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Finally... "Real News. No Bullshit". Crave News. Real. Raw. Edgy. Live!


ūüďąThe coveted 18-49 demo is severely underserved in US news market - 136.9M potential viewers
ūüíį$1.5M raised prior to Wefunder
ūüĒ•The founders are a powerhouse team of media icons, creators and entertainers
ūüí°Research shows that 80% of people agree on 90% of the issues. Current news outlets are missing it.
ūüöÄMultiple untraditional revenue streams - Affiliate marketing, products, lead gen, events, etc.
ūüé•Full production studio in Nashville, TN with contributors and affiliates around the world.

Our Founder

Until now, the world has been inundated with partisan news driven by big corporate advertisers and the political special interests they serve. The masses are craving authenticity and Crave News is serving it up!

It's more than just news...

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Crave News is full on, unfiltered news, commentary and conversation.  The cancel culture media types and the wimpy advertisers who bow down to them have no influence here. 

And they survey says...  Multiple surveys show that upwards of 90% of the news available today is highly untrusted. 

Crave News is right down the middle with it's "Real News, No Bullshit" approach to news, commentary and conversation recognizing, of course, that the far left loonies have hijacked the major news outlets and far right news space is dominated by the geriatric crowd that pays the bills by selling reverse mortgages, boner pills and catheters.  

Common sense in politics was overtaken by the far left via appealing, edgy content.  We can play the same game and build value doing it.

News and talk the way YOU want to hear it.  And, always taking calls, facetimes and Skype calls from viewers.

A massive U.S. audience waiting to be served... 

The younger edgier demographic that Crave News will serve is in a media sweet spot that is wide open 

There are some great media companies who have built sizable audiences in the 18-49 demo.  Some edgy (nothing live and edgy) and some a bit blah (live but bland and no audience interaction).   

Live broadcast, pre-produced shows and VOD channels for our hundreds of contributors.  

Crave News is where YOU are.!

Great production facilities on a fraction of the budget of the old folks news networks.

Major influencers will finally have a live network to call home.!

Crave News is partnering with independent news sources and broadcasters around the world to partner on content and digital distribution. 

Did you read "Killing Marketing"?  Crave News is blowing up the old ad sales model.  Why rely on Google Ads and Facebook when we can generate and keep the lions share of our revenue and build additional company value?  

Fake news is the result of a sloppy journalism that has been accepted by a lazy audience.  Together, we can bring REAL news back.  Edmund Burke said it best...   "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".  

"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships!" - Michael Jordon