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Invest in Ichor LLC

Our injectors increase diesel fuel economy up to 30% & decrease emissions by 90%

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A realistic solution to combat climate change with Patents filed in over 25 countries
Average customer will see ROI in about 2 years. Works with any liquid fuel and utilizes existing infrastructure.
Geneva award winner
Reduces or eliminates costly components currently required for emissions reduction
Parent already working with industry leaders such as Mazda, Kohler, WeiChai and more.

Our Team

20+ years experience in heavy equipment and class A operations. Founder 3B Diesel. Co-founder SS Heavy Haul. CEO and President of investor relations at Ichor.
The world needs an immediate solution for fossil fuel emissions. In order to solve this problem, the solution must work with all liquid fuel engines, without the need for additional and expensive parts. RK injector technology is the fastest and most affordable solution.
15 years research, development, and testing of oil and gas high pressure systems. Capriotti's franchise partner. President of research and development at Ichor.
Vice President
15 years operations management in automotive industry and commercial real estate. Sales & customer service guru. Successful entrepreneur with various startups under his belt. President of sales at Ichor.