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Invest in GoTek Energy 🍀 Engines + More

Save the 🌎 by investing in lean green decarbonizing machines.

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🌿Patented DynaKinetic solutions for no+cost net-zero CO2 for all power generation & transportation.
🌎4 clients lined up, massive global expansion via OEM JVs & licensing
🚙Carbon reducing, cost-effective tech to transform 48 industries 🚤🚜🚁🚌🚓🚑🚒🚐🚚🚛
🏁Rotary architecture, no valve train, 13 moving parts, exponential torque, super efficient, durable
⛽Multi-Fuel Engines - 43% cleaner with gasoline, natural gas, diesel, & near zero CO2 with hydrogen
🏭Ultra-efficient compressors 2x volume at 1/2 RPM to slash industrial electricity & emissions
💸Funding will finish production intent pilot samples & tests for OEMs who project $179M rev in Y4
🌲Climate Warriors & Gearheads - Help Us Transform Combustion & Save the World from CO2 Emissions!

Our Team

Our inventor wanted to design and build from scratch, the most powerful, efficient, small, lightweight super engine, to run on any fuel; after the Wankel engine did not replace the piston engine. This super efficiency lowered the CO2 and GHG emissions so much that we are committed to making our technology available in all corners of the world.



“Whether you’re a believer in the private sector or government intervention or activism or some combination, there’s a practical idea you can get behind.” - Bill Gates

GoTek Energy® has invented practical, no additional cost, transformative net-zero decarbonization solutions to reverse our climate challenge.

We have launched this funding campaign to fully supply our current customer pilot sample needs. As these samples are internally tested, delivered, and customer-validated we will move into production with these OEM partners.

The Decarbonization Problem

Problem We Solve

The International Energy Agency (IEA) advocates for hugely accelerating investment into new clean energy technologies to combat global warming.

Our Clean Technology Solution

GoTek Energy® is answering the call with a completely new rotational architecture brand named DynaKinetic™.

Our breakthrough DynaKinetic™ rotary architecture was originally configured as an engine pollution solution and has encapsulated the best features from all common forms of internal combustion to substantially reduce and eliminate global warming emissions
 and energy consumption with cleaner fuels in major sectors of the economy, especially for transportation and power generation.

Although engines are typically associated with transportation applications, DynaKinetic™ rotary engines are also optimal for stationary power gen-set (generator) applications to supply electricity efficiently with net-zero reduced emissions (such as for remote off-grid cell towers and underdeveloped country villages).

Our Product Lines

With minor modifications the core DynaKinetic™ engine architecture can be utilized in other useful ways with similar performance improvements … including compressors, pumps, and gas motors.

This funding campaign is focused on our current OEM customer engine and compressor product-line needs as follows:

  • We offer a direct change-out DynaKinetic™ decarbonization solution for all current internal combustion engines in every transportation application.
  • We also offer DynaKinetic™ rotary engines for stationary power gen-set applications to supply electricity efficiently and with significantly reduced emissions.
  • Our third offering is super efficient DynaKinetic™ Compressors to lower electricity use for major decarbonization.

We will also develop our DynaKinetic™ pump and gas motor offerings with strategic alliances at a later date.

Rotation Innovation In Action - The DynaKinetic™ Technology

This is a cross-sectional simulation of the DynaKinetic™ engine in operation.

Below is the DynaKinetic™ Compressor cross-sectional flow simulation.

Our Intellectual Property

GoTek Energy® has an extensive global patent portfolio, including 10 US & global patents granted, 13 pending, and 18 drafts covering Engines, Compressors, Pumps, and Gas Motors. See more about our patents in the FAQs.

Our patent portfolio includes variable compression on the fly for super efficiencies and multi-fuel capabilities, and a removable sleeve for torque, power, economy, and emissions fine-tuning.

Our Value Proposition 

GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ engine design converts clean and standard fuels more efficiently into useful energy than traditional engines, by eliminating much of the mechanical complexity, reciprocating weight, inertia, and associated energy losses.

Transition Advantage

Our DynaKinetic™ technologies address many transportation and industrial applications that will improve performance, reduce energy costs, and make a positive environmental impact.

Transportation Decarbonization

GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ Rotary Engines (not a Wankel) operate on commonly available fossil fuels such as gasoline or diesel, with a 43% decrease in CO2 emissions. They will also run on semi-clean natural gas or propane with a 58% emissions reduction and ultimately on clean running hydrogen for a 99% emissions reduction.

We deliver these solutions at no increased cost to the OEM or end customer!

Cleaner than the Competition 

Shifting the OEMs' offerings to GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ Engines will allow end customers to embrace environmentally-friendly technology without paying more for their vehicles or changing driving and refueling behaviors.

No Increased Cost

Imagine purchasing an ultra-low to net-zero emissions vehicle with a DynaKinetic™ engine for the same cost as the traditional piston engine model you would have normally purchased.

Every year over 91 million vehicles are produced and sold in the light vehicle industry globally, and 98.4% of them still have high-polluting piston internal combustion engines because they are affordable.

Electric Vehicles have been commercialized for the past 20 years using direct incentives and rebates to lower their very high cost.  However, even after these offsets they are still only 2.6% of the light vehicle market because they continue to be too expensive.

OEMs have released new EV and fuel cell offerings but sales have been substantially lower than they anticipated because the public does not want the high prices, the range anxiety, and the required shift of driving and refueling habits. Of the 91M vehicles sold in 2019 worldwide, EVs only sold 2.1M (2.6%) and fuel cell vehicles only sold 7,550 (0.008%).

DynaKinetic™ Benefits and Features 

Our research has shown that DynaKinetic™ Rotational technologies are the only decarbonization products that effectively and broadly offer all of the functional benefits that OEMs require and that end customers demand. DynaKinetic™ technologies are cross-functional and not subject only to niche market applications.

OEM Support - Peter Falt, BMW

Customer Advocate Support - Jamey Power IV, J.D. Power Family Office

GoTek Energy® Go to Market Strategy 

We are focused on serving our committed OEM customers with pilot samples, testing, and then rolling into production for their needs. We do have an auto OEM interested in pilot samples but they are in our group 2 because their product integration takes longer than compressors, gen-sets, and drones. 

With solid production revenue streams from compressors, gen-sets, and drones, other customer inquiries will be addressed for large volume opportunities.  We will expand the OEM light vehicle transportation industry (autos and light trucks) and open up the medium to heavy duty truck and bus industries. 

Just having a product that will address one industry is an amazing investment opportunity.  With 2 sizes of GoTek Energy’s® DynaKinetic™ Engines (1.5Le and 8.0Le) we can address 48 distinct market industry segments such as:  motorcycles, buses, tractors, construction equipment, boats, ships, recreational vehicles, etc.  The potential for decarbonization expansion is tremendous.

Our primary goal is to form joint ventures and licensing agreements with global OEM leaders to expedite the impact of our decarbonizing solutions.

Financial Graphs

Without marketing, we have attracted a large pipeline of prominent global partners, including 3 customers and 1 US National Laboratory who have signed a Product Development Agreement (PDA), a Letter of Intent (LOI), a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), and a Co-Development Grant.

These 3 customers have provided us with their 4-year projections for future orders totaling US$179M in sales in year 4 at a 40% average EBITDA margin.

Upon successful completion of production-intent pilot samples, we expect that these customers will proceed with their performance and durability validation testing followed with success by contracts and orders. Other customers will follow.

Convertible Note Offering

Your investment is an essential part of achieving our vision and mission for solving global warming with our innovative products.

The current fundraising campaign will help us finish production-intent pilot samples and essential performance validation testing for our current customers. This will allow us to continue our negotiations for joint venture and license agreements with these OEMs and increase our capacity to commercialize our products.

We have been very lean with our financial resources, leveraging cash and in-kind investments to achieve our current patent portfolio and customer pipeline.  A confidential independent valuation by a third party estimated that our corporation is worth over US $114M, however, we have substantially lowered our valuation for this campaign in order to recognize the value early investors bring to our corporation.

If you are a passionate climate warrior and/or motor vehicle enthusiast (ie. “gear head”), looking to make a big difference and change the world for the better, we would love to have you on our investor team!

Strategic Investors & Advisors 

GoTek Energy® has developed several important advisor and investor relationships with leading partners in automotive, military, and other strategic areas to help us with testing, supply chain connections, manufacturing, customer introductions, and funding sources.

J.D. Power IV

GoTek Energy® has an advisor and investor relationship with the J.D. Power Family Office and James David Power IV, son of the late founder of J.D. Power and Associates. Jamey was a key executive at J.D. Power and Associates until its sale in 2005 to McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. The Power family was instrumental in changing how the automotive industry operated through its collection, analysis, and reporting of unalloyed preferences, complaints, and kudos from the drivers. There is no debate that their efforts drove improved customer satisfaction in the global motor vehicle market as well as nearly every manufacturing and service industry. Jamey, like his father, is a passionate advocate of listening directly to the voice of the customer and the book he co-authored titled “Satisfaction” reinforces what every company should be doing to exceed customer expectations.

We are extremely excited at GoTek Energy® that Jamey will be able to help us instill the Power wisdoms and insights into the earliest stages of our corporation’s development and growth so it permeates throughout our culture.

Jackson Stewart of 999USA/UNITECH & Klenin Performance Racing

Jackson is an early stage investor and an advisor to GoTek Energy®. Prior to retirement, Jackson had a facility at Willow Springs Raceway and over his racing career teamed with Mazda, Nissan, Maserati, and McLaren to assist them with their racing efforts or to act as their Crew Chief. Jackson's advice and suggestions have brought forward decades of racing experience to ensure that GoTek Energy® designs and builds the best and most practical products.

Wayne Graham of Mariah Motorsports

Wayne is an early-stage investor and advisor to GoTek Energy®. He successfully raced Mazda Wankel-powered cars for years in SVRA competitions. Mariah is a nationally recognized race part supplier, engine shop, and dyno lab for Mazda rotary engine vehicles. Wayne's years of Wankel engine building have enhanced our DynaKinetic™ product's performance and durability.

Harlan Willis, Willis Machine

Harlan Willis is our first strategic investor. He is the owner of Willis Machine, a CNC machine shop currently supplying critical tolerance parts and components to the automotive and aerospace industries. GoTek Energy® has utilized the Willis facility throughout our product development.

Our Experienced, Cross-Functional Team Is Executing the Plan

Our management team is well qualified to launch and manage our global business.  We have the industry experience and contacts to make our vision a reality.  The team has a 10-year track record of working successfully together and over 100 combined years of industry experience and the best of major corporation and serial entrepreneurial skills.

Steve Herbruck, CEO and Board Chair

Steve Herbruck is a serial entrepreneur and team developer leading the corporation from concept into global expansion. Mr. Herbruck previously led WellSonic, LLC from its prototype phase, through product development, into production, and into a successful licensing agreement with Weatherford International, all within 3 years. Mr. Herbruck oversaw and managed all design and development for manufacturing, statistical performance bench and field testing, authored 8 patents, and landed the license agreement. He develops, assists, and monitors GoTek Energy’s® strategic direction, team development building and expansion, new product development and enhancement, global IP protection, and B2B OEM sales/licensing goals and implementation. His executive skills will allow GoTek Energy® to expand technology and sustain its continued growth.

B. Scott Farrenkopf, COO & Board Director

B. Scott Farrenkopf is a senior executive who has extensive engineering technical and operational experience communicating with and leading large global organizations so they deliver cutting edge manufactured-product technologies that exceed customer expectations and which also exceed stockholder or owner financial objectives including:

1) growing revenue where he has captured over ½ billion dollars in business over his career,
2) increasing profitability where he has taken up to US$25 million dollars in cost out annually, and
3) improving cash flow where he has increased working capital by US$3 million annually.

He has achieved these objectives flawlessly and on-time even when significant problem solving or change was necessary.

He oversees GoTek Energy’s® operations. His executive skills will allow GoTek Energy® to expand its program management, engineering, supply chain, manufacturing operations, quality, facilities, and business unit management team to support its continued growth.

Brian Aikens, CFO & Board Director

Brian Aikens has 30+ years overseeing finance and accounting within corporations supplying services to federal, state, and local governments. He has covered all areas of corporate finance and administration as either CFO or Director of Finance & Administration. He has worked with and supported audits and audit requirements both internally and externally, having 15+ years interacting with the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA) as well as other federal, state, regional, and local agencies. His most recent position was CFO of Fugro West, USA, a global environmental engineering corporation. He oversees GoTek Energy’s® financial operations. His executive skills will allow GoTek Energy® to expand its finance, real estate, and information technology management team to support its continued growth.

Lydia Cole, CAO & Board Director

Lydia Cole is a serial entrepreneur, a previous owner of a precision production and tooling machine business employing 50+ employees, and an owner of an executive high-tech recruiting firm. She oversees GoTek Energy’s® administrative operations. Her executive skills will allow GoTek Energy® to expand its sales, marketing, public relations, and production control/scheduling & logistics management team to support its continued growth.

Zhimin “Jimmy” Huang, EVP Asia & Board Director

Jimmy Huang is an entrepreneur and an owner of a high-tech global electronic device manufacturing company. He owns factories in both the US and China and is a naturalized US citizen from China. He oversees GoTek Energy’s® Chinese involvement and supply chain operations. His executive skills will allow GoTek Energy® to expand its footprint into the fast-growing Asian market when the timing and political atmosphere are favorable to support global growth.

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