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Gides is a social network that gives everyone the features of a custom website

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A post on Gides isn't only an image, video, tweet, or status update—it's anything you can think of
Using a browser or in our app, we use an easy patent-pending chat/sms-style interface to make posts
Our website-style post format makes it incredibly easy to create and share content that has value
With one click, users can charge for their digital content via rental, subscription, or purchase
Gides will expand the market size for digital sales the way Airbnb and Uber expanded their markets
When our users make money, so do we. We will also generate revenue from ads and subscription plans
With a plan, anyone can turn their content in Gides into a custom website using any domain name

Our Team

Previously founded/sold online training and events business 30+ years in IT. Experience in 45 countries. Produced & marketed 15 on-site educational workshops, each to 30 cities in the USA/Canada, as well as 10 international masterclasses.
Gides brings a completely new paradigm to social networking, allowing anyone to create an instant website-style presence on mobile regardless of background, skills, or education. Our patent-pending technology enables anyone—from their phone—to use the chat/SMS creation process to build flexible posts or websites with optional e-commerce options.
Mathew Nystrom Creative Director
Pixel Pusher and Award Winning Graphic Designer. Bringing over 12+ years of experience working with Large Companies such as Ogilvy PR Worldwide, Expedia, Remax, and more. Likes Coffee and Gides.
Dir. User Growth
BA from USC. Previously established healthcare referral networks among high-tier military providers in NC through commercial teaching. Empathy-driven. Start with Why.

We believe it’s vitally important to the future of humanity to give the same digital tools to the everyone that traditionally have only been available to people with money or education.

Ever noticed how hard it is to create quality web content? Now imagine you don't have access to a computer, English isn't your first language, or you don't have the budget to pay a professional web designer.

That's where Gides comes in...

Gides is building a universally-accessible internet experience. We are the world's first full-featured social publishing platform. Anyone on earth can now create and share website-quality content from their phone, no matter who they are or where they live.

Our worldwide mission is to give everyone with a phone the same opportunities as a web professional with a desktop—all while harnessing the power of a social media community.

Gides is social done differently: We are committed to the principle that people can share without sacrificing their privacy. We believe it’s time to put humane principles back into the social media machine. Our mission is to foster the sharing of useful knowledge instead of trying to maximize your attention through addictive design choices

After getting Gides ready for beta users, we were primed to make the Angel and VC circuit when the stock market crashed because of COVID-19. All of a sudden, the funds we had counted on were no longer available and the world had changed. That brings us to this moment!

We’ve created a robust revenue model that will enable us to scale Gides exponentially as the platform gains traction. Take a look!

Gides is democratizing online opportunities by combining the power of multiple platforms into one. With that in mind, we have no direct competitors. Instead, we’re entering multiple avenues of opportunity.

Right now, we’re in private beta mode with Gides. And the feedback has been phenomenal! Here’s what our users have to say:

Our public launch is scheduled for November 2020, and we’re confident our user base will only go up from there as influencers and creators flock to Gides to:

Gides is for everyone who wants to share knowledge. It’s the perfect platform for Creators, Bloggers, Influencers, Groups, Business Owners. or any social media user who wants more flexibility. If you are sharing online, and know how to use a chat app, then you can share online like a web professional with Gides.

Gides is primed and ready to become the social and e-commerce platform of the future. As we launch to the public, our initial focus will be on scaling awareness and refining the platform. From there, we’ll initiate our digital revenue plan—beginning with upgraded membership options and event hosting. Next, we’ll open e-commerce and advertising channels and accelerate full-speed into profitability.

Gides is the future of social media, and via our Wefunder campaign, you have a unique opportunity to invest early—imagine investing this early on Facebook! We have the team, the drive, and the expertise; all we need is your help to usher in the next generational shift in content creation and sharing.