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Haint Blue®

The official drink of the human spirit.™

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Founded by a Ranger, MEDEVAC Pilot, and 160th SOAR (A) Aviator
Certified B Corporation since 2019
$1M in sales since launch
#1 selling craft beer in 2018 within our Mobile Area distributor's portfolio.
Mobile's "Favorite Craft Beer" in 2020

Our Founder

I care because I live with the memory of heroes. I started Haint Blue to pursue the American Dream, live a full life, and to put a dent in the universe. We can change the calculus towards peace. Afghanistan currently supplies 4% of the world's saffron and 90% of the world's opium. In terms of beer, Cain and Kazoola have a story to tell.

This is a story about how a simple idea became my life's work.

At Haint Blue, everything we do, we believe in adding beauty to life. We are guided by the desire to inspire & the belief that we have a responsibility to contribute to society. We add beauty to life by creating products that are unique pieces of art, sharing stories that awaken the spirit, and helping make the human condition more palatable. We just happen to produce great drinks. 

Check out our pitch deck.

"There's an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes" - Forrest Gump

First, we bought an English truck on eBay. We drove it around town to raise awareness about our company. 

In 2016, We collected $267,000 from 271 investors in 60 days on Wefunder.  

Then, we were ready to build a taproom. But, an appeal was made to the district court to overturn our zoning variance.

We acted fast to move our operations to Mississippi in the interim. We signed with a local distributor and Haint Blue beer officially arrived in Mobile.

Oh, we gonna do what they say can't be done.
The Merry Widows get us.

Because of that, we made the front page of the local paper!

We pressed forward, setback be damned! Through our distribution efforts and the community's support, Haint Blue IPA became the #1 selling craft beer in the area! 

Then, we built a community. 

We realized that great things are seldom done alone.

Sometime after that, we won our legal battle and marched on towards a finished taproom.

The city supported us in a big way. It was a day I'll never forget!

Leading a Second Line alongside Chief Slac IV

Not long after, love was in the air!

A lot of people made great memories at Haint Blue, but this one takes the cake. Around that same time, the B Lab gave us some street cred.

I now present Mr. & Mrs. Rezek!

Then, we got the blues.

We pulled the community in on one Sunday each month for "Haint Blues" with Jamell Richardson.

Because of that, we changed the course. 

The business model wasn't working. Rather than burning through more cash or risking an identity crisis, we chose to close the taproom.

Before we closed the taproom, we led a Second Line in a reverse route from opening night.
Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill. Mr. Sherrill has gotten a haircut and lost 30 pounds since this photo was taken.

COVID-19 swept the globe. Go West, young man.

Luckily, we sold the taproom in the nick of time! We loaded our wagon and headed West to seek new opportunities. Keith was selected as a Bunker Labs VIR, a six-month startup incubator and leadership program, based in Denver.

    Sherrill has two Rs.

    Be Boulder. Haint Blue sees a future in saffron. Our beer company becomes a beverage company.

    Think bigger. After 7 months and 100 prototypes, we made a bet on the future. We took a dose of our own to speak. This isn't our first experience with saffron. We made a beer with it in 2017. This is better than that. I'm passionate about sharing Afghan saffron with the world, and now we've made a DOSE that everyone needs.

    Saffron is a SUPERFOOD. It improves your mood, reduces aches, and has other magical effects on health!

    Saffron water's early adopters include Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, and Cleopatra. I tested it myself, every day for 7 months. 

    We believe a billion-dollar business opportunity in DOSE saffron water exists. We're balancing profits with the purpose.

    The functional Beverages market size is valued at $120 billion. We are building Haint Blue up from a storied, small brewery in Alabama into a global brand focused on function & health.  We're sourcing from another Veteran led company that shares our values and commitment to continued service in Afghanistan.

    We're expanding our beer distribution reach too.

    We're set to release Cain & Kazoola IPA for greater distribution throughout Alabama. An original blend of flowers and barley that serves as both a love letter and a tale of two cities. It's the best beer we've ever made.

    Invest now!

    I'm committed to Haint Blue becoming an iconic American brand that is admired around the globe. Saffron has given me a way to better define my service in Afghanistan. I've never been more proud of something I have made. We will succeed because I won't quit!