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Invest in Finlete

Invest in promising athletes!


of a $265,000 goal
$6M valuation cap Convertible Note
$500, $2.2K, $10K, $50K


We have raised over $200k from amazing investors who believe in our vision.
700+ fans / investors have signed up to invest in our first athlete.
We are using Machine Learning to help us determine the best athletes to sign.
We are starting in baseball, but we see Finlete working in lots of different sports.
Our roadmap is to build a secondary marketplace (ATS) where fans can trade their positions.
High producing team with 3-exits and 5 years of experience investing in athletes future earnings.
The founders have gone through the ComcastNBC accelerator program. ComcastNBC owns 8% of Finlete.

Our Team

My team and I found a massive problem we knew we could solve! Sports investing has been traditionally only available to the ultra-wealthy and the very well-connected. Minor league baseball players need help to make ends meet. Many are taking future earning contracts from a private equity fund. With the evolution of crowdfunding and the SEC becoming more open to alternative investments, we knew now was the time to build Finlete!

What is Finlete?

Finlete is the WeFunder for Athlete Investing. Below, we break down what Finlete is for fans and athletes.

How does Finlete work?

Finlete has a three step-process, Identify, File, and Sell. In the "Identify" phase, we use machine learning to target players that would be a great fit for Finlete. We then set up a meeting to share our business model and offer them a future earning contract. If they agree, we then start the "File" phase. In the File phase, we submit a form 1-A to the SEC for a Reg A+. Once the form 1-A is certified (6-12 weeks), we start the "Sell" Phase. The Sell phase is when we create one hundred thousand shares and allow accredited and non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in the athlete. We share all the details on why we invested and provide player interviews, scouting reports, and more. When we sell 90% of the shares, we will have recouped 130% of the capital we invested in our athlete, and we can now reallocate those funds to the next athlete.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Why will Finlete work?

There are several reasons Finlete will be an incredibly successful company. Here are the top reasons.

  • Fans vs. Private Equity: Only two companies we know of operate in this space. Both of these companies are private equity firms. Meaning everyday fans and investors can not participate in athlete investing. Another difference is that private equity firms' basis for investing in athletes is strictly analytical. However, fans will make more emotional decisions. This means we will have data that will allow us to give these athletes better terms. 
  • Faster Capital: When these private equity firms invest in an athlete, they must wait years to see a return. When Finlete signs an athlete, we hope to recoup 130% of our investment in 2-3 months. This allows us to sign more athletes faster. 
  • Athletes Preference: We have spoken to several top prospects who have expressed that Finlete is a much better model for them and their families. They love the idea of a group of fans supporting them verse a private equity group.
  • Fans Opportunity: Fans are looking for ways to connect to have a piece of the action. The thought of having a small part in the success of these athletes is an exciting opportunity for these fans. 
  • Team: We have assembled the perfect team to execute our business plan and scale Finlete. Rob Connolly, the CEO, has bootstrapped two start-ups to exits. He is a visionary and has a proven track record of achieving greatness with Finlete. Michael Bryan, CFO, is one of a handful of people who have signed several athletes to future earning contracts. He was a CFO to one of those private equity firms signing minor league athletes. Vivek Parekh, our CTO, is passionate about coding, technology, and securities. He is the perfect technical leader for Finlete. 

Our BIG Vision!

In the early stages of our company, our focus will be signing top prospects, certifying the offerings with the SEC, and selling the shares to fans. Accomplishing those three things is setting Finlete up for our grand vision! We will be building an Alternative Trading System(ATS).

If you have not heard of an ATS, think of Coinbase, OpenSea, Robinhood, etc. It is a secondary marketplace where people can trade stocks or NFTs. We want to allow fans to trade positions in these athletes on Finlete. The stock price will be based on the perceived value of these players' future earnings. The revenue we would generate in trading athletes' future earning contracts could put Finlete north of a billion-dollar valuation.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

How do fans get paid?

Finlete plans to pay dividends twice a year. The first payment is two weeks after the All-Star Game. The second payment is two weeks after the World Series.

Finlete utilizes a third-party reg A+ software management system. This system allows shareholders to manage their shares. It also handles the disbursement of dividends. This software management system is SEC-compliant.

What is the Athlete Investment Portal?

One of the perks as a shareholder and supporter of an athlete is you will have access to the Athlete Investor Portal. In the portal, you will have access to investor-only content. You can watch video updates on what the athlete is going through in their personal and professional life. You can join an investor-only virtual meet and greet with other investors and your athlete. You can purchase investor-only merchandise, like signed balls, jerseys, and other items. You can also join the message board and interact with other investors.

How does Finlete make money? 

Our revenue streams expand from our pre-seed stage to our seed stage. 

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Pre-Seed Stage

  • Revenue from selling the shares to fans. 
  • We retain 10% of the future earning contract we execute with the athlete.
  • Finlete earns 30% of revenue from the athlete investment portal purchases.
  • Finlete makes 30% of independent scouting reports that potential investors can purchase.

Seed Stage:

  • $4.99 for each trade on the Finlete ATS.
  • Platform fees for Private Equity Firms to put their athletes on our ATS.

Is Finlete going to work in other sports? 

We are focused on baseball right now. However, we plan on expanding in other sports in future. We see a massive opportunity in MMA, Basketball, Hockey, Football, and Motorsports.

Our Team!

Rob Connolly, CEO / Co-Founder, is a highly experienced serial entrepreneur hailing from San Diego, CA. He has successfully founded two previous companies, HeroDogBox and AgentBuzz, which had successful exits. Rob brings a wealth of experience in business strategy, operations, and leadership.

Vivek Parekh, CTO / Co-Founder, is an exceptional technical mind who has a passion for machine learning and AI. With his extensive experience as a Director of Engineering at Walmart Labs and Jasper, Vivek brings a strong technical foundation to the team. He resides in San Jose, CA.

Michael Bryan, CFO, is an experienced financial expert and the Ex-CFO for BigLeagueAdvance. He has a proven track record of signing many minor league prospects to future earning contracts. Michael brings valuable expertise in financial strategy, planning, and management to the team. He currently resides in Bethesda, MD.

Together, Rob, Vivek, and Michael make a powerhouse team that is dedicated to driving innovation, growth, and success.

Why should you invest?

Our team is fully dedicated and committed to solving these problems. We want to give you, the investor, the opportunity to help us build this incredible platform. Keep in mind, if you invest in Finlete, you are investing in every athlete we sign in the future. Let's build something amazing together!

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