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Global esports/gaming news, and entertainment media company!


Massive market, 2.7 billion Gamers globally, rapid growth, Gaming is the New Social Media!
Google Page 1 esports news provider, 90+ reporters, Reuters partner, thousands of daily readers!
4th Qtr Revenue up 11,623% over 2019, led by podcast and programming sponsorships
3 esports Podcasts, on 21 podcast platforms, hundreds of thousands of listeners, Google Page#1
The Gamer Hour, hosted by Chris Puckett, celebrity guests, 53 media platforms, millions of views!
Seasoned Leadership, Passionate about gaming, $750,000+ raised from founder and private investors
Content is King, We are filling a Huge Void in quality news, audio, and video programming!
Opportunity to own a piece of a global esports news and entertainment company growing rapidly!

Our Team

Gaming is the new social media, connecting friends and family anywhere in the world. We recognize the pleasure others get from watching, playing, and chatting, and we are excited to be part of it. Gaming is no longer an activity just for “gamers”; instead, it’s one the majority has embraced as an essential part of their new normal.

Huge Opportunity!

A Quick Summary on the industry from the Nezoo 2020 Research Report:

The lockdown measures across the world have accelerated—and even catalyzed—change in the games market. Ten years ago, younger generations were leaving behind traditional media for social media. Today, they are leaving behind social media for the more interactive experiences that gaming offers.

Playing games has always been an inherently social experience, and this year, the World Health Organization officially promoted video games as a recommended social activity during the pandemic. At its core, gaming is a universal language connecting people through a shared passion, common goals, and unifying experiences. Game worlds are generally more immersive than social apps.

Through ever-improving connectivity technology, games are becoming fully-fledged, fully functional social networks. The largest social networks like Facebook and Bytedance’s TikTok recognize the opportunity (and threat) and continue to increase investment in games to unlock and explore their potential.

It doesn’t stop there: game worlds are experimenting with experiences that go beyond the game itself. Fortnite famously hosted one concert last year, and in the first six months of 2020 alone, we have seen global entertainers host concerts in Fortnite in front of millions, a late-night talk show host an episode via Animal Crossing, people celebrating weddings and graduations in-game worlds, and more.

Thanks to gaming, the once-impossible concept of a metaverse—a virtual space that is persistently online and active, and unlimited in scope with its own economy.