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World's #1 Best-Selling Pop-up Studio™ + Turnkey Ecosystem

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Successful Kickstarter w/800+ orders, raised $250k, SaaS Co. serving $100B creator economy
HD "location shooting" at home-the future of TV using our "Be Anywhere" app!
From $599 DropKey enables amateurs w/no exp. enter pro market & make $
Pioneered by Oscar/Emmy winners, U.S. Utility Patent granted, filed overseas with huge TAM, low CAC
YouTubers & TikTok creators can "level up" & earn money w/interactive CGI characters & teleprompter
Founder is former Disney, NBC, Viacom Exec and Edison Award winner--Best Digital Product Innovation
Partnered w/, adding 12k production companies in 60 countries to our Creator Network
DropKey® poised to dominate the $100B new work-from-home creator economy marketplace with MediaBook®

Our Team

As a recording artist I knew that smart devices were going to be powerful supercomputing television cameras. This inspired me to think about fellow content creators who were going to need tools to collaborate--I wanted to remove tedious tasks like lighting and post-production Chroma key--so amateurs can enter the professional market unhindered.

Introducing DropKey®, a SaaS Company, the World's #1 Best-Selling Portable Content Creation Ecosystem with®

DropKey® is poised to dominate the $100B "creator economy*". We are a SaaS company monetizing the Edison Award-winning DropKey Pop-up Studio™ in a Bag®, and are marketing our technology ecosystem as DropKey, the Be Anywhere® app, enabling amateurs to create professional background replacement at home or at the office, and promote their businesses for a fraction of the cost of hiring a crew.

*According to Forbes, the creator economy is a $100B market. YouTube expects revenue of $30B this year alone.

DropKey technology enables anyone to shoot interviews where people in different cities appear to be in the same room. President Obama and Oprah Winfrey shows how it's done!

The DropKey® Pop-up Studio™ in a Bag® is so easy to use, it blows up in one minute and you’re shooting in ten!

Introducing MediaBook® -- we discovered a brand new game-changing market for foreground and background video clips called "digital video assets", or green-screen backgrounds. The total addressable market was so huge we built a global network of libraries on, our aggregated video clip store for all your digital video asset needs.

The DropKey® Pop-up™ Studio in a Bag® is so easy to use, it blows up in one minute and you're shooting in ten!

With a successful Kickstarter and extremely low Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) we are prepped for a global launch with an Academy, Emmy and Edison Award-winning team of experts.

DropKey was named Best SAAS Startup in Hollywood and featured in "This Week In Consumer Electronics". We believe we effectively Consumerized Chroma key background replacement on smart devices so amateurs can enter the content creation marketplace with zero production experience!

No more messy wires or complicated lighting decisions to make!

What is the big problem we're solving?

When it comes to shooting professional video with great lighting and crisp green-screen background replacement, only the professionals with big budgets do it well. Post-Production can be extremely expensive, time-consuming and messy. DropKey Pop-up Studios are safe for the whole family--no more tripping over wires or setting up breakable glass lights the dog can knock over.

DropKey® Pop-up Studios automatically pair with the DropKey app to give you your own Hollywood Movie Studio, anywhere, anytime.

The SaaS DropKey Ads Creator (A Game-Changer in the Ad Production Business)

No experience necessary!

We plan to launch our Software-as-a-Service subscription model to create professional ads for a fraction of the cost of hiring a production team. Our production workflow and virtual assistant software helps you shoot professional ads in five easy steps, helping you shoot professional commercials to promote your brand, products or business, without hiring an ad agency for tens of thousands of dollars.

The DropKey Tutorial shows how easy it is to setup and use DropKey Technology.

Introducing the new portable and compact DropKey Pop-up DeskBot and CamBot bundle, the first elegant green-screen personal studio solution.

The DropKey Team!

The DropKey YouTube Channel shows a ton of content made with DropKey, the be anywhere® app!