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Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards™)

PROFIT from YOUR data! Big companies make money from your data, so should you!


The first and only rewards app that pays users cash for their online browsing and location data.
Since “data is the new oil,” trends show a growing demand for rich, ethically sourced user data.
With scale, Cocoon MDR™ can increase the revenue exponentially with multiple sales of the same data.

Our Team


Virtual World Computing (VWC) is a data company that helps internet users make money from their online data.

Cocoon MDR™

We've developed a new app called Cocoon MDR™ that monetizes user data easily and without collecting PII (Personally Identifiable Information).

This means that instead of giving away your data for free, you get paid for it - putting the power back in your hands, and your wallet.

Audience data has become a multi-billion dollar industry

THE PROBLEM: OnlyCompanies Cashing In

Have you ever wondered how Google, Facebook and other big companies make so much money?

Every day we create online data, from our searches and the news we read to what we watch, like, and buy. Even walking or driving around creates valuable data. Many don't realize that all these little actions are being tracked and monetized in a market with increasing demand for this information.

Data collection has become a billion dollar industry, one where simply being online means sacrificing your information and privacy to these big companies, who collect your user data for free and using it to make billions.

We want to put the user back in control of their data, allowing them to earn cash by doing so.

THE SOLUTION: Cocoon MDR™ (MyData Rewards)

How Does It Work? Cocoon MDR™ is a free app that pays cash for your data.

The way it works is simple: you use your phone or desktop as you normally would, and earn cash rewards as your data is shared.

Share everyday browsing data (*desktop app only) or on-the-go information like geolocation data (*mobile app only) without sacrificing your PII (Personal Identifiable Information) at any time.

Getting paid is also easy: no bank information is required, just a free Paypal account.

The process is 100% passive - and there's no pesky surveys to fill out either!


  • The data supplier business model is based on personal data (geolocation and browsing data, non-PII) generated by users and collected with the Cocoon MDR™ app, and sold in the data marketplace. 
  • Cocoon MDR's™ unique model compensates users with a significant portion of the profit, while we retain 30% of the revenue. Users are paid with cash rewards via PayPal: no hard-to-use cryptocurrency, no limited gift cards. As we acquire more users and increase revenue, further data monetization opportunities will arise.
  • As part of our scaling phase, we are focused on raising funds to cover all operational expenses to prevent losses and create a situation where users are paid enough profits to protect against attrition. The overall cost of servers and operations are inexpensive and mass scaling can be achieved quickly.

Where we are today


23,002 mobile sign-ups since August 20.

Mobile Android Release Currently in Beta

Available on Android, Windows and Mac devices.


Recorded Mobile Geolocation Events

August 2020September 2020October 2020November 2020Recorded Mobile Geolocation Events01M2M3M4M5M6M Recorded Mobile Geolocation Events● November 2020: 5,071,388

Why Should You Invest In Cocoon MDR™?

  • Cocoon MDR™ is the only way for users to monetize their online browsing data and geolocation data
  • First and only rewards program that pays users cash for their online data
  • Worldwide market opportunity spanning 150+ countries to lead in online rewards and grow returns with multiple sales of the same data
  • Trends show a growing demand for rich, ethically sourced user data, and 99 percent of consumers will share personal data for cash rewards
  • Advertisers are hungry to buy user-generated data in bulk: this is an untapped market with exponential opportunity for users to profit from their own data