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Invest in gnuMob, Inc.

An augmented advertising platform that rewards users with Cash and NFTs


Users earn Cash and NFTs for engaging with Brands and Advertisements
Pokemon Go for the millennial...using Augmented Reality
3's like getting paid for Virtual Product Placement
Low CPC and High CTR/CR
CEO has built a successful global software development consultancy
Proprietary IP: Ingest and Creation of Augmented Reality media
Proprietary IP: Augmented Reality Targeting System
Proprietary IP: Cloud Scale Gaming Engine, NFT and Ad Server

Our Founder

To reduce the disparity gap of wealth among the people. To foster mass distribution of wealth to the people. The economics of our mobile world buy and sell our eyes, our ears, our movements, our data… with limited regard to "you." We are actively creating a marketplace where advertising is mutually lucrative and agreeable.

We're building an Augmented Advertising platform that rewards users with Cash and NFTs.

What if users “welcomed” ads and brand awareness into their daily routine?

What if NFTs could be mass-distributed in a fun way?


gnuMob is an augmented advertising rewards platform that puts Cash and NFTs into the pockets of users. From a smart device, gnuMob geospatially engages users to claim CASH and NFTs, sponsored by businesses seeking advertisement and brand awareness.

It is like getting paid for Virtual Product Placement...think "Pokemon Go," but for everyone, and targeted to the millennial.


----------> How Does it Work?


gnuMob delivers powerful results with analytical tools that digital marketers are familiar with.

gnuMob Mobile - Get Rewarded for Engagement

Users are rewarded for their time and engagement. gnuMob Mobile allows users to take part in augmented campaigns (“Mobs“) for CASH and NFTs.

Users may pile up rewards, and in return, help advertisers understand their target audience.


gnuMob Business - Target & Reward Your Audience

These days, user engagement and attention is hard to acquire. gnuMob Business increases user engagement by rewarding users for their interactions with campaigns.

The gnuMob platform enables organizations to create campaigns that incentivize users and provides analytical tools and reports to evaluate audiences.


Campaign Creation and the Value Proposition


Putting It All Together

Check out this video to see gnuMob in action.

To recap, we saw Chipotle's campaign:
     -Targeted at geo-coordinated storefronts

     -Sponsored by vendors: Coca-Cola, Tabasco

     -Users show up within the geo-radius, and Click for Cash and NFTs

    Did you catch that? Users are geo-located within meters from the cash register.

    gnuMob maximizes Click Through (CTR) and Conversation Rate (CR), while providing a low Cost Per Click (CPC)



    ----------> Getting Down to Business

    We are actively creating a marketplace where advertising and brand awareness is mutually lucrative and agreeable.

    gnuMob rallies behind users and their privacy, while fostering eagerness to see ad media, and empowers organizations to give back.

    We do this by leveraging the digital advertising "system," not by reinventing streaming advertising dollars to the users, rather than pocketing it.

    The Target Market

    gnuMob is for everyone, however, designed for our Target Market, which has a double digit annual growth rate.


    The Business Model - A $1.29B Opportunity


    Why NFTs?

    Non-Fungible Token ("NFT") - A unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

    Because NFTs are the future of commerce, asset management, gaming, and more. NFTs provide users with digital ownership and value. Organizations continue to seek opportunities to connect with users via NFTs. 

    More than 2B was spent on NFTs during Q1 2021 –The Wrap

    gnuMob provides a solution to facilitate both Cash and NFTs, while incentivizing both users and businesses.

    ----------> Our Team

    The gnuMob team consists of several members whom have been working together for years, and have collaborated prior on multiple initiatives. We are an organization of experts from various fields, and were brought together by a vision of equality, community, and privacy. We fixed our sites on gnuMob and have developed the offering to its current state.

    Jason Sauers, gnuMob CEO, has previous experience leading successful endeavors. This includes Phidiax, LLC, a Microsoft partner, which gained notoriety over the past decade as a premier software consultancy delivering cloud and integration solutions across the globe.


    ----------> What's Next

    We are raising 1M in funds to continue building and supporting gnuMob as we approach launch this year and start ramping growth. Our priorities: Refining our Business Portal, adding enterprise features for v2, finalizing blockchain integration, and  executing our Go-To-Market campaign.

    With investor interest in mind, we are focused on user and brand adoption, and fostering daily/monthly active users (DAU/MAU), as we plan to visit a series raise next year.



    ----------> Join Us

    Our Mission is to reduce the disparity gap of wealth among the people.

    The economics of our mobile world buy and sell our eyes, our ears, our movements, our data… with limited regard to "you."

    People are worth it! gnuMob aims to augment the "system" by streamlining Cash and NFTs to the people, for actively engaging through the app. You partaking in gnuMob, are causing the "system" to put Cash and NFTs into the pockets of the people in a mutually beneficial way.

    You, as an investing partner in gnuMob, provide the fuel to bring the gnuMob experience  to the people.