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Grabit Delivery

On-demand pickup and delivery from any store, grocer or restaurant with one app

What Friends Say

I have known Nic since undergrad at Auburn University, and he is a good friend of mine. I have seen his works produce great work, and if I were betting I would be betting on Nic. He will put in all of his efforts to get the job done.
I went to graduate school with Nic where we both obtained our MBAs. Throughout that time, I was able to really get to know Nic well and see everything he has to offer, both personally and professionally. Nic thinks through every situation thoroughly - he constantly plays devil's advocate and strives to obtain all relevant information before making business decisions (when time permits), which I think is key for successful founders/entrepreneurs. Nic holds himself to the highest standard of integrity - he is always looking for ways to serve others and do right by all of those he interacts with. Most importantly, Nic is extremely passionate. Throughout graduate school he was completing a full class schedule while also working with local start ups, as well as pursuing projects on his own. Nic is one of the hardest workers I know. This passion and determination for what he does is at the very center of what will make Nic a successful founder. I am extremely thankful to know Nic, and have absolutely no doubt of all of his success that is to come. I look forward to continuing to follow his success.
I've worked with Nic and Nik from GrabIt on many of my business integration and automation projects. Whatever issue or automation I hired them for, they understood my needs quickly and were able to build out everything without any wasted funds and, more importantly, no wasted TIME. They have the programming experience and insight to build what is needed in the most efficient way from day 1. What sets them apart is, unlike a lot of other coders, they see beyond only the technical aspects of software and are able to see how real world customers will react to what they are building. In summary, with Nic's help, I've been able to scale my business and have made a lot of money. SUPER TRUSTWORTHY. Couldn't recommend more.
Had a great idea for a company and started it from the ground up. I have already invested money with Michael
I have known Michael since birth, his father being a classmate since age 5. Michael is a self-starter, working tirelessly as a founder and initially the only driver in Grabit. The Grabit concept he originated benefits all parties involved, including the product supplier and the customer. Especially at this time when restaurants are struggling to survive, they don't need a service that charges them and cuts into their already thin margins. Michael has assembled a first class team with Nic as a wonderful IT director. My wife and I are the first outside investors in Grabit, so we are committed to this company.
Now more than ever, as we adapt to a drastic new normal around the world, it is fundamentally necessary to retain enhanced delivery access to resources and goods that would otherwise not qualify on the traditional delivery apps. Grabit meets this exact need and its business model is optimized to drive sustainable growth at scale across key regional hubs and core markets nationwide. Having worked with Nic and Michael in the Newchip Accelerator over the past year, I'm confident that Grabit is well positioned to take on the legacy delivery platforms head on. And I know this because building a product that actually meets a real need is already challenging but creating a company that is poised to make a real impact takes vision, courage, and passion - the core drivers behind the rise of Grabit.
Driving for Grabit in Lafayette has been an awesome experience! The freedom to work at times that are convenient for my schedule paired with the payment structure that is more fair than other delivery driving services really make Grabit stand out to me. Another huge plus is having means to communicate directly with Grabit's management, and have them help out if any sort of issues arise. On multiple occasions. Tommy has been able to help me by placing orders for restaurant ahead of time, reshuffling delivery's to optimizes my route, and even help with communicating with costumers.

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This Baton Rouge startup delivery service launched last summer. It will fetch your groceries, run your errands and pick up your restaurant takeout orders. Delivery fees start at $4.99, and the average delivery takes less than 40 minutes.
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