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Invest in Coffee Shift, Inc

Shifting the balance of power back to coffee growers using Blockchain technology

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34% YoY growth for 2020 from our e-commerce revenue, not including external business deals.
Founded by Former US Army Intelligence Officer, who is a Silicon Valley Vet, FinTech Expert & Blockchain architect.
Bringing full traceability of data in supply chain to the $13.6B coffee market in the US.
Developing technology that allows 300+ Colombian coffee growers sell direct to consumers.
Help us shift the power from corporations back to the skilled growers who make coffee happen.

Our Team

Because I love coffee, I have my whole life. Visiting coffee farms in Colombia, I was shocked to learn how little the farmers receive for the coffee they grow, compared to what we as consumers pay for it here in the US. Now we are friends and partners with them.

Our mission is to shift the balance of power from corporations back to the growers via a blockchain system that connects 300+ Colombian coffee growers directly to coffee lovers

Coffee Shift is co-owned by the participating growers and was created to share greater benefit with the very farmers who produce our coffee.

We bring direct-to-consumer the world's best coffee through e-commerce, and now with your help, we want to implement blockchain technology, so that transactions taken place are transparent and the international payment system for growers be more efficient. This technology also removes the need for middlemen in many processes, which is what is making the farmers lose tons of money and live in poverty.

By means of these implementations and fair pricing, we strive to empower, nourish, and advance the people who grow the delicious coffee beans we all love.

    How it started

    In 2017 I visited a coffee farm in Colombia for the first time, where I met Juan Carlos, a 5th generation coffee farmer who showed me around his farm and how the different coffee processes worked (growth: plant to fruit to bean, and the supporting processes to prep coffee for shipment as green bean). I drank their coffee, and it was some of the finest that I'd ever had.

    When he told me how much he was receiving for the beans, shipped on the wholesale government market, I knew there was an opportunity to bring this excellent coffee to California, the US, and the rest of the world. 

    I invited Juan Carlos and his partner Mauricio –who manages an export collective of 300 small family owned farms in central Colombia– to Cupertino, California. We decided to incorporate and started working right away.

    How it works

    We import directly from the farmers to be able to share a greater portion of revenue with them, cutting out the middlemen that typically stand between you and the farmers that grow these beans and we established a direct-to-consumer coffee brand: Coffee Shift, Inc.

    We have in place a logistic train that brings this sustainably-grown coffee direct-to-consumers on our e-commerce site. To this date, we have 50+ active subscribers, have shipped 1000+ orders and launched a second edition of our coffee.

    Coffee Shift's Connoisseur Kit
    Coffee Shift's Startup Edition Coffee

    Next Steps 

    We are raising  $250,000 on Wefunder. Assisted by this investment, over the next six months we intend to: 

    1. Supercharge current online marketing via Facebook/Instagram, Google Ads and Amazon. 

    2. Commence pilot roasting and packaging operation in California.

    3. International payment remittance, prototype can be demonstrated on BTC, ETH, or alternative cryptocurrency in short order (separate wallets, with private key storage or self-management for participating farmers). Financial services would be built, using demonstrated technology providers.
    We are building this to serve the farmers.

    4. We are planning on launching more editions of the coffee targeting different types of customers like Tech Lovers or Firefighter support, as we are coffee donors for the California Fire Fighters.

    We are not interested in participating in any sort of ICO.

    We want to build real products that solve real problems.

    We have funded 70% of this project to this point out of pocket. The only other outside investor at this time is on a similarly structured SAFE investment and will be taking part of this round as well.

    Watch our documentary on Colombian coffee farming community and economics here:

    Additional Resources

    Recently featured in the March edition of Content Magazine and a several podcasts about Blockchain and Coffee:

    We were in charge of distribution in the 5th version of "Colombia Land of Diversity" for the biggest buyers in the US: 1610 coffee growers from 12 different departments in Colombia participated with their best coffee lots of the harvest May-August 2020. After having different cupping rounds in Colombia, and with the support of recognized international judges, the selection of the best 32 lots auctioned in October 2020.