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The smartest sales platform for indie designers & studios



reserved of a $350,000 goal
 $5M  $4M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $4M valuation cap


📈 Over $130K in project revenue with 84% YOY Growth
👩‍💻 The only end-to-end booking platform designed specifically for designers/creatives
🎉 Launched a BETA to ~130 users & opening up to the public soon
🏳️‍🌈 Woman & LGBTQ Founded

Our Team

As entrepreneurs and freelancers, we intimately understand how hard it is to freelance. We've struggled to pay the bills. We've fought for that awesome client. We've struggled to get our clients to pay invoices on time. We want to make sure the pros of freelancing outweigh the cons for a more free & flexible way to work.

Our Deck

We've been freelancers. We've hired them. So, we get this problem first-hand. 

There are millions of freelancers out there on a path to burnout. 

👋 That's where we come in...

We're working on ways to embed and integrate with other portfolios and websites to make this as stackable as a calendar link. See Connor's Greeting Link as an example! 

The discovery process can get messy & this is most often the time when freelance creatives/designers do a lot of (free) work just to end up not knowing if the client will book. Our tool is designed to make that process painless while leading the client to that final commitment. 

Bookable scopes of work pull info from the discovery process and make it easy to customize a bookable scope of work. No more stale contracts. This is a scope of work that works.

A scope of work that changes with the changing tides of the project (because the tides do always change). Less awkward 🥴 scope creep situations.

Our special sauce? We're applying the booking model (yes, like in the travel industry) to the freelance sales process. A super sophisticated, authentic, value-driven approach to setting up projects between freelance designers and their clients. 


+ We're a low-cost replacement for the hodge-podge freelance tools out there

+ We're focused on the sales process exclusively for creatives

+ Building a community around the process of getting booked as a freelancer

    + We're not (and never will be) a saturated marketplace or a  stale invoicing tool.

    We're currently in beta (fluctuate between private & public). Even still, in our MVP stage, we were able to generate some solid traction and revenue. 

    As we prepare to launch, the plan for growth is to focus on two go-to-market strategies: content & partnerships with influencers in our space.

    Support from our community, friends, and awesome angel network is the key to getting us going faster!

    Our community round is for friends and community members of Coworkly. We're asking you all to join us and get a piece of our success. Your investment will make sure we're able to build a foundation for rocketship level growth 🚀. That means clearing the path to reach as many of those 6 million creative freelancers as possible. 

    To put your investment into context, here's our plan for monthly expenses once we successfully raise our community round:

    Engineering Team (fractional development team):
    $10,000+ (good engineers are pricey) per month

    Marketing (Blogs, Video, White papers, Social Media, Guest Posts): $5,000+ per month

    Software Costs: $500 per month 

    Other Tech Costs: $1,000 per month

    Misc. Biz Costs/Legal: $1,000 per month

    Founder Salaries: $5,000+ per founder per month

    If you invest $100-500, you're helping us pay for software that enables us to run our product/marketing/sales successfully. Helping us hit sales/marketing goals 💰

    If you invest >$500, you're enabling us to keep our product/platform running smoothly. Helping us provide great user experiences 😍

    If you invest >$2,500, you're keeping our business afloat month-to-month. Helping us pay all of the fixed biz costs/taxes 🙌

    If you invest >$5,000, you're helping a "founder in need" by paying their month's salary. Yay, we can pay rent without worries 😅

    If you invest >$10,000, you're helping us pay to build out a killer go-to-market strategy. Helping us reach amazing users & sell them on the value of our platform ✌️

    If you invest >$20,000, you're helping us pay amazing software developers, helping us reach our product goals, and deliver an AMAZING product 🤓

    If you invest >$50,000, you will help us achieve our 6-month goal of onboarding over 500+ active users to the platform, while carving out a niche in our market and delivering outstanding value to the freelance creative community. 

    No matter what you invest, thank you, thank you, thank you!  We appreciate you taking this chance on us. We're trying to grow smart and fast, which means every one of your dollars will go towards building as much value as possible over the next 6-12 months. If and when we succeed, that kind of growth might mean 3X-10X return on your investment down the line. ($100 --> $300, $5,000 ---> $15,000. )

    We are so excited to have you join us on this journey and to loop you into all of the thrilling things right around the corner! 

    Check out the FAQs and feel free to ask a question of your own!