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The credit card that puts your security first

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YC-Backed Final Raises A Million For Its Fraud-Fighting Credit Card
January 27, 2015
The goal with Final is to re-envision how consumers interact with their financial institutions, in a way that allows them to have more control over their payments and relationships with merchants and other service providers.
EMV, CNP, OMG: Big Things Are on the Way in 2015 for Financial Tech
December 30, 2015
Although ignored now by a majority of financial institutions because of their relatively light spending power, millennials will dictate the future of banking.
Going Global in 2015: 10 start-ups to watch
December 18, 2014
The Colorado start-up launched in October, quickly became a hit with the community of accelerator Y Combinator, and is tipped for mass adoption in 2015.
How to Escape the Reject Pile: Final Chooses Product Hunt Over Finicky Tech Press to Tell Its Story
December 3, 2014
At our core we believe ourselves to be a consumer advocacy company. Because of that, it's crucial for us to listen to potential Final users as often as possible.
Life, Post-Accelerator: Maintaining Forward Momentum
December 3, 2014
The community that you join through an accelerator program is one that will be as valuable and long-lasting as you choose to make it.
This Is What Happens When Your Startup Is A Hit On Product Hunt
December 3, 2014
After being listed on the site, the secure credit card alternative Final jumped from 191 signups to nearly 10,000 overnight. Within 48 hours, they broke 20,000 signups.
14 Emerging Tech Companies That Are Going To Change The World
November 25, 2014
Perhaps the greatest advancement in credit card technology in recent memory, Final is promising major changes to the purchasing world.
7 key things you need to know about an accelerator like Techstars
November 23, 2014
Getting into a highly competitive, elite tech accelerator is not unlike getting into a highly competitive, elite university — if you rest on your acceptance, you’ll surely fail.
Final Unveils New Security-Focused Payment Service
October 23, 2014
With Apple Pay and payment technology in the news, it’s encouraging to see a new player step into the ring and provide consumers with another payment option that has security in mind.
Final's credit card tackles security with unique numbers for each retailer
October 9, 2014
Final's credit card tackles security with unique numbers for each retailer.
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