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๐ŸŽฎ Promoting Socially Conscious Gamers to Game with a Purpose and Game4Good!


Transforming playing video games into a space that not only entertains but also adds value!
Over 200M Gamers in America, investing billions of hours gaming, leveraged for charitable causes!
Normalizing a culture of charity through gaming with a purpose!

Our Founder

Video games have added so much value in my life. I want to be able to not only share that with others, but also demonstrate how it should be used outside of just being a place for entertainment. I truly believe that this is the future of gaming and want to be a pioneer in leading the charge into this era!


We're a social impact eSports organization aiming to be the bridge between videogaming and community building! Our mission is to promote the practice of gaming with a purpose!

Videogaming isn't just a hobby for kids and adults trapped in their parents basement. It's a nexus that brings people, and is rapidly increasing in popularity and attention. 

With over 2 billion gamers in the world, and still growing, we are entering an age were everyone is born in a world where gaming exists. We've also seen a focus from the Millennial and Gen Z population on social justice and change. Putting it simply, they want to impact the world, not just their communities!

This leaves us with the striking question, how can we bring the world of gaming and social impact together?

Game4Good, That's How!!!

Game4Good is a monthly subscription, web-based tool that leverages the already gaming habits and time invested into playing video games and transforms it into an engine for fundraising.

How it works is very simple and straight forward! Gamers will tether their gaming accounts to the profiles they make on our platform, then they pick a cause, and play! It doesn't matter what game they play since the pledging units are the hours they play, preventing any sort of disruption in organic gaming habits of the gamers. They also accumulate points based on the time they play, which can be later redeemed at our sponsored marketplace!

We have 3 primary revenue streams from 3 types of users. The monthly subscriptions of our gamers, the marketing sponsors that gain key market indicators and data, and our licensing sponsors who gain their own Game4Good platform.

In the whole process, we separate out the revenue capture from any money raised for foundations and causes. The revenue captured allows for users to interact on our platform. To uphold our social responsibility, we will also take a portion of our monthly profits and donate it to the causes on our platform based on the monthly hours accumulated by our gamers.

Through research and analysis of the gaming and eSports industries, we've identified that these four user types are what contribute to a stable system. Game4Good allows for that all user types to be able to interact in an organic manner. 

The biggest focus is the Valutize not Monetize gaming. It's not going anywhere and is growing rapidly, so by acknowledging this space, a lot of value can be created. This is just the first step and an example of what it looks like. Game4Good allows for constant giving, not just waiting to give only a few times a year. This platform helps integrate the virtue of charity through philanthropy, making it so that every time someone plays a videogame, they aren't just having fun, but they are gaming for a cause and the betterment of others! 

We are in the middle of Phase 2, and are working hard to not only finish coding but also increase our user acquisition. Currently, we have done multiple demos and have started conversations with multiple university systems, charter schools, gaming lounges and non-profits and are aiming to close early adopter agreements!

Majority of our capital usage comes from the marketing strategy. User acquisition and retention of all users is imperative in this model, and the major back-end operative function besides the user facing platform.

Both myself and my eSports operating officer, Matt, have multiple years in the gaming space, with Matt specifically having 20 year of being a highly competitive eSports professional.

Our team of advisors have aided in revolutionizing the branding and organizational structure of G-Haven. With their guidance and insight, we've created an amazing platform that leverages videogaming and eSports as a vehicle for great impact and change!

KiwiTech is our technical partner, who has been coding our product and created the clickable prototype for demos!

These are upcoming marketing opportunities we are planning to attend and showcase Game4Good! These events grant immense exposure to all the possible key stakeholders we would want.

Ever since the pandemic and quarantine last year, Twitch has seen more activity on their platform, which is primarily a gaming space for streamers. This demonstrates the increase of hourly usage of gamers.

The gamer population is growing at a strong and positive rate in the next couple of years, demonstrating the strength of this untapped market.