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🔍 The smart pet registry with advanced biometric pet identification tools

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Thousands registered users and many more using service without registration
🏆 Graduated pre-accelerators: Conscious Venture Lab (MD) - W2021, Startup Boost South Florida - S2021
Huge fragmented market using outdated technologies: 10 million cats and dogs are lost every year📈
😿 Less 22% of 🐕and 2% of 🐈 entering shelters are reunited due to their lack of identification
✅ Fully developed website and mobile apps launched at the beginning of Q2 2020
🏠In-house built and trained Machine Learning (ML) model to identify and search 🐈 and 🐕 by photo📸
Team of serial entrepreneurs working together for more than 6 years 🤝
Nose print identification technology for 🐕 to identify dogs and prove ownership

Our Team

Findpet came from our own pain too: Dan’s and Alex’s families permanently lost several cats and a dog during our lifetime and we know how devastating it is to lose a pet, especially if you are a child.

Findpet - just a photo away from reuniting lost pets

Revolutionizing the way pets are identified and reunited.

Dan and Alex have lost several pets during our lifetimes and we know how devastating it is, especially if you are a kid. This is one of the reasons why we made Findpet.

10 million cats and dogs are lost every year in the U.S.
1 out of 3 pets become lost at some point in their lifetime

Millions of lost pets end up in shelters where only a fraction are reunited with their owners, due to their lack of identification.

With Findpet reuniting with your pet is as easy as just uploading your pet to our service. It will get identified by our Machine Learning (ML) algorithm and automatically searched across all local shelters, vets and in our database of lost and found pets.

We are also building a community of pet lovers helping each other to reunite lost pets.

We have thousands of registered users growing 6% month-on-month, but we want to grow faster and need additional funding to accelerate business and product development.

We are at the early stage and currently figuring out our revenue model. We are now focussing on rewards processing but in the future see additional revenue coming from sponsorship, advertising and premium services with monthly subscriptions like the automatic search of lost pets in local shelters.

We want every pet in the US to be registered at Findpet, and eventually every pet on the planet.

The pet care market is booming, reaching $103Bln in 2020 with an expected 5.2% CAGR by 2025. 64% of US households own a pet, with about 90M dogs and 94M cats.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs working together for more than 6 years. 
We are currently a team of 3, but we would like to expand to accelerate our growth and product development.

In the next 12 months, we are excited to add more users, shelters and vets.

Our purpose it to save pet lives, but it happens that we could also save time that is money.

We encourage you to download the apps, register your pet and tell everyone you know about Findpet.

We also ask you for introductions to key stakeholders in the industry like shelters, vets, pet care brands, media, petfluencers and everyone you think who may help us on our mission to return every lost pet back home.

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