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Invest in Igloo Mountain Lodge

🌲Sustainable vacation rentals for those who love the outdoor lifestyle 🌲

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🌲A+ rating on AIRDNA for location. AirDNA tracks the performance data of 10M Airbnb/VRBO rentals
🛎️ Our innovative service model uses half the staff of traditional hotels of the same capacity.
🍙 Evolving the glamping trend with unique igloos expertly curated with luxury amenities
🏗️We can build 3 domes for the price of one vacation rental home in the same area
🏂 Beautiful, accessible, and unserved location in WA holding the world record of snow for Mt Baker
🤳🏻 Our sister company has 65K+ followers on Instagram and growing We're expecting similar traction
📈 Perfectly designed for a safe COVID-19 ‘bubble’ vacation.
⚖️ Our scaling model allows us to break ground with minimal funding, lowering risk of stalling out

Our Team

With Igloo Beach Lodge, we were able to create something economical, sustainable, beautiful, and functional. When we saw that there was an opportunity to translate this model to Mt. Baker, one of America's best mountains for skiing, snowboarding, and hiking, it felt like a natural fit to bring our Igloos to outdoor lovers in the Cascades.

Why invest with us ?

Because we can turn renderings into reality !

Disclaimer: These projections cannot be guaranteed