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Invest in Edsoma, Inc

📚 Real Time Literacy, Real Time Data 📊


🚀On Track to do $614,000 in revenue in year 1.
📱53 Million people in the USA lack proficiency in literacy – Edsoma helps solve this
🔥 Positioned to disrupt fast-growing Global EdTech market valued at $252 billion by 2030
🏆 35,000+ download requests to date. Proof of concept produced.
🍯 Founder featured on Forbes, FOX 5 News, Entrepreneur TV, with 3 multi-million dollar exits
💕 Edsoma helps families enjoy quality time by building confidence in both children and adults
😎Team comprises Fortune 500 leaders, Lead Engineers from Motorola, Top-Rated App Developers,
📈 Contracts for pilot programs in 4 school districts in 4 different states.

Our Team

As a father that lives away from his kids I wanted to play a role in their education. As someone that can't read confidently it limited their growth. Feelings of helplessness and doubt for my child's future is not what any parent should feel. I built an affordable way to instill confidence in the educational development for the parent and child.

Reading to your kids – it’s a simple act, and it means so much.