I am Like You Film

A drama about the life and faith of a wolfdog in search of love and acceptance

Last Funded April 2020


raised from 20 investors


A story of friendship between a wolfdog, Lucky, and a teenage boy, Sean, and the journey of Lucky in search of his best friend.
Strong cast. Starring film and television actress, Independent Spirit Award nominee, Stacy Edwards.
Production of the film is complete. The project is currently in post production. Funds raised herein will be used for film's completion.
Approximately $155.000 already invested.
The film has been registered with and was monitored by American Humane Society; whose representatives were on set during each animal scene.
Year-long and four-season production, which allows the boy and the wolfdog to grow older in real time and to build a genuine friendship.
With millions of national and global dog lovers, this film’s market could be significant, attracting large audiences across the world.
A bold, message driven film, that pushes the boundaries of visual story telling.

Our Founder

Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” I believe that we, as a society, must ensure that the animals in our care are treated humanely.  I ultimately aspire to direct a film that evokes an audience’s empathy and compassion inspiring the viewer to take action against the cruel treatment of animals.

I am Like You production photos.

Photos from January 2020 shoot. 

Stacy Edwards in the lead role of Susan in I am Like You

Stacy Edwards stars in the lead role of local veterinary Susan

Loosing Lucky proves more than Sean can handle. He has a major seizure.

Lucky is treated by a veterinary Susan in the local Vet clinic

Neglected and abused, Lucky is brought to a local veterinary clinic.

Photos from October 2019 shoot. 

Curtis Butterfield as Sean with Lucky
Superstar of our film breathtakingly beautiful Lucky
Lucky and Sean amongst the nature
Filming search and rescue scene from above
Working with non actors ads so much to the authenticity of the film.
A love story between Lucky and her male wolf mate
John in the role of Dennis, sometimes acting is a gift from within.
Curtis Butterfield in the role of Sean
Cutting hair scene, sometimes you need to go there to make it happen.

Photos from July 2019 shoot.

Sean and Lucky during the July 2019 shoot
Terra Mackintosh in the role of Joelle
Explaining John the scene we are about to shoot.
Here is Lucky four months later on the set in July 2019. She has grown into a beautiful “teen” wolfdog, who is mischievous and funny. And still a film star.
Sunset in Big Sky Country. Montana.

Photos from March 2019 shoot.

The lead character of the wolfdog, Lucky, as a pup. She joined the cast during the film’s initial production in March 2019. She was an instant film star.

Lucky as a 16 months old pup
Sean and Lucky in March 2019
Me with Lucky as a pup in March of 2019.
John in the role of Dennis with his dog.
With Tundra, a male gray wolf
On the shoot
The most beautiful film set in the world.