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Straight from local farmers, bakers, brewers and creators to your doorstep


reserved of a $70,000 goal
$3.5M valuation cap Convertible Note
Enthusiastic Consumer
Hot Poppy delivers what I grew up with, natural local produts. In today's society, I find it increasingly difficult to source said local and organic goods, and, when I do, they are marked up by 200-500%. Hot Poppy doesn't do that. They are an honest, hardworking, and capable team dedicated to their customers. I'm so happy to be able to share my experiences with this company. Every interaction with their team has been positive, and u have never had a problem with any of the dozens of orders I've had.


🚀 Launched pilot in Nashville in 2021 with and organically hit 4,000 users and 6 figure revenue
👨‍🌾 Super Early: Get in on the future of grocery in our very first market
⚡️ Hyper loyal: Our top 50 customers spend $1,000+ on Hot Poppy
👀 Hot Poppy's average order size is $63 (versus DoorDash's $37)

Our Team

I chose this idea because food is the fabric of community and individualism. Change food change society

Farm-to-Doorstep Local Grocery Delivery

We say Farm-to-Doorstep for simplicity, but our amazing farmers are just a piece of the puzzle. Hot Poppy is 100+ producers creating tamales, sourdough, coffee, beer and a lot more who make up our local food system. 

When it comes to the staples, the quality local producers provide is unmatched by the "traditional" food system. So we proudly say "the future of food is local". Folks are eager and ready to make the change and we feel it is high time it was accessible and affordable.

What does it do to a country of over 300 million people when 5 companies produce 80% of the products in the major grocery chains? In a nation made up of deserts, mountains, swamps and plains should the local grocery stores not look a bit different from one another? Our mission is to put the power in the hands of the local creators and let the offerings organically develop.

    The app functions the same way any grocery platform would. We are working with/communicating with the 100+ vendors on the back end, to give the user a single view of the offerings. 

    We have had over 4,000 organic downloads from friends telling friends about our amazing vendors. These users typically come for the staples that traditional grocery falls short on, and ends up adding on items like handmade pasta, roasted coffee from their favorite shop, and fresh hummus.

    The reception from the community tells us we are just getting started. A big step towards creating a fully sustainable local food system, is moving our delivery bags to reusable tote/cooler options. 

      The lessons we have learned here have given us the playbook for launching lean into new markets. We know the values of people who respond to the service, and are able to reach them extremely efficiently as we brand out. 

      Once a strong base is built within a community, we can then move to phase two. We rolled out phase two in Nashville and have seen really tremendous growth on the back of 7 days a week. 

      Ready to grow

      We are raising capital so that we can continue to grow. We have a plan in place to improve the service offered to our existing customers and to expand into new markets.

      This raise will enable us to:

      Build a community of over 2,000 monthly users in our launch market - Nashville

      Launch sustainable reuse packaging

      Invest in marketing analytics and a powerful, repeatable paid marketing strategy

      Rollout Phase 1 in a second market and reach over 1,000 users by the end of 2022

      (*The above projections can't be guaranteed.)

      Want to talk with our CEO about the vision? Book here