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HealtheMed, Inc.

HealtheMed greatly improves the lives of the sickest and poorest Medicaid patients

Last Funded December 2020


raised from 95 investors


HealtheMed has a contract with the Minnesota Medicaid program targeting 77,000 potential subscribers.
Company will be paid up to $3,600 a year for each Medicaid special needs subscriber.
77,000 potential subscribers in Minnesota and a market value of $280M in annual revenue. U.S. market value of $16B.
Exclusive contract with MMCAP Infuse, who will market HealtheMed to its 12,000 institutional customers in 50 states.
Provide PERS and remote patient monitoring services to assist this population stabilize their health and avoid Covid-19.
Medicaid enrollees with chronic diseases are the most likely to die from exposure to COVID-19. We help avoid this.
Initial pilot program resulted in medication adherence increasing from 43% to 92%.

Our Team

Healthcare insurance companies and hospital systems can not profitably provide telemedicine services to these vulnerable Medicaid enrollees because reimbursement is low. We can provide lower healthcare costs via our proprietary telemedicine business model and at much higher margins than typical health plans.


HealtheMed is the perfect opportunity for Investors to do well by doing good!

HealtheMed (pronounced Health-E-Med) was founded to help the 4,000,000 people in the U.S. who live confined in their homes with chronic conditions like quadriplegia and diseases like bipolar disorder and muscular dystrophy. Treatment of people with special medical needs through the HealtheMed telemedicine platform will save state Medicaid programs an average of $1,700 a visit to a hospital emergency room. This is why the state of Minnesota was happy to award HealtheMed a B2B contract that will pay the company $10 a day for every special needs person who enrolls. The special needs market for HealtheMed services in Minnesota is $280 million each year and $16 billion in the U.S.

The HealtheMed telemedicine platform consists of a smart television, a medication dispenser, a thermometer, and other health monitoring devices placed in the home and connected to doctors through the cloud. When a medication is missed, or a person’s temperature goes up caregivers and HealtheMed are notified so that the problem can be addressed quickly. Doctors and nurses can examine their special needs patients through their smart TV or anywhere on mobile devices with cameras. The HealtheMed service is free to special needs people and their doctors, nurses, pharmacists, therapists and caregivers.

Special needs people take multiple medications every day. When they forget to take their meds or take the wrong dose, complications that result may require hospitalization. Special needs people are also the likeliest to get sick or die from exposure to viruses like COVID-19 and the Flu. The HealtheMed telemedicine platform in the home will reduce the risk of viral infection during a pandemic.

HealtheMed has a second contract with a state-run pharmaceutical purchasing group called MMCAP Infuse with 12,000 customers in all 50 states. Investor funds will be dedicated to special needs enrollments and operations in Minnesota. Once HealtheMed operations in Minnesota have passed breakeven in the first year, HealtheMed will begin marketing its services to other states through the MMCAP Infuse national sales force.

HealtheMed is currently working with accredited investors to raise $600,000 of the $1,070,000 seed round. HealtheMed will raise up to $400,000 of this seed round through the Wefunder campaign. Once $600,000 in total has been raised, HealtheMed will commence operations and fulfillment of it's B2B contract with the state of Minnesota.