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An NFT and Equity Crowdfunding Aggregator and Research Platform

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🔥 Equity Crowdfunding increased 77.6% from $134.8 million in 2019 to $239.4 million in 2020
🚀 Size of NFT market is up nearly 10 fold since 2018.
🏛 Landmark SEC rule changes took effect in Spring 2021 increasing the raise limit to $5M for equity crowdfunding
🧩 Acquired So.Capital in October 2021
⭐️ Crowdsourced diligence tool for NFT's and equity crowdfunding
⏱ Over 3,300+ CrowdFunding offerings documented since inception
🔑 Lucrative opportunities for data monetization across numerous client bases
🏆 Founding Investor with 30+ years in finance, a proven track record, and a successful exit history

Our Team

The alternative asset marketplace, while exciting and full of potential, is difficult to navigate and lacks research infrastructure. CrowdLustro solves this problem through comprehensive aggregation and crowdsourced due diligence.

CrowdLustro Summary

CrowdLustro is an aggregation and diligence platform for equity crowdfunding and alternative assets that officially launched in October 2020.  We cover equity crowdfunding, non fungible tokens (NFT) and other alternative assets that can be purchased by anyone, not just large investors or wealthy individuals.  CrowdLustro assists both new and experienced investors in their research and analysis of these deals by aggregating investment opportunities offered across all FINRA registered crowdfunding portals (such as Wefunder) in addition to other alternative asset platforms covering NFT's such as digital artwork, trading cards, music and other collectibles.  We also help in the diligence and research process by providing users the tools to draft their own research reports. In August 2021, CrowdLustro acquired a competitor, So.Capital, which covers the donation and rewards-based sectors of the market in addition to equity crowdfunding.

As the NFT and equity crowdfunding markets grow, investors face increasing challenges on two fronts. 

  • It's inconvenient and confusing to deal with the vast number of offerings across an ever-growing number of funding platforms to find the deals you're looking for. 
  • In such a new marketplace with many small businesses raising capital or new NFT's with little to no publicly available data, many investors invest in these opportunities blindly with little insight as to the true quality of the business, asset or team involved.

CrowdLustro is the solution!  A single platform that aggregates deals from all Regulation CF (Crowdfunding) portals, NFT's and other alternative assets and presents them in a singular user-friendly interface that allows for quick offering reviews, easy and powerful search functionality, summarization of the terms of each offering, and links to their offering page.  Additionally, we feature a unique research contributor model that allows users to publish reports and add value to the due diligence process, we refer to these users a Deal Reporters.  Crowdsourced diligence - Leveraging the knowledge of the crowd to help people assets NFT's or small businesses raising capital.

Easily Browse Hundreds of NFT's or Equity Crowdfunding Investment Opportunities

The volume of alternative asset offerings has been rapidly increasing over the last few years, and with more than 60+ FINRA approved crowdfunding portals,  a growing number of platforms focused on NFT's and hundreds of concurrent ongoing offerings at any given moment, finding the investment that's right for you can be a time-consuming and tedious task.

With CrowdLustro, you're able to quickly and easily review deals using familiar cards displays that display the basic information of each offer without you having to click into each deal to understand the basic terms of the investment opportunity.

Search, Sort, Filter, Track, Alerts | Organize Your Investing

Find the types of investments you're looking for without having to wade through hundreds of offerings that don't interest you.  Most investors only need a quick look to determine if they want to see more details of an offering.

CrowdLustro alleviates this issue by gathering investment opportunities from every platform and presenting them in a single easy-to-use platform for you to enjoy.

    Mix and match filters to narrow your searches down based on a variety of criteria, including: Industry, Security Type, Offering Platform, Offering Type, Capital Sought, Filing Dates, State, and Zip Code.  You can even set up saved searches that will alert you every day if a new offering matches your predetermined investment criteria.

    CrowdLustro features a Deal Reporter program, similar to Seeking Alpha.  This separate tier of users are afforded the privilege to access a Deal Report drafting interface wherein they publish their thoughts and any research/data they've located on investment opportunities.  These reports are currently free for everyone to read. 

    CrowdLustro’s mission is

    • To "shine the light" on NFT's and equity crowdfunding deals across all platforms.
    • Leverage the enormous knowledge and power of the crowd to improve the due diligence process in a market that is currently severely lacking in independent research.

    We hope this will allow deals with higher likelihoods of success to work their way to the top and help investors avoid deals that may be lacking traditional key attributes of successful ventures.

    To date, CrowdLustro has been exclusively funded by our Founding Investor, Michael Knox, through his private equity firm, Gold Ridge Asset Management, LLC.  Knox is currently the CEO of LawCloud, a legal and regulatory technology company operating in the crowdfunding space.  Further, Knox, a previous hedge fund manager, who holds a CFA designation and has an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, has extensive experience as both an entrepreneur and an investor.

    Previously, Knox was the principal Founder and majority shareholder of Xtract Research which grew to over $10 million of annual recurring revenue and was sold in 2012 in a highly successful transaction to a European public company. The vision and direction of CrowdLustro is driven by Knox.

    CrowdLustro’s initial focus is growing our base of users and Deal Reporters.  As that grows, we see a wide range of opportunities to add value to these users and the overall market and for monetization of the platform.  Below are just some of the future services and pursuits that we plan on completing in 2021 following a successful equity crowdfunding raise:

    • Algorithmic Deal Recommendations

    • Quantitative Analytics System & Data Monetization

    • Offering Rating System

    • Deal Reporter Rating System/Gamification

    • Portfolio Monitoring System

    • Accredited Investor/Reg D Deal Platform

    • Single Sign-On Platform Integration for Investors

    • Premium Report Service

    • Test the Waters Aggregation

    • Small Business M&A Platform

    • International Crowdfunding Aggregation

    Equity crowdfunding has had several recent record-breaking quarters for both Form C filing volume as well as cumulative investments made. It was these figures and a variety of projections that ultimately dictated when it was appropriate to officially debut CrowdLustro.

    With nearly $500,000,000 raised by equity crowdfunding issuers from 2016 to late-2020, top portals boasting hundreds of thousands of users, and the new SEC rules that allow issuers to raise nearly 5x more than they were previously permitted - We feel as though now is the time for the CrowdLustro solution.

    Competition & Acquisition

    CrowdLustro has competition from KingsCrowd, Crowdability, AltShift, and Vincent.

    Our primary competitor is KingsCrowd, a technology company that features similar services but has a strong but narrow focus on data-driven quantitative analytics.  Currently, we are unaware of any other entities which are focused on a crowdsourced research and due diligence solutions for this market and feel as though the opportunity is ripe for the first mover into this space.  Further, we plan to expand our service offerings and platform functionality following a successful capital raise that will allow us to parallel a variety of KingsCrowd’s services and functionalities bringing us more in line with their value propositions while still maintaining differentiating factors that set us apart from them and other competitors in the market.  It is possible that other larger entities with more resources than the Company could enter the market and become competitors, certainly, however, if enough traction is gained we feel as though these could also turn themselves into potential exit opportunities.

    In October 2021, CrowdLustro acquired its competitor So.Capital. This acquisition was driver by our Founding Investor and should accelerate growth into international markets as well as the donation and rewards segment of the market. Integration of this acquisition is ongoing and the Company expects to consider other opportunities.

    Next Steps

    We are raising funds to continue building out new features for our platform that will enable us to directly compete with our current competitor, KingsCrowd, and maintain or improve our current value propositions.  Our primary focus is three-fold.  First, to focus on user and Deal Reporter acquisition.  Second, to continue to develop new features on our platform and the So.Capital platform to further expand our value propositions to new and potential users.  Third, to aggressively pursue data monetization deals.