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Invest in demonpore inc (YC S18)

Advanced scientific instruments disguised as toys™

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Introducing the demonpore 64™, the world's first molecular gaming console™
Priced at $99, the demonpore 64™ will be the first single-molecule sensor for a mass consumer market
Play games with signals produced by REAL cells and molecules that YOU put inside the console
Game play lets you become a Player Scientist™, taking part in vast distributed experiments
Together we'll form the Global Molecular Mind™, the most powerful scientific instrument of all time
We are THE pioneers of Molecular Reality™ (MR)—a world-changing concept as big as VR or AR.
Unique disruptive entry into global $100B+ molecular sensing market and $1T biotech services market

Our Team

Chose our approach after more than a decade of rigorous work developing approaches to molecular sensing.  Founder became a scientist with the goal of curing diseases, and realized early on in his career that much better tools were needed.

Demonpore™ is So Mind-Blowing, People Thought It Was an April Fools' Joke

by Kent Kemmish(tree)     April 5, 2021

When people first heard about us on social media in March, with April 1st coincidentally just around the corner, some people were certain our startup was a prank.

We're demonpore, inc., and in the month of March, we started to tell people about the demonpore 64™, the world's first molecular gaming console™.

Full disclosure: the first products we're about to ship won't look like this.  The image you see above was literally a one-off we made to put the electronics, flow cell, and nanopores inside something tidy and EM-shielded.  We think it looks cool for marketing purposes, and because it's very

Soon, one of the world's leading scientists, Prof. George Church of Harvard/MIT, who happens to be on our Scientific Advisory Board, tweeted about us:

There were many very excited, positive responses to George's tweet—thousands of people came to our website, and hundreds signed up on the waitlist.  There were, however, some people who were quite certain our whole project was an elaborate prank.  The most supremely confident of these earned a special place in our future corporate history:

In the meantime, Agingdoc1 has very graciously recanted...

The response was understandable.  And we were kind of asking for it: after all, we could have called it something less provocative, and we could have described it in more measured terms.  

But, if we did that, would anyone notice?  Would anyone think new thoughts—and feel inspired? 

After all, by the end of the coming decade, we want everyone on the planet to have easy access to advanced molecular sensing tools. And we're currently on a planet where very few people actually know what that means—or why it's one of the most important things we'll ever do as a species. If our marketing can make people think, if it can get people to pay attention, if it can inspire some while freaking out others... then we've won the early skirmishes for mindshare. The epic quest has begun!

And LOTS of people thought new thoughts and felt inspired.  As a startup, we went through Y Combinator, the world's most exclusive and prestigious startup accelerator.  Y Combinator's motto is "Make Something People Want".  We're certainly doing that!

These were *typical* replies. Our very favorite, from someone who may not be a native English speaker: "This is no see before." Exactly right, and eloquent!

We're Not Just Selling a Product—We're on an Epic Quest!

And we're bringing along our customers, our investors, and eventually every person with molecules inside of them on that quest.

We're not just selling a physical object, for sure, but here's a quick look "under the hood" of the flagship product:

We are still shuffling things around, and most of what you see outlined here is in a state of redesign and flux. The alpha version will be available to a few hundred people this summer, but the final product will ship in late 2022.

As cool as we think this is, what's even cooler is what will happen when we put a bunch of them together:

Our over-the-top statement "most powerful scientific instrument of all time" probably added to the April Fools' vibe.  But we stand by it!  

The truth: even a few hundred of these devices gathering data—exactly our goal this summer!—will have power exceeding any commercially available technology based on solid-state nanopores.  And the full product launch—aiming for the equivalent of just 0.1% of the 2 billion global video gamers—would mean millions of instruments—something worth calling the Global Molecular Mind™!

And we've already built and tested the on-ramp to that mind—what we call MolecularTV™

This is, non-obviously, one of the coolest things about what we're building.  The MolecularTV™ paradigm solves a big problem: installing software for scientific instruments can be a huge pain.  Being able to just connect to the internet and do your science from a website is impressive all by itself.  

If you think of the demonpore 64™ as a neuron in the brain of the Global Molecular Mind™, then MolecularTV™ is how that neuron fires. 

Our First Molecular Games

But what will we, as the consciousness of the Global Molecular Mind™, think about?  Well, first, we will learn about Molecular Reality™ by playing.  And every game we'll play together is a MISSION:

And here are some of the first games we'll play this summer with the alpha launch of the demonpore 64™:

Ready Player Scientist™ One!

A summary:

  • WHAT we're building: the demonpore 64™, the Global Molecular Mind™, MolecularTV™, and a bunch of molecular games™ and Molecular Reality™ entertainment experiences to tie it all together and make it easy and fun.
  • WHY we're building it: because, cure all diseases and save the world.  And have fun doing it.  What more do you need?
  • WHEN we're building it: we're about to make our alpha launch available to select participants and we'll play the first molecular games at a scale of hundreds of players this summer.  By investing $100 or more you'll get a console when we do the full product launch next year.
  • WHERE we're building it: mostly in Silicon Valley but with individual contributors in Japan, Arizona, Seattle, Indonesia, Toronto, Boston, and Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • HOW we're building it: with a lot of love, talent, know-how, the ~$1.2M in capital we've raised since our inception, a lot of cool new intellectual property, and, longer-term, the support of people like you—people who can envision this coming to fruition and want to open your pocketbooks to add fuel to our creative technological fire.

NOW, two final things—first, you've come this far, and we haven't addressed the name issue.  Here's why we're called demonpore™:

We began by developing nanopores that could open and close, just like the "pore" in this cartoon. 

...And the Final Thought...

There's a future where our grand project succeeds, and one where it doesn't.  Think of yourself as a world-line navigator—vote with your cash to determine which future comes to pass!

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