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of a $1,135,000 goal

Pre-money SAFE, $20M valuation cap (no discount).

Pre-money SAFE, $20M valuation cap (no discount).
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Raised over $2.3M from Google, AWS, Lightspeed, Techstars, R/GA, BJK & Elysian (Dodgers, Chelsea FC)
Already captured 46% market share among sports and fitness video creators
Over 38K creators and 1.4K brand partners producing $2.7M annual revenue
On track for $15M in net revenue by spring 2023

Our Team

We're reimagining the creator economy

Creators need an all-in-one platform powering their stack

I expect to see more startups expanding their offerings to become one-stop-shops for online performers.  --- Kaya Yurieff, The Information, Creator Economy

Curastory was founded by Tiffany Kelly in 2019. After observing the creator economy take shape while in her role at a powerhouse, traditional sports media company ESPN, she knew content consumption was going to mainly be driven by creators or niche media companies of 2-3 people. Realizing content creation is supported by thousands of workers at media companies, she started Curastory to assist creators in building media businesses around their videos.

The full creator video stack

We launched in 2021 with the core creator products you need to run your video businesses, including drag-and-drop video editing, music licensing, monetization through your own ad reads, one-click distribution to connected video channels, and aggregation of all your platform video insights, like views and earnings. Only for the creator verticals of sports & fitness.

For our brand partners, we have merged creator marketing with programmatic media buys. Our core brand products also launched in 2021 included campaigns with creator audience targeting, scalable creative briefs, matching video previews, payments on performance, and return on ad spend (ROAS) tracking. Only for the brand partner verticals of sports & fitness.

We've built more products to help our brand partners repurpose their ad reads across the internet and within their platform ad creatives, all while paying our creators not just for content licensing rights, but content usage rights as well.

We are excited to be powering videos for our sports & fitness creators and brand partners across the internet where their authentic, baked-in ad reads can be observed. All through programmatic bidding that takes only 5 to 10 minutes. Reels/TikTok short form examples:

Our growth

More than 40,000 creator users and brand partner customers have signed up, subscribed, or actively using Curastory today. We have a waitlist of hundreds of non sports & fitness creators that we will begin servicing post our Series A raise in the fall.

We have captured 46% of our service obtainable market of sports & fitness creators. There are over 50 million full-time creators globally with over 500 million "creator curious" users that have posted at least one video to their social media channels. The creator marketing and digital video advertising industry alone is $31 billion , and we're just getting started.

Business model

We make money through a video cost per mille rate every 1,000 views (CPM), earning a percentage take on the total video earnings from the baked-in ad reads that we charge brand partners and debit to bank when our creators pay themselves out. We also earn a percentage take on the usage of those baked-in ad reads from brand partners every 1,000 views and every cost per click (CPC). 

What's next

Our vision is clear: we will power every video on the internet for audiences everywhere. We'll use this additional growth extension funding to expand our team and launch new products to hit our $15M revenue target before our large Series A this fall. We really appreciate what our creator users and brand customers are saying about what we’ve built so far, and we're excited to soon hear your thoughts on what's coming up.


How does this work?

  • (1) Join Wefunder by clicking ‘Sign Up’ in the top right corner. While we are prioritizing our customers and angels for this crowdfund, those who are not Curastory users and customers are welcome to make investments as well.
  • If you’re new to Wefunder: use your Curastory email address to sign up. After the campaign closes, you can change it to your personal email in Settings.
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What is the minimum investment?

The minimum check size is $100USD.

What's the maximum I am legally allowed to invest?

Through Regulation Crowdfunding everyone can invest up to $2,200. How much you're able to invest above that depends on your net income and net worth. You can see how much you're allowed to invest by adding those two numbers under "Investor Limits" here:

While you may be legally able to invest more, your investment may be lowered depending on the interest we receive in this round.

Do I need to be an accredited investor?

No. Wefunder allows you to invest without being an accredited investor. All you have to do is sign up and invest.

Do I have to do anything for Curastory as an investor?

No. All you do is invest.

When will my investment leave my account?

If you fund your Wefunder Cash account, your funds will move from your account immediately, similar to online shopping. You can also choose to wait to fund your reservation until after we've filed with the SEC. Once we've filed with the SEC you'll be able to pay via bank account, wire transfer, credit card, or check.

Wefunder will email you to confirm your commitment once we file our Form C with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) and close the campaign. Once you confirm, the funds and the campaign is closed are permanently deposited into Curastory via Wefunder. This is irreversible and confirmed investments cannot be refunded.

For other questions, please check out Wefunder's FAQs or contact [email protected]