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🏆 #1 cocktail at the largest Canadian National Exhibition show, outsold beer and cocktail companies
CA parent company has raised approximately $1.3M CAD in Canada and looking to get going in the USA.
💼 A world-class experienced team with over 100 years combined in the Food & beverage space.
Cocktails made with juice, vegetable pulps, botanicals, and premium vodka with a refreshing taste!
🍹 Organic, non-GMO, Gluten-free cocktails; no artificial sweeteners or preservatives. #drinkclean
🥅 Consumer Net Promoter score via home survey with a phenomenal 95% customer satisfaction score
Parent company had positive growth rates in Canada and profitable throughout the pandemic.

Our Team

The ready to drink industry is littered with poorly manufactured beverages filled with artificial preservatives, sweeteners and alcohol derived from sucralose. We wanted to simply make a clean cocktail and have a premium offering for people who care about what they consume. #drinkclean

Invest In Crafty Elk® Hard Juice® Cocktails

  • We are offering you a front row ticket and opportunity to invest in our ‘seed round’ USA offering via Wefunder. Please note this investment will be only for Hard Juice Cocktail Co, an Austin Texas, United States company
  • Innovative craft cocktails with unique functional formulations and clean ingredients such as: turmeric, ginger, prickly pear, goji berries, vegetable pulps, juice and premium spirits
  • SIX commercialized ‘ready to drink’ cocktail formulations that have been selling for over seven years. 
  • A team with over 100 years' experience in the consumer product goods space 
  • THREE newly developed Tequila cocktails 4.5% organic, gluten free, with trial runs performed at two major music festival and tasted by over 3,000 ppl with outstanding reviews 

Our cocktails have outsold all ‘Ready to Drink’ cocktails at every trade show we have attended. Crafty Elk has won awards for best tasting cocktails featuring our Mango Honey & Cranberry Blueberry Açai flavours.

You've heard of hard lemonade and hard seltzers, right? Well, we have not only made unique, delicious, craft cocktails, we also are pioneers in creating our own beverage category known as ‘Hard Juice®’. We believe the fresh pressed juice, canned cocktails, and hard Seltzer phenomenon will explode and we will be in a category of our own.

The graph above is represents performance from our Canadian parent company

Our company and brand revenues grew in Canada by 71% throughout a pandemic. We have been in positive growth since in 2017.

Our cocktails are uniquely positioned as full flavor juice based cocktails with low carbonation, no bloating, and are highly crushable. Drink one and it's hard to stop. They are also certified organic, non-GMO and gluten free! Our competitors in the industry like traditional RTD's and Seltzers are full of artificial sugars, flavors and preservatives. They are also non-organic, and have zero taste.

The ‘Ready to Drink’ Cocktail category is about to explode. Consumers want higher quality beverages in a more convenient (pre-mixed) format that they can't easily make at home. Crafty Elk® brings quality to a whole new level. RTDs are growing steady at higher rates than spirits, wine, and beer, signaling a major shift in consumer interest in this category across all demographics. Our Hard Juice® will convert customers effortlessly, and provide high customer satisfaction with strong repeat purchases.


• Passport ‘Alcoholic Drinks in Canada’ Euromonitor International September 2020

• Passport ‘Alcoholic Drinks in the US’ Euromonitor International September 2020

Our team has over 100 years experience in the ‘consumer product goods space’ from Mikes Hard Lemonade, Ben & Jerrys, Palm Bay, Haagen Daze, Quaker Oats.

Crafty Elk® Hard Juice® had a 95% customer satisfaction score a survey amongst 300 home delivery purchasers, with a 98% high quality rating. Our customer loyalty is high and love for our Hard Juice Cocktails.

Crafty Elk Hard Juice® is a fiercely independent group of people, passionately focused on creating clean cocktails, jobs and sustainability. Our community of loving fans are the heart beat of our business, without them we would be nothing. We allow our fans to invest in our brand and become part of Crafty Elk®. By investing in Crafty Elk® today, this is not just a one off, You’ll be a co-creator and life long member of our Team, this includes coming to shareholder meetings, festivals and concerts; for when we speak together we can make change happen. Join Club Elk® today!

What Our Fans Are Saying @craftyelk

Our mission was to create a delicious, clean, craft cocktail line using: exotic juices, vegetable pulps, a unique array of botanicals such as turmeric, ginger, prickly pear and goji berries, while finishing off with a premium vodka base. We also wanted to provide customers with organic, non-GMO, gluten free cocktails. Finally, we wanted to create an easy drinking beverage with high quality ingredients that doesn't bog you down the next day. Crafty Elk® checks all of these boxes and many more. The pride of craftsmanship is in every sip.

Our Organic Hard Juice® was born on the sandy beaches in Australia. A pharmaceutical scientist and health advocate in nature. After long days of surf and the bohemian jet set lifestyle, people would gather for a fresh pressed juice and mix in vodka at sun down; soaking up the majestic views of the aqua waves, while toasting to another day in paradise.

We’ve grown, and we’ve grown up. We have always believed that business should be a force for good and that brave thinking and bold actions are the only way to make real impact.

Today, we are in the middle of a climate crisis. It is a crisis of our own design, driven by big business. We recognize our contribution and the limitations of our industry.