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Dexter Carr Jr Loves Life And Wants Gamers To Love Life As Well
June 11, 2021
Why Do More People Seem Unhappy Than Happy?For Dexter Carr Jr., life is like a video game: it is meant to be enjoyed.That's what got him to make the decision...
Finding Ways To Bring the Gaming Community Together With Dexter Carr, Jr.
June 10, 2021
When Dexter Carr, Jr. and his former business partner wanted to go to a place that would allow them to have a couple of drinks, eat, and play some games, he ...
G-Haven Esports (The Wide World of Esports)
April 28, 2021
Building Camaraderie through Competition. The host for this episode is Katharine Nohr. The guests for this episode are Dexter Carr, Jr. and Aaron Rice.We d...
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