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Invest in Farm to Coast Collective

A Community, Food and Retail Revolution

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Support Local Community - Invest in Main Street, not Wall Street
100% of your investment will directly benefit multiple local mom and pops
Funds raised will go to providing them with shared business services (not construction)
Our food hall will include local favorites Village Bakery, Charro Negro, Taverna Lithi and more
Preferred stock offering - targeting a 6% ROI annually
🔑 Our CoWork space will complement the project with built in customers to support our chefs

Our Team

Community is very important to us. We have seen our neighbors in the food and beverage industry struggle over the last year. We wanted to create an experience for locals and visitors - a much needed, vibrant hub for the community and a place that truly supports our young, talented, local chefs as they start or expand their businesses.


Farm To Coast Collective is spearheading a community revitalization project right here in Sebastopol, California – by the community, for the community. We have spent the last two years completely reimagining an underutilized downtown building into a vibrant community hub called The Livery on Main.

A collective of thoughtfully curated entrepreneurs on multiple levels, serving you the best food, drink, art and entertainment our region has to offer. Including the ability to order from a variety of local food artisans for on-site open air dining, safe curbside pickup, or contactless delivery service.

Our mission is to create a vibrant and sustainable community hub – a place where our neighbors will come to experience the best local food, drink and art Sonoma County has to offer - designed to support small businesses and create local jobs for a healthier local economy. 

Farm To Coast Collective - Supporting Talented West County Entrepreneurs While Creating A Versatile Gathering Space.

This multi-level experience will directly support local chefs, farmers, artists, performers, and makers.

We took our time to review the many applications we received from local chefs. It was important to us that each cuisine complemented the overall mix in the food hall, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, child-friendly and budget-friendly options. Sustainability and philanthropy were also an important consideration. Most importantly, though, we were looking for local creative artisans who shared our core values of collaboration, compassion and community.

This equity crowdfunding campaign was created to raise capital for start-up and operational expenses for our licensees including hiring shared staff, infrastructure implementation and marketing efforts.

So, who are we? And why are we invested?

The Livery on Main will be home to Farm to Coast Collective, a public benefit corporation with a mission to socially and economically empower small businesses. We aim to support talented entrepreneurs in West Sonoma County—our friends and neighbors—while creating a one-of-a-kind gathering place in the heart of our town.

We believe in the power of collaboration. Over the past decade we have started a number of local, small businesses that are built on the collaborative shared services model. Our family of companies are all working together to realize the vision for Farm To Coast Collective.

Builders’ Studio (our architecture and engineering firm) is designing the project. Thrive Construction Group (our general contracting business) is remodeling the building. And The Beale Group is providing the management and back office administration. 

Farm To Coast Collective is extending our sustainable shared services business model to the hard hit food & beverage industry.

We are respecting the past and building the future.

This meaningful development strives to regenerate community while preserving local history, consistent with Sebastopol's distinctive character.

Why a food hall?

Start-up and marketing costs for a stand-alone brick and mortar can be prohibitive, and the increasing cost of labor can easily make business unsustainable. Although talented and passionate, chefs may not have the expertise needed to start and run a successful business. The costs associated with marketing can be exorbitant. In addition, generating new business can take an immense amount of effort.

Food halls are the sustainable future of the food and beverage industry.

According to Cushman and Wakefield, the low-cost alternative of a food hall model has significantly higher profit margins. Typically between 15-20% for the vendor compared to stand-alone restaurants which often struggle to reach 10% profit.

The dynamic experience at The Livery on Main provides something for everyone.

Including an artisanal food hall, lounge, cowork space, entertainment venue, and a rooftop garden deck. The Collective will operate in a multi-level, indoor & outdoor, sun-filled place, allowing visitors to gather in downtown Sebastopol year-round.

We're cooking up good things. Literally.

On the ground floor will be our food hall, comprised of our incredible licensees. Featuring thoughtfully curated chef-forward micro-kitchens, common space, scullery, and storage. Here, folks can grab a meal for everyone and partake in the shared seating or pickup takeout.

Village Bakery is a beloved, family-owned and operated bakery that was a Sebastopol staple until they were flooded out of

The Barlow in 2019. Owners Patrick Lum and Teresa Gentile re-opened their café in Santa Rosa, but they have wanted to re-open in Sebastopol since they were forced to move away, and our community will welcome them back with open arms. Patrick and Teresa take great pride in their staff and the quality of their product; they believe in bringing fresh, preservative-free ingredients to the table. Their legendary hearth breads are made with flour from a reputable, local purv

eyor in Petaluma, and they support local farmers for other fresh, organic ingredients for their recipes and menus. Village Bakery is the home of the award-winning Seeded Sourdough Bread, and they have been voted “Best Bakery” by the Press Democrat and the North Bay Bohemian for several years. Apart from their beautiful breads, patrons flock to their bakery for their unique selection of fine pastry. Village Chocolate Framboise Torte and Princess Cake have earned well-deserved gold medals at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair.

Chef Rodrigo Mendoza (Charro Negro) is a Bolivian transplant who landed here in 2000. After attending L’Academie de Cuisine culinary school in Maryland, Rodrigo cut his teeth at Café Boulud with chef Daniel Boulud (Daniel, DBGB) in New York. His next stint was back in Maryland at Addie’s with chef Jeff Black (Black Salt, Black Market Bistro). From there, Rodrigo joined chefs from all over the world at Design Cuisine Catering where he catered enormous events including President George W. Bush’s inauguration and the US Open. Rodrigo decided to make the move west while visiting friends in Northern California who took him to Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg. After working there with Charlie Palmer (Aureole, Charlie Palmer Steak), he chose a more relaxed environment at Bistro Ralph with Ralph Tingle (Felix & Louie’s). After that, Rodrigo accepted a position at Willi’s Seafood & Raw Bar. Over the next ten years, he worked with Mark Stark (Willi’s Wine Bar, Stark’s Steakhouse, Bird and the Bottle) to make Willi’s one of the most successful restaurants in Sonoma County. 2020 brought opportunities born of necessity. A small break from Willi’s allowed Rodrigo to acquire a food truck and he never looked back. Charro Negro is an amalgamation of Rodrigo’s experience and time spent in the culinary field. Each dish that comes out of the kitchen is dedicated to the desire to eat and enjoy life. Rodrigo brings Beach & Barrio together through his concept giving everyday people the opportunity to celebrate on a budget without sacrificing quality or flavor.

Dino Moniodis (Taverna Lithi) grew up between the Greek islands and Sonoma County, and it is his mission to share his culture and experience through his food. His concept at Taverna Lithi is to bring a taste of the Greek Isles to Sonoma County, and more so, the experience that comes with the food. Dino is driven by the idea of Philoxenia-(φιλοξενια), which is the art of making a stranger a friend. This idea drives his efforts to make food fit for the Gods with the loving embrace and hospitality of a traditional Greek home. All of the recipes that will be at Taverna Lithi have been passed down generations in Dino’s family. His approach is very much aligned with Farm to Coast Collective’s - community driven, fostering a true human connection whether that be through leading his staff to be better people by actively helping our community or to strive to go the extra mile to make a customer feel a part of this great culture and truly appreciated.

Derek and Megan Harn (Lunchbox Sonoma County) started getting noticed back in late 2019, when they were a craft sandwich and burger pop-up inside Ramen Gaijin. To quote Heather Irwin in her Sonoma Magazine article from November 2019, Lunchbox specializes in “the kind of messy, smushy, everything-good-about-beef burgers that make you remember why Beyond burgers are a pale comparison.” Luckily for vegetarians, they also serve up The Omnivore’s Dilemma, using a Beyond burger. We met Derek and Megan back in 2019 and were struck by their passion and their mission statement – “Food is nostalgic, meals create memories. We provide hyper-local comfort food with flavors that will take you back to your childhood.” We are very excited to provide Derek and Megan with their first brick-and-mortar.

Charles White and Lisa Le Donne (Cozy Plum) are both Sebastopol natives and went to school together in Sebastopol. They both became Vegans in 2017, only a few months apart. They quickly learned that although Vegan restaurants had tried in this area they failed to thrive. Sonoma County was a culinary desert for plant-based cuisine. They began “veganizing” their favorite foods and soon their friends and family were thrilled by Charles’ recipes. They began to kick around the idea of a food truck, but when local vegetarian restaurant, Gaia’s Garden came up for sale, they decided to jump in. No backers, no loans, just two friends with a big idea. Cozy Plum’s pledge is to make plant-based eating so delicious that you simply won’t miss the animal protein or dairy products you grew up with. No sacrifice needed to make a healthier choice. They have amassed a large and loyal following, and Sebastopolians are very vocal about their excitement that Cozy Plum will be expanding into The Livery on Main.


Already in motion to open our co-work space in Q1 2022, Farm To Coast Collective is already building up our customer reach as we lead to our grand opening for The Livery in Fall 2022.

Ultimately, our goal is to socially and economically empower small businesses. This shared services model will bring down the overhead cost for each licensee allowing them to focus on their passion.

We believe that happiness and success come from doing what you love, and we want to provide small business owners the opportunity to do just that.

We’ve run the numbers and we feel confident that a 6% annual ROI after stabilization is achievable, even with conservative revenue from each licensee.

Our cowork space and intimate performance venue will complement the project by bringing a steady stream of customers to the project

The multiple offerings in one location will bring larger numbers of customers to the property, supporting our chef/licensees and diversifying the revenue for the project as a whole.



  • $100+ Limited Edition The Livery T-shirt
  • $250+ All of the above, plus The Livery Mug - First cup of the day is FREE, with qualifying purchase (through one month after date of opening)
  • $500+ All of the above, plus two complimentary tickets to our soft opening
  • $1,000+ All of the above, plus one complimentary month long membership to the cowork space
  • $5,000+ All of the above, plus personalized brick paver or metal plaque at The Livery


⭐️ We are residential neighbors who support your exciting plans. Thank you! ~Max

⭐️ Can you open now? I’m so hungry! ~Melody