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Restoring the natural fragrance to non-fragrant cut flowers

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The company has a partnership with Smithers-Oasis, a leading global provider of floral products.
CEO Dr. Weiss was co-inventor of technology and initial CEO of a company that went public in 2019.
A past President of the American Society of Florists is on the company's Advisory Board.
Company has opportunity to restore fragrance to 90% of cut rose varietals.
Market research shows that fragrance of cut flowers is a major purchasing criterion for consumers.
The unmet need for the company's products have been validated by florists and wholesalers.
Total available market is projected to be $330 million in the US and $800 million world-wide.
The company is talking with a major fragrance company for a partnership in fragrant essential oils.

Our Team

CEO, President & Chief Scientific Officer
Co-invented technology and served as initial CEO for Galera Therapeutics, Inc, that went public November 2019 with a capitalization of approximately $300 million.
Most cut flowers lack fragrance due to growers' breeding efforts to improve non-fragrant characteristics. However, fragrance is an important purchasing criteria for consumers. Restoring the natural fragrance of cut flowers would increase consumer appreciation and satisfaction. We want to make the phrase "Stop and Smell the Roses" meaningful again.
Chief Financial Officer
Managed the sale of a retail chain of 150 stores, acquisition price in excess of $50 million.
Board Chair
Co-founder and board member of 3 start-up companies that have raised over $300 million - was CEO of one of the start-ups

The Story of FloraScentials

Where did our name come from? Flora is Latin for the goddess of flowers, plants, and fertility in Roman mythology. We believe that scent should be an essential characteristic of all cut flowers; thus the name FloraScentials (the homonym of FlorEssentials) was born.. 

We noticed that most cut flowers lack fragrance

In 2012, my wife (whose name happens to be Rose) and I (now the CEO of FloraScentials) visited the Aalsmeer Flower Auction in The Netherlands. It was huge! In a vast building, large quantities of cut flowers and other plants were auctioned off and whisked away to be sent to the buyers' destinations. But we noticed one thing - actually, it's one thing that we didn't notice - there was no detectable fragrance! We now know that most cut flowers have little or no fragrance.

Aalsmeer Flower Auction
Aalsmeer Flower Auction

The formation of FloraScentials

In 2014, we formed a team called Exeteur Group, LLC to create and manage new start-ups based on innovative technologies with commercialization potential. FloraScentials was formed by Exeteur Group in 2018 to develop products to restore the natural fragrance of non-fragrant cut flowers. We looked world-wide for technologies that could do this, but we found none. So, we established our own laboratory in the BioGenerator Accelerator Labs in St. Louis, MO and got to work.

There are no products on the market that restore fragrance of non-fragrant cut flowers. Breeding of new varietals is an expensive and time-consuming effort. Spray-on fragrances have limited commercial appeal. Flower food only addresses longevity. Our target customers want cut flowers to emit their natural fragrance that we intend to achieve with our products. With our understanding of the chemistry and plant biology of flower fragrance creation, we believe that we can develop these products.

BioGenerator Accelerator Labs

Progress - Slow but steady

Our initial focus is on restoring the natural fragrance to cut roses. About 90% of cut rose varietals have little or no fragrance. Below are images of two examples. Research can be a slow process, but we have made some headway. By working with a perfumer (a "professional nose"), we have determined that the popular red Freedom rose, which is designated as a non-fragrant cut flower, retains the capacity to give off fragrance, albeit at low levels. We are working to increase the levels of this fragrance. Other key milestones include securing a strategic partnership with Smithers-Oasis, a leading provider of products to the global floral industry, validating the significant unmet need for our products with potential customers, and forming our Advisory Board with expertise in the floral and fragrance industries, international regulatory, chemistry, and plant biology. We are also in initial discussions with a major fragrance company for a potential partnership in fragrant essential oils for applications in the fragrance industry.                     

We will be using the funds raised on Wefunder to achieve key milestones, including 1) market research to validate market size and distribution channels, and define product specifications for our initial cut roses product; 2) establishment of proof-of-concept for our cut roses product; 3) the filing of an intellectual property application; 4) submission of a grant application; and 5) raising our next round of equity financing.

                         "Fragrance is the soul of the rose, without it, the flower is nothing".
                            George Taylor, The 1927 Royal National Rose Society Annual

Our goal is to make the phrase "stop and smell the roses" mean something again. Thanks for your consideration and support!

Pink Floyd Rose - non-fragrant
High and Magic Rose - non fragrant