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G95 Inc.

1st gear with built-in filtration to help protect you from pollution, allergens, bacteria & viruses


Protect yourself from cold & flu, smoke, smog, PM 2.5, pneumonia, strep, pet dander, dust, pollen and more.
Nelson Labs certified to filter out an average of 99.75% of all airborne particulates of size 0.1+ microns.
Functional, fashionable, and eco-friendly. Washable, reusable protection.
The G95 apparel range include face masks, scarves, gaiters, activewear, hoodies, pullovers, and goggles.

Our Team

Introducing G95, the world's clothing with integrated air filtration technology.

Shanghai, 2015. During a routine business trip, G95 founder Carlton Solle was experiencing difficulty breathing, and a Doctor was called to the hotel. Carlton was diagnosed with a respiratory infection, most likely triggered by severe air pollution and was told to wear a protective mask for the remainder of the trip.

When Carlton returned home, wearing a surgical mask, his wife and fellow G95 founder Hazel freaked out. Carlton explained why he was wearing it and that this was the new normal for folks living in cities and surgical masks were commonplace in Asia now.

This mask issue stuck with Hazel for days, and she could not shake the thought there had to be a better way to protect people. After a while, the penny dropped, and Hazel had her moment of inspiration. Instead of alarming looking, single-use surgical masks, why not make fashionable, everyday clothing but with a protective filtration layer built into the garments, protective gear that could be worn and rewashed time after time. That was the start of the development of the first G95 product, the Bioscarf.

The G95 Bioscarf filters out cold & flu, smog, smoke, pneumonia, strep, influenza, tuberculosis, dust, pollen and allergens.

Our G95 filtration material was designed and engineered for integration into apparel. It's durable and washable for reuse over and over again. It has excellent breathability, and we vigorously tested it at Nelson Labs, where, on average, it filtered out 99% of all airborne particles 0.1 microns or larger. Wearing G95 Biogear protects you from airborne particles that can be hazardous to your health.

Building out the G95 product portfolio.

Last year was our first full year of operation and we have launched multiple new products since January 2020, many of which we already planned and had in design/development but some, as in the case of our Bioshield mask line, fast-tracked as a response to the Coronavirus health crisis. Our product portfolio now includes Biogaiter, Biohoodie, Biopullover and Biogoggles. 

This year we will be expanding our existing Biogear lines to bring in more colors, patterns and sizes and introducing some new category game-changing products utilizing our G95 Filtration Technology.

We are also developing products that will incorporate technologies and benefits beyond air filtration.


The global activewear industry is a lucrative sector, the market in 2020 was $353.5B and is forecast to reach 439.2B in the next five years. Major players such as Nike and Addidas are two of the leading apparel companies in the space and continue to dominate year on year. In terms of the trajectory we are aiming for with G95, our best analogs would be Under Armor and Lululemon. Two companies that represent the best examples of how to successfully grow new brands in a competitive market. In our case, we will be introducing a new sub-category with patents for integrating technology into the garments themselves and offering unique benefits to the consumer, thus separating us from the competition. 


Despite a challenging year of setbacks, shutdowns and having at times to source new manufacturing resources, we exceeded all of our expectations and hit gross sales of $2,000,000+ a year ahead of anticipated.

How we make money

All of our sales to date have been direct to consumer. With a total number of 15,368 customers in 2020 and an average order value of $143.92, our profit margin averages out to XX% across the portfolio.


Use of funds

Primarily, our goal is to first increase our inventory capacity as this will help us significantly drive down our manufacturing and shipping cost. By increasing our order size we conservatively estimate that we can reduce our landed costs by XX%.