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The world’s most secure way to exchange DNA data

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Investor Panel

Brian interviewed on March 1, 2021. Play Video
Brian Belley
Aerospace/Mechanical Engineer with a passion for investing and supporting the future. Founder / investor at &
says, "This is a dedicated team solving a real problem in an innovative way. Many companies tout their use of "blockchain technology" when it really isn't needed. In contrast, this seems like an excellent use-case of the technology that will provide real value to their users."
says, "It seems that they have been iterating on their business model as they have shifted away from B2C and focused more on B2B. I don't think they have found the perfect product-market fit yet, but expect their approach will continue to evolve as they work with more customers and get their product in the hands of more users."

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July 13, 2020
Startups are able to fund their unique and brilliant products by sourcing money from the crowd In 1885, the U.S. government lacked funds to build a base for a statue, but a newspaper campaign attracted as many as 160,000 people to contribute. That was the Statue of Liberty.
El mexicano que busca proteger tu ADN a través de un cripto bóveda digital
March 3, 2020
Las opiniones expresadas por los colaboradores de Entrepreneur son personales. Al igual que las computadoras, los seres humanos también estamos formados de código, solo que en lugar de ser un código basado en 0 y 1 nuestro ADN se forma por los códigos ACGT, compuestos por entre 22,500 y 25,000 genes distintos.
'Own and Control Your DNA Data': The New Use for Nonfungible Tokens
February 19, 2020's approach comes as the world's scientific community begins to scratch the surface of what can be achieved through DNA sequencing - understanding our ancestry, detecting and treating breast cancer earlier, and prescribing personalized medicine. Although consumer-focused DNA testing products have exploded in popularity over recent years, concerns about privacy have grown with it.
Ep. 48: Private, Personal DNA Exploration - Daniel Uribe (CEO Genobank)
October 14, 2019
Health Unchained Links Website: Telegram: Twitter: Udemy Blockchain/Healthcare Course (Promo Code DOGUM2019): Subscribe to the top blockchain/healthcare newsletter delivered every week by Robert Miller: ConVerge2Xcelerate Conference (Oct.
Distributive biobanking models: Why biospecimens need blockchain
September 24, 2019
When you are sick, to determine what is wrong with you, a doctor will likely require you to give up a piece of your body (e.g. tissue biopsy, blood samples), some secretions (saliva, cervical swab) or some of its excretions (e.g. urine, faeces).
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