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Invest in GRAF Medical Imaging, Inc.

New radiology products and better bottom lines for clinical users

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Medical imaging equipment is always needed regardless of economic situation.
Uses partners to eliminate the high cost of Research and Development.
Uses independent dealers to scale sales team quickly.
Expands into other medical products for rapid growth.
Consistently high profit margins

Our Team

I have worked with Independent X-ray dealers for more than 25 years. They sell used systems and a limited choice of new equipment because the “legacy brands” sell direct to end-users. Not right, but new products take too much time and money. Manufacturers in other countries want access to the US market. Combining those interests was the solution.

The Opportunity

There are a lot of great smaller players in the medical supply market, but they cannot compete 1 to 1 with the major players. This leaves most independents stuck selling used equipment.

Our Solution

We are partnering with a variety of high-quality medical manufacturers to provide new products to the US market that otherwise would struggle to gain a foothold due to regulatory limitations and other barriers. We do this by handling all the FDA paperwork for them and bringing the products to market under our brand. This provides amazing new products for the medical field that otherwise would be unable to grow here due to the major brands squeezing them out. Armed with these products, and our network of independent dealers we can compete with the major brands and provide 20% savings for end-users.

GRAF is ready to disrupt a HUGE market.

Largest market regions

  1. North America 40%
  2. Asia-Pacific 26%

How we get it done

With this $1M raise we will begin the FDA process, launch the marketing campaign, and add 3 team members in sales. While the medical products work through the FDA, we will produce immediate revenue by concentrating our efforts on veterinary products, which do not require FDA clearance.

At the same time, we will begin training dealers on our medical products to be ready for rollout when FDA is complete. Training is done both individually at our headquarters and at regional and national sales meetings. We have prior relationships with over 70 dealers in all 50 states, the Caribbean and South America. We expect to have 30 activated by end of year one.

The Products

With multiple trips to Europe and Asia and countless hours touring production facilities and reviewing products, we have the first six manufacturing partners with twenty-one new products for distribution under our brand.

Following our initial rollout of veterinary systems, we will introduce moderately priced X-ray and C-arm systems. The market segment for these systems includes:

  • imaging centers
  • pain management clinics
  • regional hospitals
  • out-patient surgery centers
  • orthopedic centers
  • urgent care facilities
  • physicians in private practice.

The growing need for new equipment in this market segment is driven by new FDA guidelines that allow more and more procedures to be performed in out-patient settings, and the backlog of procedures delayed by COVID-19.

Revenue from these systems and the next funding round will allow us to introduce high-end Angiography and MRI systems and expand our reach into major institutions.

Margins & Pricing

  • Our equipment ranges in price from under $40K to over $1M.
  • Our prices are 20% lower than the major brands.
  • Our dealers have a 35% markup.
  • We make 40%

Next Steps - 5 Year Plan

  • First round of manufacturing partners identified and integrated. COMPLETED
  • Begin sales of veterinary products immediately after funding.
  • Complete FDA clearance of medical products.
  • Train dealers.
  • Launch USA medical sales.
  • Ramp up sales to $25M.

With these milestones accomplished, the company will be ready for the next level.

  • Begin global promotion with international marketing.
  • Begin sales in emerging markets with alternative-energy products.
  • Integrate additional products and manufacturers.
  • Build USA assembly line.

Our Vision

We will identify high-quality, under-represented products within the international medical device industry and sell them under our brand.  Later, we will absorb these products and manufacturers through purchase, or M&A and bring production to America, thus achieving rapid growth and becoming an effective competitor to the major brands.

Our Beliefs

A fulfilling life must first be a healthy life. We believe that quality healthcare is best achieved when manufacturers, suppliers, healthcare providers and patients are in partnership for mutually beneficial results. We also believe that business can help achieve harmony and peace on our planet by working together across borders and cultural differences. These beliefs empower our slogan, Partners in Life, and define our relationships.