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The Future of Media is here: Scentscape™ Bio-Media Technology

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Metaverse bio-immersive media experiences for home audiences in $300B+ market
Disruptor technology Transforms TV and Smart Devices into NeuroScience-based Immersive Technology
Core apps: Movies, VR, Telepresence, Mood Uplift, Home Wellness, Gaming, Cannabinoids & more.
Game-Changing Platform Technology with its own app store and business verticals
Income streams: Machine Sales, Aroma Consumable Sales, Tiered Software Subscriptions & Vendor Apps
Founder’s successes include development & global distribution of innovative healthcare technologies
$1M+ founder capital utilized for on-demand Bioaroma tech, IP protection, & working prototypes

Our Team

As immersive experiences such as VR grow in demand, it's inevitable that media will eventually immerse all our senses. Scentscape accomplishes this now, while also creating new modes of media such as distinctive multi-sensual Telepresence and Virtual Travel, emotion-stirring extra-diegetic cinematic Scentracs, and Disneyland-level home experiences.


At-home streaming media consumption, along with Virtual and Immersive Media Technologies have exploded. Post-pandemic projections all point to increased use of immersive and virtual communications with a growing and Permanent Work-at-Home Culture. This growth market has a combined media market size of $300B.  

Thus, the future of at-home media must now go beyond on-screen imagery and sound - and must do more than just “show-and-tell”, but also teleport us out of our homes and bring us to wherever we want to go.

Hypnos Virtual taps into this desire by developing Scentscape™, the latest enhancement in entertainment. With all the recent Metaverse buzz, Scentscape is the first serious entrant in this brand new space... Scentscape is the multi-sensual Immersive Media technology that transforms your TV and Smart Devices into the next evolutionary leap forward in media and virtual communications. Engineers and doctors teamed up to make this next-generation neuroscience technology, Scentscape™ creates a media-synced bio-media “Scent-track,” that allows us to experience media like never before – delivering scents in sync with the sight and the sound on any and every media platform. Possibilities are endless but include; smelling the savory roast as it is pulled from the oven in a cooking show, breathing in the intoxicating aroma of flowers while watching a gardening show, the powerful smell of wet paint as gamers play Splatoon, or the smell of the salty air during a virtual reality fishing expedition.

Patent-Pending NeuroScience VR is "Bio-Teleportation" Technology. It makes the brain really think you are actually in the VR simulation. We call this feeling, "Bio-Immersion".


The Scentscape™ technology transports people to the middle of the Metaverse. That’s because it enhances thoughts and feelings of viewers, gamers and everyone by employing neuroscience-verified all-natural essences “farmed from Earth” and atomizes them into a "living" media-synced bio-aromatic airstream, with millions of combinations, mixed on-the-fly with quarter-second precision. This translates into life-like experiences that feel so incredibly real that our brains literally make us feel like we are no longer in our own homes, but teleported and immersed within the media itself. We call this feeling, “Bio-Immersion.”

Online-to-Offline Solutions - Patent-Pending Neuroscience Immersive Cross-Platform Media Technologies

The HYPNOS Media-Sync Bio-Media Scentrac™ Explained

Scentscape's Bio-Media is experienced as a choreographed “Scent track” that is continually changing like a cinematic musical score; it’s a totally unique experience. It was developed from many years of research with top minds in diverse disciplines. This development strategy has led to Scentscape™ becoming its own Artform as well as a diversely functional media system with multiple uses for multiple markets (as explained below).

The Hypnos Scentrac technology is a Media-Synced bio-aromatic breeze that flows out of the Scentscape Machine with the Media being watched and experienced, like TV, movies, and VR. The Scentrac is linked with media like a musical soundtrack - locked in with quarter-second precision, and containing the
The Hypnos Scentrac technology is a Media-Synced bio-aromatic breeze that flows out of the Scentscape Machine with the Media being watched and experienced, like TV, movies, and VR. The Scentrac is linked with media like a musical soundtrack - locked in with quarter-second precision, and containing the "practical aromatic genome" with millions of aromatic combinations.

There are three main genres of Scentscape's Scentrac airstream: Ambient, Extra-Diegetic, and Neurolimbic. Each type offers specific functionality, taking the Scentscape technology far beyond any "Smell-o-Vision" concept.

Hypnos Virtual’s Scentrac technology is not simply about “Smell”, but has Three Genres of Function and Art-forms: Ambient, Extra-Diegetic, and Neurolimbic.
Hypnos Virtual’s Scentrac technology is not simply about “Smell” but has Three Genres of Function and Art-forms: Ambient, Extra-Diegetic, and Neurolimbic.

Ambient Scentracs (shown on left in the chart above) are what most people think of when thinking of a "Scent Track", but this is only a part of the Scentscape™ technology. In addition to Scentscape's millions-of-aroma-combinations, Scentscape's neuroscience-based organic chemistry has also developed into a new Art Form that goes far beyond "smell" alone.

Scentscape's Extra-Diegetic Scentrac (middle in chart) is a completely new concept that is best explained in comparison to a movie soundtrack with a musical score. Characters in movies do not "hear" the Extra-Diegetic musical score. Examples are the famous soundtrack from "Jaws", or the inspirational music in "Rocky", or the many musical scores created by John Williams and Hans Zimmer that all play a powerful and critical role in stirring viewers emotions - so we feel the way the director and producers want us to feel (and thus enjoy the movie). Horror movies employ obvious Extra-Diegetic emotional stirring to scare or create tension, often "making or breaking" a movie. Similarly, Hypnos Virtual has developed an Extra-Diegetic Scentrac Artform that stirs and moves viewers' emotions in the desired ways the scent-director (or Scent Poet) wants, often with even more power and influence on the viewer than the musical score.

Neurolimbic Scentracs (on right in chart) are primarily based on Neuroscience data from EEG brain scans. Because these work neurologically through the olfactory system in the upper nose, this is a powerful "speed-of-light cognitive influencer." This influencer is also employed in the Extra-Diegetic and Ambient Scentracs to seamlessly stir and uplift users' emotions. This is explained in the chart above through the use of side arrows.


Scentscape™ is the synthesis of streaming media, neurolimbic aromatherapy, and cross-platform AI to createan entirely new type of media experience and art form. Nothing says Metaverse better than that. This multi-sensuous immersive art is achieved through a combination of neuroscience-based proprietary technologiesthat control cold-diffused bio-aromatic molecules. These molecules are mixed on-the-fly to quarter-second precision and synced with media to produce bio-aroma data streams that heighten neurolimbic sensory responses. And because the aromatic chemistry is emitted as Cold-diffused (non-vaped) organic natural essences, the experience has a neurolimbic effect on our brains and perception, and it so sophisticated, that the result is a bio-perceptional expansion of every form of entertainment that will amaze consumers.

Consumers will be able to express themselves like never before through the company’s software-based “Digital Aroma Workstation” which allows anyone to unleash their inner “Scent-Poet” through compositional control of millions of natural scent combinations. Streaming services such as YouTube & Vimeo can already be used as a canvas for a whole host of groundbreaking Scentscape™ media creations, including Virtual Cooking, Virtual Travel, and Home Entertainment.

Scentscape Digital Aroma Workstation lets users compose and publish Scentracs and scentscapes for various kinds of media, such as video, music (audio), 360 video, VR and AR
The Scentscape Digital Aroma Workstation is packed with sophisticated features because it was developed with years of beta-testing
Scentscape Digital Aroma workstation also enables live play of aromas, which also allows for multiple aroma play at the same time.
Scentscape Digital Aroma Workstation has Live-Composition Mode, which can be linked with either a computer keyboard or MIDI Piano Keyboard

Live Play Mode within the Scentscape™ Digital Aroma Workstation even allows for a MIDI Piano connection so users can actually "play" aromas on a piano live!

Scentscape work with Youtube and Vimeo and has many applications such as Bio-Immersive Telepresence, Scentracs for Home Cinema and even Cooking and Travel shows.
Virtual Cooking Experiences with Scentscape aroma immersive media technologies allow uses to smell the food as they are virtually making, cooking and
Scentscape Virtual Cooking can be done in any room with no mess. Transforms your environment into heavenly and magical experiences and share with your loved ones, even with remote family and friends with the Hypnos shared virtual experience apps.

Hypnos' Dreamfood™ application enables actual "Virtual Cooking" which is one of many unique inventions and technologies that is built into the Scentscape™ system. Users can experience the natural aromas of ingredients, and then mix them and cook them! The Scentscape™ under-the-hood technology called Scentphony™, does all the work enabling the sophisticated and subtle combination of ingredients come to life right before users' eyes (noses) in realtime. These experiences can be shared in live video-virtual "meetings" so family and friends throughout the world can enjoy their time together in an exhilarating new way!


Hypnos has built the cross-platform infrastructure and trade-secret coding functionality for sophisticated real-time game play movements. The Scentscape software can tell where the players head and hands to continually adjust aroma volumes and triggers within the 3D CGI worlds of Video Games. Hypnos has built the cross-platform infrastructure and trade-secret coding functionality for sophisticated real-time gameplay movements. The Scentscape software reads where the player's head and hands are in 3D space to continually adjust aroma volumes and triggers within the 3D CGI worlds of Video Games.
Hypnos has built the cross-platform infrastructure and trade-secret coding functionality for sophisticated real-time gameplay movements. The Scentscape software can tell where the players head and hands to continually adjust aroma volumes and triggers within the 3D CGI worlds of Video Games. 

In its development, Hypnos built multiple interactive CGI games on sophisticated Game Engines such as Unreal, Unity, and Cryengine, enabling live real-time and sophisticated interactions within gameplay. Full immersive aroma controls such as aroma-volume, intensity from distance, pickup-and-smell, wind control, and other functions are built into the game engine API controls. This complete development foundation makes the Scentscape™ system an easy turn-key choice for gaming company giants to partner and license the Scentscapesystem for home game use as well as Live Gaming Events.

The possibilities for integration into the current $168 Billion Gaming Industry are endless!


Streaming media entertainment has become a common de-stressor in peoples' lives and moves beyond just simple entertainment that passes the time. People worldwide now use streaming media entertainment as a healthy way to relax and recharge while also enjoying valuable time with loved ones. Using patent-pending NeuroScience based technology, Hypnos has taken this further by developing an immersive media system that strategically uplifts and modulates mood - thus making media not only immersive and entertaining but deeply fulfilling.

Scentscape leverages HYPNOS VR’s Neuroscience Based Bio-Immersion / Bio-Therapeutic Virtual Reality technology (BioVR), to deliver highly lifelike, naturally sensuous wellness encounters that dramatically uplift mood, diminish stress, and increase mental focus, even taking you on a fully immersive, soul-fulfilling, virtual travel experience. These cognitive shifts are scientifically clinically verified through real-time brainwave (EEG) tracking and interactive biofeedback functionality.

Neuroscience designed Neurolimbic Aromatherapy Applications without VR and AR for Smart Phone and Tablet Use
Neurolimbic Aromatherapy Applications with Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop

Scentscape™ leverages Cross-Platform smart-technology functionality for Phone, Pad, or Laptop use when large screen TV or VR & AR goggles are not desired.

Neurolimbic aroma scentracs uses with audio-media so no screen is necessary. Enhance exercise with Scentscape neurolimbic aromatherapy
Targeted Neurolimbic Bioaroma Playlists Uplift Mood, Relax away Tension, and allow for Superior Targeted Workouts

Home-Based Virtual Offices are on the rise. Microsoft and all the top Silicon Valley and Hollywood tech companies have invested in the back-end infrastructure for their employees to work at home.  Corporate Wellness Programs / Technologies once in office buildings throughout the corporate world now need to be miniaturized for Home-Offices everywhere. Scentscape™ is primed for market entry for Corporate Home-Office Executive Suites, providing neurolimbic stress management, work productivity, enhancement and focus, all based on Scentscape™ clinically verified neuroscience technology.

Office Wellness technologies in the Corporate world in offices everywhere can not be brought into the home office use the Scentscape Home-Office Suite Wellness System
Although Scentscape works great at the office, it is also sophisticated miniaturized technology for in-the-home Executive Suite Home-Office Wellness

Corporate Office-Wellness Programs and technologies have been part of a 50 Billion Market. Today, with companies sending employees home to work, with Permanent Home Offices, Scentscape's miniaturized technology is small enough to fit into any home office.


5 YEAR PLAN.  Hypnos Virtual’s 5-year plan includes sales revenue growth across core consumer target market segments, B2B, & medical grade verticals (and soon to include Gaming- which has not just been added to the numbers below). Initial product & service sales include Scentscape Hardware, Scent-Cartridge Wetware (consumables), & Scent-Subscription Services that leverage an in-house, commercial, & consumer (community) driven “Scent-Poet” ecosystem. 

Disclaimer: These are forward-looking projections that cannot be guaranteed

EARLY ADOPTERS.  Market opportunities begin with early adopters focused on next-level media experiences, wellness self-care enthusiasts, & life-hackers seeking deeper encounters in virtual travel, culinary discoveries, relaxation, stress reduction, & deep focus through cutting-edge Neuroscience based bio-immersion. 

DISTRIBUTION NETWORKS. Hypnos Virtual initial market access plans to leverage existing & well-established worldwide high-end home theater sales & service networks.

Our best initial customers are early adopters who will use Scentscape™ to transform their home entertainment, Virtual Meetings, and personal wellness with Scentscape “Theratainment”
Our best initial customers are early adopters who will use Scentscape™ to transform their home entertainment, Virtual Meetings, and personal wellness with Scentscape “Theratainment”

EXTENDED MARKET OPPORTUNITIES.  Further sales revenue growth opportunities include Medical Networks, Insurance Companies, Military, Police, & High-Performance Sports, all with incredible sales revenue potential. 

Disclaimer: These are forward-looking projections and cannot be guaranteed - Aromatherapy Market Value Projection Source: Grand View Research Inc. - Spa Industry Market Value Projection Source: Fortune Business Insights - Steaming Market Value Projection Source: Valuates Reports


EARLY STAGE STARTUP OPPORTUNITY. When you invest in Hypnos Virtual you are buying stock in an Early Stage startup — like investing in Peloton when it was just the founders, and where the company now garners annual revenues of approximately $1.8B. Such successful companies are often measured in tens or hundreds of billions of dollars— you are buying into Hypnos Virtual at an early stage valuation. There are always risks in investing (see below) so investing in strong teams, with strong products, and successful backgrounds such as Hypnos Virtual embodies helps limit risk while seeking high returns. 

OPEN TO ALL INVESTORS. Prior to the JOBS ACT, investing in early-stage startups was not an option for non-accredited investors, and now everyone has the opportunity to participate in the startup economy. With over $1 million in assets including filed method & design patents, prototype consumer devices, and on-demand bioaroma manufacturing technology, Hypnos Virtual seeks to be one of the most successful companies in JOBS Act history.

GROUND-BREAKING SOLUTIONS. By diversifying across different markets (e.g. Entertainment, Virtual Travel, Wellness, Medical), and segments (e.g. TV, Movies, Games, VR, Stress Reduction, Mood Enhancement, Pro Sports), we're building a company designed for exceptional impact & growth opportunities.

INTEGRATED PLATFORM OF GROUND-BREAKING SOLUTIONS. When you invest in Hypnos Virtual, you're not just investing in highly sophisticated hardware - you're also investing in consumable aroma cartridges capable of producing millions of scent combinations, “Scent-Poet” composition software, & tiered streaming services.


Our collective expertise spans decades, and we’ve built the expert team needed to support Hypnos Virtual and Scentscape as an exciting investment for your portfolio as follows:


  • Disruptor technology providing unparalleled immersion & Telepresence
  • Neuroscience based clinically verified to elevate moods through neural-limbic induction
  • App & software enabling cross-platform functionality
  • Gaming cross-platform functionality
  • Shared experiences - Network functionality with hardware synchronization
  • Rejuvenating - Immediate increase in focus, uplift in mood, & diminish stress
  • Unique bioaroma-therapeutics delivering highly sensuous natural experiences (Bio-immersion)
  • Clinically verified to safely and effectively modify mood through neuroscience-based organic chemistry


  • Superior Product & Technology development track record
  • Bioaroma consumables required for product use provide additional income stream
  • $1.5B+ Aromatherapy market projected to reach $2.8B by 2026
  • $2.5B+ Telepresence hardware market projected by 2027
  • $13.6B Spa market projected to reach $33.9B by 2026
  • $37B AR/VR market projected to reach $305B by 2026
  • $50B Streaming market projected to reach $149B by 2026
  • $57B Wellness market projected to reach $74B by 2026
  • $167.9B Gaming Market level in 2020.
  • Targeting customer-entry markets where users are charged by the minute or in time packages such as Spas & Corporate Wellness
  • Identifying advertising partners to provide “BioVR Theratainment Commercials,” promoting uplifting mood through traditional & interactive entertainment


  • Proprietary Hardware
  • Patent Pending number 62/895583 (with more currently in process)
  • Registered U.S. Trademarks (3)
  • Numerous functioning prototypes in use with electronics ready for mass manufacturing


  • Cognitive shifts recorded with real-time brainwave (EEG) tracking and interactive biofeedback functionality.
  • EEG biofeedback through Neural Limbic & Biotechnology
  • 2019 FDA study supports potential future clinical trials success


    Over the next 18 months, Hypnos Virtual will remain laser-focused on finalizing the Scentscape commercial product and market launch. In addition, members of our executive team will be preparing B2B growth plans to run in tandem with Scentscape consumer sales growth.

    Major future growth opportunities include the production of medical-grade devices for:

    • Neurologist, Psychiatrist, and Psychologist private practice
    • Hospitals, VA & Government physician networks
    • Bio-immersion Telepresence for NASA, International Space Station, and Space Force
    • Military & Police Training
    • High-Performance Sports

    Hypnos Virtual welcomes you to 

    "Join us as we build the Future of Media together!"