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An affordable premium contact lens exclusively available from your Eye Doctor

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Introducing a premium contact lens with a proprietary comfort coating to provide a better experience
Doctor enabled D2C Model allows eye doctor to re-capture market share.
Addressing $1.8B Daily Disposable Contact Lens Market Opportunity
Providing consumers a premium daily disposable lens through an affordable, convenient subscription
World-class medical advisory board of contact lens specialists and industry thought leaders!
Product completed; pending clinical trial & FDA approval: ETA 10 months from clinical trial start

Our Team

We developed the coating technology first, then explored the best way to bring it to market. Our mission is to put the health of the contact lens users first. So, with the help of our advisors we developed a delivery model that provides value to the lens user by partnering with the eye doctor thereby ensuring their health.

The Story of EveryDay Contacts

We started out as a thin film nanocoating company developing water repellent and water loving nanocoatings. Sounds pretty cool but……

You need things to coat!

In 2015/2016 we discovered our hydrophilic (water-loving) coating worked really well with daily disposable contact lenses. So, we spent the next few years improving the coating and working on finding a contact lens company to bite.

Chris in the Lab!

Learning about the contact lens market.

We quickly realized that the big contact lens companies wanted finished products. About this time, we also noticed that pure-play direct to consumer contact lens companies started entering the market. We began surveying contact lens wearers and eye doctors about the contact lens market, we learned a few things:

  • Pure Play Direct to Consumer entrants were targeting consumers directly but putting patients at risk.
  • Yet, consumers, particularly younger ones like the direct to consumer model.
  • Online and big box retailers were having a negative impact on the relationship between the eye care practice and their patient and causing them to lose out on potential revenue.
  • Daily Disposable lenses (the lenses produced by EveryDay Contacts) were the fastest growing segment of contact lenses.

Customer Discovery at Vision Expo

So, we created EveryDay Contacts

In 2018, we created EveryDay Contacts to commercialize our own coating technology and to fill in a gap in the contact lens market for contact lens users who wanted a great consumer experience from their contact lens but still want a relationship with their eye doctor.

EveryDay Contacts' Clinical Trial Lens Packaging

Recognizing the essential role of the eye doctor

We completely understand the consumer’s need for convenient access and best pricing. However, a contact lens is a foreign object you stick in your eye and still requires a prescription. A 2015 Hanover Research Study that found that 94% of contact lens users rely on the lens recommendation of their doctor. Our own customer discovery showed the same results. In addition, eye doctors recognize that when they are involved in the decision there are better health outcomes for the contact lens user. So, we created a business model that balances the demands of the consumer for price and convivence while recognizing the essential role of the eye doctor to maintain their patient’s health.

EveryDay Contacts at New Mexico Optometric Association Booth 2019

Which innovation is more important the Business Model or the Coating Technology?

There are two features of innovation we are bringing to market. The first is our proprietary comfort coating technology, the second is our doctor-enabled direct to consumer business model. Ultimately, they are both important, and work together to provide the best contact lens user experience.

The coating technology is unique and allows us to add a hydrophilic (“water-loving”) coating to enhance the comfort of our silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lens. By adding a water loving coating layer to the silicone hydrogel contact lens we can provide a better contact lens user experience. In addition, because the lens is unique it will not be substitutable under the current contact lens rules. This will enable us to provide and exclusive offering through our partner doctors and enables our business model to work.

The business model empowers Independent Eye Care Professionals by providing them an exclusive direct-to-consumer (D2C) contact lens option for their practice. This allows them a couple of benefits. First, as a reseller they will be able to recapture lost revenue that would otherwise walk from their office and order from other distributors. Second, since the lenses will be shipped to the contact lens user on a monthly basis, our platform will put the doctors name front and center on this shipment and allow the doctor to share messaging and education with their patient monthly. Finally, because we will only distribute through our partner doctors, the model enables our partner doctors to have an exclusive D2C offering for their patients who want a D2C alternative.

To be clear, this is not a pure D2C option, as the patient will need to see their doctor. However, pure D2C contact lens sales ignore healthcare best practices and can put patients at risk. We believe this hybrid model is the best way to provide great service to the contact lens user and ensure proper eye care.

EveryDay Contacts' Business Model

What about Competition?

The pure play Direct to Consumer (D2C) players like Hubble Contacts, Aveo & Waldo offer subscription contact lenses. However, they offer old off-patent lenses, compete on price & convenience and bypass the eye doctor, putting the patients’ health at risk. BigBox & Online retailers offer traditional lens brands & compete on price & convenience; these companies do not have a relationship with the eye care professional. Eyeris is a doctor supportive model (which we love), however, they are using the same low Dk/t lens material as other companies. Our unique position is our proprietary comfortable lens, our commitment to the iECP combined with our consumer oriented D2C subscription experience. We give the eye doctor the opportunity to provide a D2C offering while maintaining a focus on the health of their patient.

New York Times Article: On Pure D2C Contact Lens Competitor

Now we're preparing for our clinical trial

We are launching our clinical trial in Q1/21 which will lead to FDA approval in Q4/21 and expect to be ready to launch our lens to the market in Q4/21.

EveryDay Contacts' Team on a COVID Safe Zoom Call October 2020

EveryDay Contacts is the only premium contact lens company for both patients and doctors, we have reengineered the contacts lens and the delivery system to provide people with both better lenses and essential expertise, because first and foremost, our vision is to protect yours