWorks believes that this trend will continue aggressively. That’s because people in the US and around the world are recognizing the benefits of eating healthier, more sustainable food that is free of harmful pesticides and herbicides.


Growing Food Has a lot of Barriers

According to the National Gardening Association, approximately ⅓ of families already grow at least a small portion of their own food.

But for too many, growing a significant portion of their own food is not possible due to a...

IGWorks takes care of each of these problems by producing attractive and space conscious indoor gardens that will allow the ⅓ of families that currently garden their own fruits and vegetables to significantly increase their gardening productivity, while also demonstrating to the ⅔ of families that do not garden their own food just how easy, attractive, mood-boosting and money saving it can be.


Huge Growth Ahead in the Market

360 Research Reports states that the global smart indoor gardening system market will grow by nearly 4.5x between 2020 and 2026 alone.

IGWorks believes that by expanding to new markets and developing new products, and by continuing to leverage our terrific reputation, we can expand quickly within this rapidly growing space. With increased consumer focus on health, DIY projects, gardening, indoor plants and organic and local food, we are excited for what the future will bring.


Smart, Indoor, Year-Round Gardening

IGWorks provides attractive, cost effective and easy to use indoor gardening solutions to the rapidly growing indoor gardening market. Our products do not rely on weather, natural light, soil, harmful pesticides and herbicides or even a green thumb to grow the freshest, healthiest food on earth.

The iHarvest Indoor Garden is IGWorks’ first and most popular product. The iHarvest uses timers to automate watering and lighting, so that the user only needs to check water and nutrient levels infrequently (about 2-3 times a week), while the indoor gardening system grows fruits and vegetables up to 3x faster than traditional, soil based gardening.

Because the iHarvest system is a contained system, it also requires up to 95% less water and 60% fewer fertilizers than typical gardening and farming solutions. Future IGWorks products will have similar attributes, and provide customers with more options for where and how to grow their fruits, vegetables, herbs and microgreens indoors.

IGWorks has multiple patents accepted and pending - which means more products to be developed that are attractive, functional and easy to use. We provide continued value by providing gardening information and groups that allow our customers to help each other grow.

IGWorks is currently a B2C E-commerce business, with significant potential for B2B expansion in the future. IGWorks will take advantage of growing brand recognition and brand appeal by developing new products that suit a wider variety of indoor gardeners.

By developing a wider variety of proprietary products, IGWorks will further increase its returning customer rate, and take advantage of new economies of scale in production and distribution of our products.


IGWorks: Your Trusted Brand Name in Indoor Home Gardening

The only thing better than growing your own food from seed, to plant, to flower and then fruit - is the enjoyment you get from eating the freshest food that money can’t buy.

Our mission is to bring this experience to individuals and families around the world, no matter the season or where they live.

IGWorks seeks to vastly increase revenues by expanding sales and marketing beyond the US and North America, to Europe and Asia. We believe that these expansion efforts will result in multiples of revenue expansion that allow for improved economies of scale.

Join IGWorks, and together we can inspire new growth right at home - using easy to use, cost-effective indoor gardening products.