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Invest in Flight Penguin

The browser extension that takes the pain out of flight search


😃 2000+ users, 4.75 star reviews, 3x better than industry average churn rate.
💪 Backed by the CEO & CTO of Reddit, former CEO of Hipmunk, and former CEO of HigherMe.
✈️ Innovative UX requires 15x less searches than Expedia to book a flight.
💻Browser extension = business model with higher customer LTV and retention than competitors.
🐿️ Inspired by Hipmunk, which sold to Concur for $58M in 2016.
🤑Online travel is a $20 billion/year market.

Our Team

Adam and I were both extremely frustrated that Hipmunk was shut down. There's no one else out there with as compelling of a user experience. We figured out how to address the failures of Hipmunk while building on the great legacy of successes in building Flight Penguin.

Flight search is broken.

The internet should make travel easier, yet despite 20+ years of ‘innovation’, searching for flights online is still a hair-tearing experience. Don’t just take our word for it, look at the statistics: 

  • The abandon rate for flight booking remains high at 87.8% [1] 
  • The average person ends up searching for flights 48 times before booking a trip [2].
  • More than 70% of users churn from travel mobile apps in the 90 days after installation, which is more than 60% worse than the average for mobile apps [3].

Leveraging lessons from companies like Hipmunk and Honey, Flight Penguin is a browser extension that takes the pain out of flight search.

Why is flight search broken?

Research shows there are two main drivers of user frustration with the flight search process:

  • Users don’t trust that flight search providers are finding a good, fair deal.
  • Users find results to be a confusing mess, making it hard to find a flight they actually want to fly on.

Take a look at results from top online travel agencies, metasearch sites, and airlines and see the careless design for yourself:

What does better look like?

Flight Penguin’s goal is to make it easy and trustworthy to search for a flight; you should be able to plan and book in just one search with confidence that you’re getting a great deal. Users should be put in the driver seat with information presented in an easy to digest and compare manner. Trust is built by eliminating any and all chicanery - no agreements with airlines, no ads, no redirects.

You can see the effects of these principles in practice when using Flight Penguin. For example: when searching for a simple one way flight from Chicago to Miami on March 4, 2022 (search executed on Friday, February 18, 2022 @ 4 PM Eastern Time):

We’ve built this as a browser extension - the best of both worlds between a mobile app and a website. Being a browser extension gives us the ability to show the lowest fares without going through airline servers or airline contracts, since we can search and compile all the data from your browser. Like an app, always maintain a connection with our users.

Where are we at now?

Since publicly launching Flight Penguin in January, we’ve added more than 2500 users. We now support all Chromium based browsers, including Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave. We are already seeing the results of how we add value to our customers’ flight booking experiences:

  • It takes less than three searches before booking a flight, compared to Expedia’s 48.
  • Our 90 day churn is under 30%, which is more than 2x better than the industry average.
  • Our review rating is currently at 4.75 stars out of 5, also higher than industry average.
Future projections cannot be guaranteed

What do we want to build in the future?

Strategically, we want to grow our user base. The best way to do that is to offer solutions for more users, which involves offering our extension in more browsers and on more platforms. Offering our extension on iOS and Android devices will greatly expand our market. Offering Flight Penguin for Safari and Firefox would allow us to offer a solution for all computer based users. Tactically, we have a roadmap of features based on market research and customer feedback.

Our Backers:

We are backed by extremely respectable and successful startup veterans, including Adam Goldstein of Hipmunk and Steve Huffman, Co-Founder & CEO of Reddit!

Learning from the Past:

We believe in transparency: for flights and our business. Our last venture, Hipmunk, was shut down. However, the lessons we learned from that have made us more equipped to successful run Flight Penguin. 

Use of Funds:

We are looking to raise $1.07M to fund product development, growth, and user rewards.