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Cactus Tapped Hydration

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raised from 21 investors
$2M valuation cap Future Equity
$250, $500, $1K, $10K
Investor in consumer packaged goods brands.
The Fat Leaf Water team did a great job formulating and launching the ready-to-drink bottled product - a beverage that is quite differentiated from others in the market given its ingredient and flavor profiles (Cactus water? Who knew!). Adding easy to carry dry packets is a natural product line extension and perfectly aligned with their active target demographic. I’m excited to see where they take this and use the powder packets myself which is why I’m willing to back it.
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🏆 Multi-flavor line already launched on Amazon & Shopify
🏔Sponsor for The Mountain Guides, Crown City Classic, International Climbers, & more
🌱 Work w/ eco-conscious vendors, donate a % of profits to conservation efforts, use US-sourced prickly pear
🤝 Plan to distribute in gourmet retailers (Erewhon, Mother’s Market, Gelson’s) & online markets (Thrive, Fresh Direct)
📈 Ready to launch powder packets w/ less emissions waste than RTD variety
💸 Alternative water market $5.4B & growing; cactus water an overlooked solution for sports-hydration
🍏Serial woman founder with experience building food & bev/media businesses
💪Certified Women Owned Business

Our Team

I wanted to create a plant based drink that appeals to health + eco minded sports enthusiasts.

We're a lifestyle brand that meets our universal desire to feel good while we move. Inside + out.

Fat Leaf Water was inspired by summer camp memories in the 1980s where all the campers drank from a communal cooler filled with a watered-down Kool-Aid mixture, which was lovingly called “bug juice”. It was this childhood creation which set Elyse on the path of finding a tasty, healthy and natural version of the drink for the wellness age and making our world greener and healthier one bottle at a time. Elyse & Ruth met at a holiday dinner in 2017, where they learned that they shared a love for shopping. Grocery shopping! This conversation about their passion for food continued two years later when Elyse's new venture with Fat Leaf Water was beginning. This original product idea mirrored what they both saw as the complex yet the oh-so-natural relationship between proper nutrition and one's health and wellness.

With Elyse's food and beverage experience coupled with her media background and Ruth's expertise in building community wellness and physical science-based engineering, it was a perfect fit for Fat Leaf Water. A fit as natural as finding prickly pear fruit in the arid Southwest of the U.S. The result? A partnership that brings you the first-ever cactus-based sports beverage to market.

Prickly pear is packed with antioxidants, electrolytes and Vitamin c.

This powerhouse trifecta fights cell damage that can lead to a number of long-term health issues, keeps you hydrated and glowing, boosts muscle recovery and builds immunity.

Taurine has been dubbed the “wonder molecule” by scientists. Why? It’s been shown to have several health benefits, including aiding digestion, regulating the immune system, and improving athletic performance.

After months of R&D, we have perfected our new product!  Our powder packet formula leverages a bespoke prickly pear powder that dissolves cleanly in water.

We've recently focused much of our energies this past year on partnering with individuals and organizations whose values align with the Fat Leaf Water culture. 

Our partnerships and sponsorships so far...

We've been an ongoing sponsor for The Mountain Guides, which has opened up a wealth of opportunities, such as participating in their Women's Weekend Program and bringing YETI into the fold with their Prickly Pear Collection.

And this has opened doors for our participation with other athletic groups, such as the Surf City Marathon, and The International Climbers' Festival. We're proud of these partnerships, as we're committed to an organic growth, to ensure that we are providing a product that adheres to the values of our community.

With our growing appeal within the outdoor adventure community, it became apparent that we needed to create an alternative to the liquid formula. A stick pack is not only much lighter to bring while climbing up a mountain!, but it is also of course much more earth friendly.

On top of all of the value-driven benefits of the powder formula, we also believe that the packets will be even more profitable than our liquid bottles, based on their margin potential.

We have found a prickly pear farm in Arizona on Native American land. 

Being that we are committed to sourcing local products and building community, we are so excited to work with the farmers to produce the best fruit for our powder.