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Genius Sheets

🧠 Genius Sheets helping companies spend less time budgeting while making better decisions


🚦A product that seamlessly integrates into Excel and allows users to connect Quickbooks data to Excel.
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Our Founder

Genius Sheets is a data-driven financial planning and analysis platform that helps companies spend less time budgeting while making better decisions. ✅

🙌Key Take-Away🤯:

Financial modeling is mostly done in Excel, but that makes integrations with online data sources hard to manage. Finance professionals spend hours manually copying and pasting data between spreadsheets and software sources. This manual process is error-prone and duplicative. Genius Sheets seamlessly integrates these online sources with Excel, so Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) can seamlessly move online. This speeds reporting and reduces errors. The initial solution is an Excel add-in that allows users to connect Quickbooks data to Excel directly through our custom formulas. This enables users to build budget and forecast models that link data directly to the source, reducing the time spent updating monthly numbers, and ensuring the accuracy of those numbers.

At Genius Sheets our initial product is an Excel add-in that connects Quickbooks directly to Excel. By supplementing the budgeting and forecasting process with technology we are able to streamline processes saving time and improving accuracy.

Our goal is to be the back-end data glue helping companies automate their processes while connecting 3rd party software systems in order to deliver insights that improve decision making.

While we are not live in the market, each of the customers on our waitlist has seen our demo during the customer discovery process. All have been incredibly enthusiastic about how this can save them time and improve their budgeting processes. We will launch our product on the Microsoft App store in the next few days. Having already built our waitlist of users including both individual SMBs and outsourced CFOs. We think upon launching we will begin with a great test case of over 50 companies' data on our platform.

Our Business Model:

In our business model, we will initially be freemium. Our simple Excel to Quickbooks connection being a free tier and the add-on of premium paid features over time. We expect to roll out our premium features within the first 6 months. As time progresses these features will get more advanced and will allow us to charge more customers as we build in automation using ML.

Our Market Size:

Our Total Addressable is the $10bn FP&A industry that is rapidly growing each year. We believe we can serve the same customer segment as Hubspot which currently has over 100,000 paying customers.

Our Competition & Our Advantage:

Our competition is companies such as Cube, Jirav, Runway, and Casual that provide FP&A software. Our advantage is that we focus on the back-end data integrations and work with finance professionals existing models in Excel. Each of these competitors offers a "cloud-based version of spreadsheets". This requires a rip and replace onboarding process that is cumbersome and makes SMBs hesitant due to the high switching cost.

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Use of Funds:
The money from Wefunder is going to go to additional engineering resources hiring our first 2 full-stack engineers.

End Goal:

At the end of the day, our vision is to transform the FP&A industry with automation and ML insights improving decision-making for finance professionals. The first 0-6 months we will spend refining the initial product, smoothing the onboarding experience, and building our initial premium features. From 6-12 months we will work on expanding the scope of our premium features. For years 1-3, we will be building out automation using ML technology in order to optimize the financial budgeting and forecasting process.