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Building a better experience for the people of vet med

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🚨Critically Important: Vet Med is experiencing a severe HR crisis. We are here to put people first.
🧠Industry-Supported: We're backed by over 20 industry-leading advisors and accredited investors.
🌎Diverse Founders: Started by female and minority co-founders, plus a cowboy 🤠.
🏆Proven Founders: We're Vet Med experts & have successfully operated and scaled several startups.
💯Great Execution: We developed our 1st product in 5 months (ahead of schedule and under budget.)
🚀Rapid Growth: We signed over 500 practices in our first 3 months, including several large groups.
👨‍💻Expert Developers: Our dev team has built veterinary software which was acquired by IDEXX.
🔥Hot Market: $275Bn by 2030. We're addressing a $40Bn segment with $100Bn+ in adjacent opportunity.

Our Team

We've launched our modern job search & recruiting platform, with culture & employee experience tools coming 2022!

The booming, multi-billion dollar veterinary industry is built on the backs of people like you - receptionists, assistants, technicians, veterinarians, managers, industry professionals, and more. Hound is here to put you first.

Want healthier culture and a better experience in vet med? Invest in hound.

This is your chance to support a company who truly is putting people first. This is your chance to amplify positive change in our industry. This is your chance to unite and build a better, brighter future for one another in our growing profession. This is your chance to change vet med for the better, and invest in a company working to make things better for you.

Hound is developing software to support talent and employers throughout the entire employee journey.
After working for a decade in this industry and watching our friends and family struggle, we decided something had to change.

We're coming together with you to fix some things:

  • 33% weighted average employee turnover rate
  • 95% of vet med professionals are emotionally exhausted at work
  • 100% of survey respondents and interviewees want a better employee experience
  • we're experiencing an industry-wide talent shortage and HR crisis
  • AAHA listed human resource management the #1 challenge and priority in vet med

Why are our people hurting?

Veterinary employers (independents and consolidators) lack the tools and resources needed to successfully manage their people and culture. The few tools vet med employers do have access to are very outdated, and they're not built for vet med. We're also notoriously an industry that's a bit behind the times. Hound is helping vet med fix that.

👩‍⚕️🐈🐶Many vets grow into practice owners and find themselves overwhelmed and poorly equipped on the business side of things, especially HR. 

👨‍💼💼⚠️Many techs and receptionists grow into practice managers and struggle to manage thousands of inventory items, customer service, clinical operations, marketing, finance, analytics, HR, and more. That's a lot when you don't have the right tools.

🏥🏥🏥Many consolidators don't "force things" on their practices. They promise not to change anything, and by virtue, have a portfolio of practices using different technology and talent strategies (if any). This makes it incredibly difficult to manage their talent and culture consistently at scale. (Some leading consolidators are working hard on this, and we're already partnered with many of them!)

We get why you're struggling.  We've been in your shoes (and scrubs). Let us help.

Our industry is booming.

Pet owners spent $100Bn on their pets in the US in 2020, and a Morgan Stanley study predicts that will grow to $275Bn by 2030. On the other hand, a Banfield study found that if things don't change in our industry, 75 million US pets will not have access to veterinary care by 2030.

Hound is here to care for the people of our profession, to make vet med more sustainable for our people, and to allow our people to provide access to care for our pets.

To start, we are focusing entirely on the employee journey. We will deliver a better employee experience and healthier culture for the people of vet med. 

Our first product in market is our freemium job search and recruiting software. We have a waitlist for our subscription-based employee experience and engagement technology launching in 2022. We will also offer a robust analytics add-on for independent practices and large groups to gain actionable insights on their recruiting and workforce metrics.

These solutions will address a $200M market opportunity. We are forecasting revenues in excess of $10M by year 2 (projections are not guaranteed)

TAM = total addressable market
SAM = serviceable addressable market
SOM = serviceable obtainable market

Success in this first phase of our company would strongly position us to develop more technology to solve more challenges. We will empower talent and practices to address several adjacent opportunities within the pet care industry. These combined adjacencies represent over $100Bn in market opportunity. We will begin targeting a $40Bn B2C segment by year 3, with forecasted revenues in excess of $100M by year 5 (projections are not guaranteed).

We're not just better, we're different.

We have extensively studied the modern world's most successful startups. We have studied many leading platforms' strategies and what makes them grow beyond "better" to become "different". We have studied what it means and takes to become a "category king" (or queen 😉). We have learned from many successful entrepreneurs and investors and have their wind in our sails. We are bringing these best practices and modern technology to vet med.

Product Design: Our product is modern, user-friendly, and built precisely for the needs of veterinary talent and employers. We intimately understand the problems we're solving, we solve unique frictions of vet med, and we meet the needs of our industry better than anyone else. Hound is built by and for the people of vet med.

Company Design: Our business model is the result of extensive research into the world's most successful platform businesses. We are customer and experience obsessed. We are product-led. We are community-driven. We remove friction ruthlessly, and we are designed to grow rapidly. Our process is working - and we are quickly scaling.

Category Design: We are creating a brand new category of platform, and we're calling it the Veterinary Ecosystem of Talent ("VET"). Our approach puts extreme emphasis on supporting veterinary talent. We deliver the people of vet med incredible value, and solve several challenges by placing them in the center of the pet care ecosystem and equipping them with new tools and resources to thrive.

Most importantly, we've been in your shoes.

Our CEO, Andrew, has been in vet med for a decade of his life. He started his early career as a kennel tech, receptionist, and vet tech, then worked overnights and overtime as an emergency vet tech to pay for his business degree. Andrew went on to manage, open, and exit multiple vet hospitals, launch a TripAdvisor marketplace software in Thailand, and scale a 7-figure veterinary software company before creating hound for you. 

It doesn't stop there. Our entire team has rich experience launching and scaling startups both in and out of vet med. Our engineering team is ex-IDEXX. 85% of our accredited investors are DVMs. Our advisory board is full of veterinary experts. Our ambassador program includes some of the most influential people in our industry.

Our deep domain expertise and rich network is propelling us. We are truly built by, loved by, and owned by vet med. Join us!

Hound is growing fast. 

It historically has taken veterinary software companies years to reach the 500-clinic mark. Some of those slow-growth companies have been purchased for tens of millions of dollars. Some have raised tens of millions of dollars or sold for well over $100M. We're rapidly partnering with leading independent employers and large groups, and we signed over 500 hospitals in our first 3 months. We'll toot our own horn for a second - that's awesome! We're friends with a lot of veterinary software CEOs, and in their words - "hound is on fire!" 🔥

🌟 The opportunity to own part of a company in vet med is extremely rare, and usually reserved for the ultra-rich. We've taken several large investments from accredited investors, and we'll need more of their support, but we're making the opportunity to own a piece of hound equitable and accessible to everyone in vet med.

💜 You're all constantly talking about how badly you want to see positive changes in vet med. This is it. The moment is here. We're giving it our best shot. We're unifying the sharpest minds and kindest hearts in vet med. Be part of the solution with us.

📣 You, yes - YOU, can directly impact our growth and success. The louder our movement grows, the faster word spreads about hound, the more people you refer (and get paid for it), the faster hound will grow and succeed.

🤝 This is an opportunity for the people of veterinary medicine to build the future you want, take pride as an owner of a veterinary software company, and see lasting positive changes within our profession.

🚨 Investing is risky. We can't promise that we'll succeed or that you'll get rich. But - the power is very much in the hands of the people of vet med. 

👉 👉 👉 It's a simple, synergistic formula. People (talent) are incredibly valuable to employers. If the people (supply) unite with and use hound, employers (demand) will be attracted to a new, valuable way to connect with talent. Talent (skill) will attract more employers (opportunity) to hound. And more employers will attract more talent to hound. Top employers will set the bar, and others will be encouraged to provide better pay, healthier culture, and holistic benefits to attract and keep talent. And hound will be here to equip them with tools to do that, too 😉

If the people of veterinary medicine unite with and use hound, everyone wins. You will have a new platform putting you first, building solutions for your problems, and advocating for you. Employers, you will have a new platform building solutions for your toughest problems, we'll all finally have a go-to talent platform for vet med, and we'll work together to take better care of our people, our businesses, and our profession.

Power to the people!

We can't do this without you.

We plan to do a whole lot of good for a whole lot of people. But none of our grand visions for all of you can come true without your engagement and support.

Hound will go to the moon and back for you. By supporting us, you help make our vision of a better, brighter future for the people of vet med a reality.

People are everything. There is no vet med without you. There is no hound without you.

We see you. We hear you. We respect you.

Help us help you!

You deserve this opportunity to own a piece of the industry you've built.

We're crowdfunding to make this opportunity accessible to people at all levels within our profession. The minimum investment amount is only $100. You may invest any dollar amount up to $50,000.

Invest $100 or more:

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