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Invest in Deflamel Design

Deflamel brings everyone a personal A.I. graphic designer.


๐ŸŽจ Fast-growing platform for design making with 20K+ users & over 1,200 designs made per day
๐Ÿ“ˆ Market of global graphic design estimated around $45.8B in 2021 with 4.1% growth rate in the US
๐Ÿ’ฐ First paying customers immediately after the beta release
๐ŸŽ“ CEO with several previous exits in similar space, holds DBA degree
๐Ÿ† Experienced development team from Google
๐Ÿค“ Startup grant nominee from Adobe
๐Ÿš€ YCombinator Startup School, 500Startups bootcamp, CVL 6th cohort and Rockstart AI Program Alumnus

Our Team

Do androids dream of electric sheep or can a machine be creative? Current solutions for design generation are hard to approach. So why not simplify this process and assign it to an AI which would generate beautiful design for every need? Our mission is to reinvent how graphic design is made and ultimately make the world a more beautiful place.

How can you create a design if you are not a designer? You can...

Graphic design on the Internet is either expensive, time-consuming or unoriginal.

On one hand, graphic designers put a high price tag on custom image composition and require at least a day to find the right source images, fonts, colors and effects. On the other, the industry of quick graphic design is a pile of irrelevant, unoriginal and repetitive content (Everyone has seen that handshaking stock photo for business model slide in presentations). So today visualizing your ideas and creating an authentic, unique and beautiful design is a rather tedious and almost an impossible task.

Deflamel is the win-win for all

Deflamel is a universal AI-powered creative machine platform for unique graphic design generation where people just describe their ideas in text format and get a stunning design made by AI in minutes, which they can easily customize afterwards in our built-in powerful editor.

Our users have an on-demand and simple access to beautiful and personalized images for their needs, not having to waste time searching for images on different photo stocks and suitable fonts, combining them and adding effects.

How it works

1. Describe your idea. Our developed AI understands exactly what you need by analyzing the text description and emotions behind it.

2. Select a design concept. Our system provides almost instantly provides several design concepts generated just for you based on the text and mood extracted from it.

3. Customize your design. Want to make some adjustments? Our built-in powerful editor allows you to literally unleash your creativity with simple-to-use settings, effects and sliders.

Deflamel is a complex system combining natural language processing techniques and deep learning approaches. Created images can contain user-defined captions, which color is predicted with a generative model and font is predicted based on user input. Now we intelligently combine only two cut elements from source images, but soon we will place them with generative adversarial network (GAN).

Text prompt

Red umbrella, blown away by the wind, lies on an old street of Paris
Title: Red

AI-generated designs

Why Deflamel?

While many current solutions for automated and fast graphic design making use repetitive and unoriginal content, we embrace the power of AI to optimally generate unique and beautiful content. As such, Deflamel set out the goal to replace traditional methods of graphic design by benefiting from a diverse set of AI features implemented in our system, which allow you to create a stunning design in a couple of minutes:

As self-employment increases, and people need to present their products and services in an appealing and engaging way with flashy graphic design, Deflamel is uniquely positioned to make an impact needed.

We have already attended YCombinator Startup School and are an alumni of the Rockstart and Conscious Venture Labs accelerators. Our growing potential and new AI solution features captured interest from companies like Adobe.

We're now focusing on partnering with big-brand companies, establishing strategic relationships, and expanding the possibilities of our system.

Deflamel grows with each day. In addition to our AI design maker, we are working on new solutions for graphic design industry and as a part of our API solution for B2B market we developed external AI Tools, which can help designers with their everyday tasks in their projects:

We have already 20K+ users with the first paying customers. But we have only just started, right now we're working to improve the quality of designs, and hope to grow rapidly with a marketing budget and extended development team.

Our vision is to become a go-to-place for graphic design

Deflamel offers a unique value proposition in the $45B graphic design market. It is the time to change the way the graphic design is made, and we have the traction and experience to do that.

Our platform is a universal solution for any graphic design you might need, including online marketing material, corporate social media content, personal blog pictures, book covers, presentation slides and much more!

Let's revolutionize the way beautiful graphic design is made

Everyone can create art. We just need to help them.

We @Deflamel are passionate about graphic design and machine learning, and what really has driven us so far is our incredible and responsive community. Even if it is still relatively small, we see that our platform pushes people to make art, they see it as an opportunity to unleash their creativity and make something beautiful, which they would feel proud about, so we believe that this is the time for us to grow. Thus we would like to go on the next level and invite you to invest in our idea and vision. Increasing access to more investors will allow our solution to reach more and more creative people who would like to start their journey in graphic design.

Thank you and letโ€™s visualize ideas together!