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Invest in FAN4ME LLC

The Biggest Stage On Earth! Getting artists and creators paid what they deserve


Artists get paid 80% of all revenue instantly, available in 200 markets.
Online Streaming market growing by 28% each year, worth $247bn by 2027
We offer our artists an ethical revenue share. Our competitors do not.
Advisory board includes advisor for Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber and more!
12 ways to make money including Subscription and Pay Per View, Tipping
Allows fans to engage with their favorite, new and old artists, helping to support their careers

Our Team

In the middle of a world crisis the most affected industry was the entertainment industry. Tours, events, TV shows were cancelled and all those people who were making a living were now unemployed overnight. On the long run, talented people will no longer need to do purposeless jobs and be exploited not working on their full earning potential.


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed

Why FAN4ME? FAN4ME is the world's very first exclusive online marketplace for artists and creators of all kinds to monetize with their fanbases, build their global personal brands and finally start to change the way their art and original content is valued.

 Artist and creatives have always been ripped off and taken advantage of by the giant tech companies paying them little to nothing at all for their work. Meanwhile making themselves incredibly rich off exploiting the creators. THIS STOPS WITH FAN4ME!

In the Pandemic alone the arts and entertainment industry globally was hit hard! The financial impact of the pandemic is gonna take years to recover and considering there was a problem to be solved before goes to show how much FAN4ME is needed now.

Since always artists had to hold secondary jobs to make a proper living because the paying with arts and entertainment were never paid fairly for the average middle class artists.

The payment model includes multiple layers and production companies, labels, streaming platforms are taking the biggest junk leaving the grind to the average artist. THIS ALSO STOPS WITH FAN4ME!

FAN4ME focuses on both the artists market and the fans market. Making sure that both entities receive equal attention that they deserve.
With multiple streaming options the way people consume art is changing. New technologies are coming to improve the user experience and it is a non-stop market that we need to be a part of.
WE MOVE AS ONE TO IMPACT THOUSANDS. Each artist has full control over their own channels, pricing, promotions, thus creating genuine sustainable careers and unbeatable exclusive entertainment for our global fans.

Our proposal is to be a great player on the digital art and entertainment industry focusing on both artists and fans where artists can make fair money and fans can get content that they would never be able to see otherwise.

FAN4ME’s operation is simple. Artists can upload their content and distribute it globally for more than 200 markets. Fans from anywhere in the world can easily pay for the content with their credit card. So for example: an artists in Los Angeles can sell a concert to a fan in Tokyo . That fan in Tokyo would never be able to see that concert without FAN4ME. All because we are a borderless platform and already reach the world’s work in 100 different languages.
We have made profound research with similar platforms and competitors to get the most out of them and put all the best features from all into one easy to use platform. Providing our creators and fans a familiar, convenient and action packed user experience. The interactivity that FAN4ME offers is like no other. Fans now can have a direct channel with their favorite artists. And artists can directly communicate and provide their fans with the kind of entertainment they enjoy the most.
Our business goal is to offer a fair way for artists to get paid and democratize fans’ access to arts and entertainment. Therefore, our business model must please both audiences. - The share we offer to the artists is the biggest in the market. - We pay immediately and instantly through PayPal. - We pay to artists wherever in the world they or their fans are. This ables artists to charge friendly prices whilst they are to make a comfortable living.
Our pillars follow our mission to offer a fair share to the artists and enable fans to consume exclusive content globally. We eliminate the sharks out of the equation and artists become their own business owners. They are becoming entrepreneurs of their own talent and building their personal brands.
We meticulously analyzed the market and selected the most used or needed features to create FAN4ME with. FAN4ME IS A ONE STOP SHOP: - For artists and creators to make money and; - For fans to enjoy their favorite artists creators exclusive content in its full entirety.
On the business side, all those features will reflect in revenue for the company. Which will mostly be reinvested into the business and in marketing to always drive more revenue to our artists base.
We are creating a new way to market solutions that have been there for a while. We’ve learnt from their experience and mistakes and have created a new business model.

Our business model is healthier, leaner, more elastic and more scalable than any other competitor or similar platform.
- Due to out partnership with PayPal, we don't deal with finances allowing us to have a smaller team and a leaner operation.

- The same partnership makes us global serving more than 200 markets without having to invest in new business operation, hiring or expensive management softwares

- Our global reach is extended to our vendors and we utilize the best companies in the world with affordable costs

- Because we don't hold adult content we are not banned from Facebook, Instagram or Google Ad Network and our marketing strategy can be implemented in full.

Our marketing strategy is self sustainable… very similar to the Uber marketing strategy. - We run campaigns for artists to join and post content in our platform - We run campaigns for people to find the artists that are already in our platform and their content. This way, when an artists join, their success will not only rely on their network. But they will get new fans that they cannot do on any other marketplace platform.And, when the fans log into FAN4ME, they can find great content of any kind that will ensure an enjoyable experience.
We are brand new but already a natural success. Our growth so far is uniquely organic and this only proves that, with the proper investment, FAN4ME has traction to grow amazingly fast.
We are just in the beginning of a great journey. We still have tons of new features to launch to make our product the best in class for the users, therefore to make our business more profitable.

Our growth projection is something to look at. Due to our lean and scalable business operation model we have no blockers to grow exponentially. In the very near future we will have a great users database and will become a very financially healthy company.

Our Breakeven is not too far due to our minimal operational expenses. As we are a marketplace we don’t actually sell anything, we are a service provider which pays less tax and fees. As we don’t handle the artist and creators money we don’t have extra expenses with high advance banking security or certifications and we fit in a lighter federal tax bracket.
Our founders have the perfect combination and understanding of the entertainment industry and it’s pains and create a great brand through advanced marketing strategy and business development.
Our Advisory Board has years of experience in multiple areas and have been on very successful and impressive journeys.
FAN4ME’s team of Specialists have been carefully handpicked and selected to put together business, creativity and technology in the same melting pot.
We’ve partnered up with the best vendors worldwide to get the best results out of FAN4ME’s business operation.
Thanks to our high advanced technology partners we are and will be able to keep our standards and grow our business FAST!