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Invest in Commodore Hospitality, Inc.

Own the hotels you travel to and get lifetime VIP status

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πŸ’΅ For every $100 invested you get $33 every year in hotel credits up to $1,200 of credits annually
πŸ“ˆ Receive your share of cashflow from operations and appreciation when a hotel is sold
πŸŽ‰ Receive lifetime VIP status at all of The Commodore Collection hotels with a one time investment
🀝 Don’t choose between a vacation and an investment when you can have both
πŸ“‘ View our preliminary draft of our offering here:

Our Team

We think the hospitality industry as well as commercial real estate as a whole needs to be overhauled. We want to bring the opportunity to be a part of this industry to the crowd. Growing up, our family always had to choose between investing and traveling. We hope to bring something to the world to change that dilemma.