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On-demand phone charging at venues everywhere.

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How to beat out-of-battery smartphone stress
November 28, 2014
Battery tech simply has not kept pace with other advancements, and our increasingly data-hungry lifestyles mean many models fail to last a full day of moderate use.
Y Combinator’s Doblet Plans To Be Everywhere Your Phone Charger Isn’t
August 18, 2014
Gurson told me he first got the idea for Doblet when a man with a dying phone approached him in a bar and asked him if he had a charger. Gurson said only if you give me $2. The man laughed and walked away, but later that night Gurson saw him again and he said he ended up spending $15 on a new phone charger.
Doblet Could Offer Charging Even Without An Outlet
August 18, 2014
Doblet users can sign up for the service, order a portable battery for their device, and then pay to get their device charged. The cost of this service is either $3 for a single full charge at any establishment supporting Doblet, or $30 for an annual pass that lets you charge an unlimited number of times.
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