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Platform for local causes: connecting people to causes in their community

Last Funded June 2022


raised from 16 investors
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🥇 World's first hub for local causes
💰 $320B+ market opportunity
🚀 Prototype sustained 5% WoW growth for the last 5 months
💥 1400+ events posted to the platform in NYC alone
🤝 12 major non-profits and activist groups registered
💪 Endorsed by major players in field, including Bradley Tusk (Tusk Ventures) and Marc Morial (NUL)
🌎 Find events in your area including volunteering, talks, campaigns, demonstrations, and much more!
💯 Coming soon, a one-stop shop for social action: donate, connect with others, get engaged!

Our Team

We're building this because civic engagement matters. At Civic, we strongly believe the more people engage with their community, the healthier our society will be, yet today getting involved takes a lot of effort. We've set out to change that with our platform.

Civic connects you to causes in your area so that you can easily help make the world a better place.

Right now, it's much harder than it should be for anyone looking to make a difference to get involved, and finding volunteers and donors is equally complicated for the organizations trying to positively impact their communities.

Anyone trying to get involved will find that it isn't clear how or where to get started. 🚫

Finding out what's going on, who's doing what, and how you can help often takes hours of searching. Information is dispersed and spreads through word of mouth or a variety of disconnected websites and social media pages.

We aim to change that by building the world's first dedicated platform for social action. 🌎

On Civic, you can find and attend events near you, connect with others interested in the same causes, and donate to organizations whose mission aligns with yours — how you make a difference is entirely up to you!

💰 Today, over $324B are donated by individuals to non-profits, much of which goes through outdated platforms that are hard to use and charge high fees.

This presents an incredible market opportunity for Civic to help organizations while keeping a small cut for itself.

💥 In our initial target market, we estimate that we could bring in over $100M in revenue.

This doesn't include future revenue streams, such as paid ads, which could be just as profitable in the long-run.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

🚀 Our prototype has shown that this could really work.

Right now, Civic's at a very early stage, having deployed a proof-of-concept prototype just 5 months ago. Despite that and the fact that we had practically no marketing budget, we've seen incredibly encouraging results, having sustained the kind of growth that's expected only of the top tier of startups.

👏 We have the perfect team for the job.

We have years of combined experience in the political and volunteering worlds, as well as time spent working at ActBlue, one of the largest donations platforms in the country.

💪  We're backed by some of the smartest players in the field.

Including Marc Morial, who's CEO of one of the largest civil rights groups in the country; Bradley Tusk, an investor and political strategist who successfully ran Mike Bloomberg's campaign for NYC mayor; and Laurence Tosi, the former CFO of Airbnb and Blackstone.

🥇 Right now, there isn't anything quite like Civic.

Most information about causes is dispersed through existing social networks, like Twitter and Instagram, making it really hard to find.

We need your help to build this. 👷

If we manage to raise $250K, we'll be in a position to take our platform to the next level. We plan on bringing on a technical lead to implement new features and feedback, spend money on marketing to accelerate our growth, and much more!

Join us in revolutionizing the way people make an impact. 🙏

Together, we can build Civic... Let's do this!