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Invest in Cenports Commerce

The ultimate global eCommerce tech ecosystem driving $90 million of online sales



reserved of a $150,000 goal
 $15M  $13M valuation cap Future Equity
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $13M valuation cap


🚀 Lean, fully bootstrapped team, with $9M revenue run rate & 182% annual revenue growth since 2018
👌 Partnerships with the largest global retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, Wayfair (preferred partner), etc.
🌎 Connecting global manufacturers who make great products to these retailers to drive sales
💰 Only eCommerce tech hub (patent pending), w/logistics, software & sales, in $1.3 trillion market
🏆 Led by 3 founders w/50+ years eCommerce experience at DTC & B2B brands in tech, ops & sales roles
📈 3 revenue streams, including proprietary software that helps aggregate all orders to a single platform
💪 Current portfolio: 150 brands, 60+ retailers with 1B potential buyers
🌆 Operate 100k sq ft warehouse in SF Bay Area + 50k sq ft warehouse in Chicago + 15 partner warehouses nationwide

Our Team

When I started my first eCommerce company, it took a ton of resources to build retail channel relationships, expensive software for automation, and warehousing commitment. It took a lot of learning and trial and error. I started Cenports to change the dynamic and help entrepreneurs build a business within months, not years.

Why invest in Cenports?


Cenports is inventing a better world of retail.

Cenports is the world’s only eCommerce technology ecosystem (patent pending process) that combines software, sales, and fulfillment to drive end-to-end sales for global makers and suppliers. Cenports provides brands of all sizes with SaaS efficiency, warehousing services, and instant access to 80% of the world's largest retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Walmart. Partnerships with Cenports remove growth obstacles in the U.S. market for even the smallest brands.


Manufacturers and makers from around the world are restricted from expanding into the U.S. market by a lack of resources and relationships.

For overseas manufacturers, establishing a US sales channel requires costly investments, systems, and expertise to:

  • Establish a legal, operating entity in the US to sell on most US online retail channels.
  • Manage the supply chain efficiently through automation and optimization.
  • List products on Wayfair, Target, Home Depot and others. This requires expensive sales reps, who can't guarantee access.
  • Sell products - it takes marketing and sales support to stand out from the millions of other products online.
  • Fulfill orders once sales flow in - warehousing and distribution requires large capital outlays and expensive, long-term commitments.
  • Hire, train and supervise a customer support team that can service the customer inquiries, complaints and refunds on which a brand's reputation is built.

In summary, there are many barriers to entering the US eCommerce market no matter how good a brand's products are. 

Key challenges of the US eCommerce retail market, according to Infiniti Research


The solution for removing those barriers to entry: Cenports, the world’s only eCommerce technology ecosystem (patent pending process) that combines software, sales, and fulfillment to drive end-to-end sales for global makers and suppliers. Cenports provides brands of all sizes with SaaS efficiency, warehousing services, and instant access to 80% of the world's largest retailers, including Amazon, Home Depot, Wayfair, and Walmart. Partnerships with Cenports remove growth obstacles in the U.S. market for even the smallest brands

Cenports' Proprietary Software Features:
• EDI/API Integration • Order Lifecycle Management • Inventory Management • Content Management • Shipping Integrations • 3PL Management • Warehouse Routing • Custom Analytics • Pricing Management

Proprietary Software: Manages orders, inventory, and retailer-brand integrations

Cenports' Extensive Sales Network:

• Cenports has experienced operations and customer services teams based in China and Manila and can easily upload thousands of products across 60+ retailers within weeks.
• Cenports business concierge services include pricing and product-catalog alignment.
• Cenports has personal relationships and technical integrations with 60+ online retailers, which provides brands with speedy product listings on all relevant platforms.

Sales: Cenports Provides Instant Access to 60+ Retail Marketplaces

Cenports' Fulfillment Network: 17 Warehouses and Counting

• Integrated with multiple warehouse management systems such as 3PL Central, Eccang, Mabang and more. • Facilities include a 100K sq. ft. warehouse in Hayward, California; a 50K sq. ft. warehouse in Chicago; and 15 other partner warehouse across the country. • A proprietary, powerful order-routing system orchestrates fulfillment and inventory in multiple warehouses. • Partnerships with Newegg, Awesung, ShipperZone, TheFillMill and TheFulfillmentLab complete the logistics picture.

Fulfillment: Cenports Operates an Extensive Network of Warehouses Nationwide

Traditionally a brand would have to build or hire each of these divisions - software, logistics, product sales, operations, shipping, fulfillment - separately. But Cenports puts all of these services under one roof.

3PL Logistic Network Intelligent order routing network

Because we handle all of the moving pieces (product sales, operations, shipping and fulfillment) in house, every aspect of the supply chain is under our complete control. We build safeguards and plan for the unexpected, which helps us eliminate many of the supply chain challenges impacting global sales.


  • U.S. Retail eCommerce revenue in 2020 - $644.4 billion
  • U.S. Retail eCommerce revenue in 2021 - $767.7 billion (19.1% YoY growth)
  • U.S. Retail eCommerce revenue in 2022 - projected $875.2 billion (14.0% YoY growth)
  • Total Addressable Market (TAM) - US eCommerce revenue projected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2025


- More than doubled sales volume and revenue each year since 2018

  • $9 million projected revenue run rate for 2022; 182% annual revenue growth (CAGR)
  • $6 million in revenue booked year to date (August 2022), with largest sales quarter (Q4) yet to come
  • Active partnerships with 80% of the largest retailers (by eCommerce sales), including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Home Depot, eBay, Petco, Newegg and 60+ more, with 1B  potential consumers
  • Have helped 150 brands from 21 countries around the world get their eCommerce sales launched, with 200 more brands in the pipeline
  • A Wayfair Preferred Partner- only 1% of vendors are accepted into this elite, lucrative partner program
  • Meeting with leading manufacturers in Mexico in September 2022 to explore expansion into LATAM market

Customer Success Story: Gyber Grill

“Cenports helped us access all the major online retailers in the U.S. market and has ensured that our operations, inventory management, and fulfillment all scale smoothly as demand increases. Within 6 months of onboarding, our revenue was up 950%, and we anticipate continued strong growth through this partnership.”

~Martin, Head of International Sales, Gyber Outdoors

Here's an example of how Cenports helps brands around the world launch their US online sales (and hit the big time with "The Ellen Show!"): 


Blending cutting-edge technology and grilling goodness, Gyber is at the forefront of incredible, portable outdoor cooking.

The makers of Gyber Outdoors were based overseas, had created a great product (an outdoor pizza oven), and did not know how to get into the US eCommerce market. 

A "metal box" landed on the desk of Lily, Cenports' co-founder, and she had no idea what to do with it. The founder of Gyber reached out to Lily to explain why he sent her the "metal box". 

He had a vision: bring affordable grilling to the home in a very modern way. He had the product for this vision: the "metal box" was an outdoor grilling oven. 

But in order to achieve that vision, Gyber needed help with everything else: branding, inventory management, shipping, fulfillment, storage, sales, distribution. Gyber's founder reached out to get Cenports' help with all of that. 

The Cenports team leveraged their eCommerce tech hub to help Gyber launch and grow their online US sales. Cenports built the Gyber website, updated the branding and logo, created their social media presence, developed relationships with influencers, and got Gyber listed on major retailer marketplaces.

Gyber grill featured on Wayfair

Within two years, the results were astounding:

  • Listed on, Walmart, and Home Depot, among 30+ other retailer websites
  • Got featured on QVC
  • Won numerous "Best of" awards on consumer reports and many other media mentions
  • Launched in the Mexico eCommerce market
  • Multiple acquisition offers from eCommerce aggregators
  • Generated over $1 million in sales (and counting)
  • Featured on The Ellen Show for Christmas 2021!

Gyber grill featured on QVC
Gyber grill featured on Lowes

Business Model/Revenue

Co-Founding Team

Cenports was founded in 2017 by 3 industry veterans bringing 50+ years of eCommerce experience to address the supply chain challenges they experienced firsthand.

Derrick and Jerry met while working together at Sitoa, an early pioneer in the eCommerce industry that connected retail hosts and product sellers and helped them launch their online sales channel.

The two of them had an idea: to bring together retailers, sellers and consumers around the world with one platform. And they recruited Lily to join them as their connection to retail brands. Lily has worked in the retail industry for 17 years and brought strong relationships with direct contacts at Wayfair, Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and other major retail brands.

Together, they understand the different facets of eCommerce as they’ve worn these hats in their combined 50 years of experience.

Cenports leadership team

Recently, they added to the leadership team by bringing on Hillary Read as Chief Marketing Officer and Tawny Toci as an advisor. Hillary has a Harvard B.A. and brings 10+ years of marketing and communication leadership experience, helping to grow revenue at a digital marketing agency from $5 million to $55 million annually. Tawny is a Former Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, the most influential VC firm in Silicon Valley, and is currently the Senior Director of Tech Banking at First Republic Bank. Hillary and Tawny saw Cenports' growth and potential trajectory and joined the team to help accelerate that scale.  

Today Cenports is a lean team of 50 helping to connect the dots from fulfillment centers to 150 brands, 60+ different retailers, and 500 million+ consumers.

Team conference call across 4 countries

Opportunity and competition

-Cenports currently has $10 million+ (and counting) of available inventory value for online sales - this Community Round will be used to facilitate these sales 

-In September 2022, a competitor with fewer services IPO’d at $700m Market Cap. 

- The business we've built is going to help add new revenue to Amazon sellers that don't have a clue on how to sell to other channels. 

Barriers to entry/competitive advantage

The Cenports team’s superpower is the combination of three different parts of the ecommerce ecosystem: logistics, software, and sales.

Beside building the tech and establishing warehouse locations, developing relationships with major retailers is difficult and time-consuming; most will not deal with foreign manufacturers directly. The typical sales rep in retail lacks the experience, trust, and delivery to land these relationships.

As one inventor who was showcasing their items at an ASD show in Las Vegas told Lily, “If you can get me into Walmart, I’m going to give you a million dollars.” (And Lily delivered.) Cenports has the relationship network necessary to scale sales in the U.S.

Cenports also already owns one patent and has a second patent currently pending.  

Cenports Team at Wayfair Corporate in Boston
Wayfair Team at the Cenports San Francisco Bay Area Warehouse

Future prospects and vision

With this community funding round, Cenports is fundraising to become the "full service" Alibaba by continuing to develop and market the platform that includes:

  • Expansion of our 3PL warehouse network partnership in the US.
  • Connection to 1000+ retailers by 2025.
  • A catalog of 300,000 sellable SKUs by 2025.
  • Tech to support a marketplace that connects retailers and makers automatically.
  • Continuous platform improvement: Machine Learning, Demand Forecasting Marketing Automation, Warehouse Management System, and more.
  • A fully built Sales and Marketing team for trade shows, webinar and networking events.
  • Warehouse facility improvement in Hayward, California.
  • Onboard Target into our retail portfolio.

Manufacturer making dining chairs in Vietnam
Above manufacturer's products in live setting