Gravatate is a chat and virtual workspace solution for the new economy.

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Early users are expanding the use of gravatate, adding 100's of team members, sharing thousands of files and events. All very positive!
We have some early evangelists who are helping spread the gravatate love. This is also very positive and helps us refine our viral model.
Most users are asking for the same improvements, which gives us confidence that once we deliver those, more users will follow.

Our Team

As a business owner I wanted a more professional and high-touch means of communicating with my team, our clients and vendors.  I found a gap in the market and started building gravatate.

The Story of Gravatate

We are business professionals.  We wanted to run our business without chaos, without endless searching through email or text messages for information.  And, we wanted a more white-glove communication and collaboration experience for our employees, vendors, partners and clients.  We didn't find the right tool in the market, so we built it.

We help professionals achieve success by streamlining communication and enhancing the collaboration experience

Most communication tools are built looking inward to serve employees alone.  Gravatate was built to serve the new economy, where cross-company relationships are the most common by virtue of having part-time employees, strategic vendors, and clients all with different technology preferences that do not fit well into competing solutions.

We make it simple and affordable for these professionals across business, non-profit and higher education to chat and form collaboration workspaces to drive success in less time, with less chaos.

Below is our potential future design, which together with product performance improvements is intended to enable scaled growth.

We are on a roll!

Our initial pilots have stayed with us, helping guide our roadmap and several have emerged as true fans.  We have gathered momentum with business professional groups and volunteer boards.  These professionals are often part of other groups and often run their own businesses, providing a logical path toward acquiring users organically.

Year over year engagement growth (July 2018 - July 2019):

196% user growth

33% increase in workspaces

65X increase in shared media

12X increase in shared events

Did we mention tate?

Our vision includes an AI-enabled assistant that helps busy professionals get more done via simple automation and helpful motions and templates.  We think we can strike the right balance of being helpful without being annoying.  Again, we are business people, so we think we can get that balance right.

Help us to continue to grow!

Think of us as the software company you can both invest in and use in your daily work.