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World Language EdTech Platform


6,000+ language teachers from 26 countries use the platform.
500 teachers/month organic growth (6-month average).
Won the 2019 World Language Design Challenge hosted by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & LearnLaunch.
Part of the $29B global educational technology market with 18.3% CAGR.
Projected launch Q4 2020!
Solves current pain points for world language teachers and students.
Remote learning due to COVID-19 has created a greater demand for educational technology.

Our Team

I was required to assess student speaking by having 1-on-1 conversations...with 500+ students! This was a challenging task to manage and an inefficient use of class time. Creating Charlala allowed me to simulate hundreds of conversations at the same time, in the classroom or from home.

Charlala is created by educators, for educators, to solve real pain points in the world language classroom.

American schools fail to adequately educate students in world languages. Charlala brings teachers a new way to engage students in communication and boost proficiency. Charlala has organically grown through word of mouth to nearly 6,000 teacher in 26 countries.

World language education is broken

World language instruction overemphasizes grammar and vocabulary memorization. There are not sufficient tools, however, for teachers to transition their focus to communication and proficiency.

Charlala focuses on communication

Charlala was created by a middle school Spanish teacher to solve real pain points and to provide structure to proficiency-based activities. The platform has more capabilities and is cheaper than competing EdTech platforms.

How it works

Charlala has two core tools. The simulated conversation tool provides additional speaking practice and the ability to monitor student speaking proficiency. The DrawRoom engages students in digitized drawing, used for conversation starters, storytelling, and games!


Charlala started as a project to help the creator and a few hundred teachers. After winning the 2019 World Languages Design Challenge hosted by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and LearnLaunch, Charlala has grown to more than 6,000 classrooms globally!

Chris Hammer pitching Charlala to the judges at the HMH + LL World Languages Design Challenge.


Charlala has organically grown by word of mouth to more than 6,000 teachers. Current users are considered beta testers and don't pay a subscription - if we convert 5% to a paid plan, we will have a $2.81 customer acquisition cost (est. $1060 LTV). 

How we will grow

Our initial audience is world language teachers in the U.S. Near term, we plan to expand to educators across the globe (currently in 26+ countries). After additional content and tool development, we will expand to Global EdTech, a $29.3B market with 18.3% CAGR.

What's next?

The current version of Charlala was built as a proof of concept on a platform that inhibits our growth and reliability. We are using feedback to redevelop the platform and create ready-made content. We anticipate a soft relaunch and monetization Q4 2020. 

Use of funds

A successful fundraising campaign will allow us to redevelop and monetize the platform, create ready-made content for several languages and levels, and extend our runway to 12 months. 

Meet the team

Our team's expertise are world language education and software development, while also having an advanced competency in marketing, finance, and business operations and strategy. And for everything we don't know, we lean on advice from industry experts. 

Launching Charlala 2.0

We are utilizing the feedback from thousands of teachers and students to develop Charlala 2.0. The new version, projected to launch Q4 2020, will include better user functionality, a new tool for storytelling, ready-made story library, and additional tools.

Charlala 2.0 will include a new storytelling tool, designed for in-class or remote learning. The tool will be supported by our all new Story Library (pictured above). 
Our simulated conversation tool is receiving a complete overhaul, including the Video Library (pictured above). The updated Video Library will have conversational videos with native speakers from around the world. 

Help transform the world language classroom

Charlala has hopes to transform the world language classroom to focus on communication and student proficiency. In addition to overall cognitive benefits, students will become more culturally competent and be ready to enter a global workforce

Investment Perks

$100+ 1-year pro membership & Charlala Investor badge.

$250+ 1-year pro membership, discounted renewal for life & Charlala merch bundle.

$1,000+ Lifetime pro membership & Charlala merch bundle.

Don't just listen to us

Listen to the educators currently using Charlala in their classrooms. Students are engaged, participating in meaningful conversations, and growing their language proficiency.

Charlala was featured in Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input, a world language blog written by Cynthia Hitz, a high school Spanish teacher.