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The world’s most secure way to exchange DNA data

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🧬 We created the world's first privacy-preserving DNA kit and platform
🔐 We leverage blockchain technology to help securely manage DNA
👥 We have +2K users and 4 enterprise customers
✅ We have 3 pending patents filed in the United States
📈Addressing +$22B direct-to-consumer & enterprise markets
💸 Raised +$764K from angel investors and grants
👨‍💼 Advisors include experts in genomics, blockchain and cybersecurity
🎥 As seen on TV: Meet the Drapers, Telemundo, Canal Once

Our Team


We envision a future where DNA analysis and research can be conducted securely and ethically

DNA analysis can positively impact the health and well being of people around the world but currently there is no safe way for consumers to participate.

    Today, DNA test kit manufacturers  and other third parties sell your DNA data to drugmakers, hospitals, and other third parties.

    We built the world’s first platform that leverages blockchain technology to insure security and control of your DNA.

    New data privacy laws require companies to comply with how they handle DNA data

    Laws like GDPR and CCPA are a win for consumers worldwide and require companies to comply or face disciplinary action against potential data privacy claims.

    As a result of this, companies will spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars on data protection compliance annually.

    We offer an end-to-end solution that provides these entities indemnity against potential data privacy claims.

    Our technology allows consumers to enforce privacy laws by being able to check third party DNA databases for unauthorized copies of their DNA data.

    We make money in two ways DNA Extraction Kit:

    • We sell privacy-preserving DNA test kits directly to consumers.
    • We also sell a conversion kit that allows consumers to convert an unused DNA kit from other vendors to be used with our platform. Network:
    • We license our technology to research entities enabling them to comply with data protection and privacy laws.
    • We sell white-label DNA extraction kits that are powered by

    It works and we are going live in Q1 2021

    We have been in beta with consumers and companies since 2019. In the past year, we have made huge developments in our technology and business model. In Q1 2021, we will be delivering 2000 kits to consumers and begin licensing our technology to 4 companies.

    This is a $22 billion (and growing) opportunity

    Although only 5m people have sequenced their DNA, this number is estimated to increase to 100m by 2030. The global genetic testing market size was $14B in 2019 and is estimated to surpass $30B by 2026. The healthcare cybersecurity market size was valued at $8B in 2018 and is estimated to surpass $27B by 2025.

    3 patents pending and peer-reviewed research validated by experts

    We have 3 pending patents over our unique DNA data management platforms designed to protect DNA data and consumers’ identities. Our approach in leveraging blockchain was validated when our peer-reviewed research was published by one of Europe’s top scientific journals, the British Blockchain Association. The research was authored by our CEO, Daniel Uribe and our Advisor, Gisele Waters. We are the only player in the space to use blockchain at its full potential to secure DNA data.

    A world-renowned team including experts in genomics, blockchain and cybersecurity is a small but experienced team with some of the top experts in the world. Our founding team and advisors gives us +50 cumulative years experience in working on innovative technologies and groundbreaking research.