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Callie's Cuties Bake Shop

Nut FREE Goodies for Nut FREE Cuties


We are 100% nut free
We use carefully sourced all natural ingredients
We provide beautifully decorated offerings
We are very competitively priced

Our Founder


In November, 2005 my husband Tom and I almost lost our precious daughter Callie to an allergy of cashews – a simple tree nut. She was two. It didn’t take an entire bag of cashews…just two tiny nuts. Callie’s reaction didn’t happen in seconds, in fact, it took more than an hour. First, Callie complained that her belly hurt. Second, her nose started to run as though a faucet had been turned on. Third, sneezing. Tom and I thought, she must be getting a cold. Then– hives started, swelling of her lips and eyes and the then Callie became combative because she couldn’t breath. To this day, 7 years later, I still cannot think of the incident without crying. Thanks to benedryl and the Plainfield Paramedics – Callie is still here with us today.

That day in November of 2005, changed our lives forever and our world became very, very small.

Everywhere we turned – there were NUTS! We had to start reading EVERY label of every item of food that came into our house. It was a scary, confusing time for us and ALL of our family members. No one understood the magnitude of what was in store for Callie for the rest of her life. The question that came up most was/is “will Callie grow out of this allergy?” The simple answer is no. Kids with this type of sensitivity to this type of nut in particular will never out grow the allergy. So we had to find a way to keep Callie safe and to educate our friends and family to this scary new way of life for our daughter.

In the meantime, life continued and birthdays, holidays came and went and Callie, like many others with her allergies couldn’t partake in the desserts. Callie cried often and wondered if she would ever be ‘normal’…it killed us a little every time one tear was shed. I wondered year after year, what did other families with children like Callie do to keep their kids safe at family celebrations? Where did they buy a cake for their child? The answer is they didn’t have a resource. I couldn’t believe there was NO WHERE to buy a safe cake or cupcake for a child like Callie…hence the birth of the idea for Callie’s Cuties Bake Shop.

No, I didn’t attend culinary school to learn my craft. I started baking as a kid. My favorite recipe was homemade chocolate chip cookies and angel food cake. Back then the store sold mint chocolate chips. So my Mom helped me make the mint Tollhouse version and died them green. My love of baking started early because of my Mom and Grandmother. My Grandma Marion baked so often for our big clan that she had dough embedded in her rings after the many hours of kneading dough to make delicious baked creations.

I’ve attended endless hours of on-line classes, Wilton decorating classes locally, read tirelessly about the science of baking and read every small business/marketing book I could get my hands on. I bake every weekend and made hundreds of phone calls to try and find the purest, nut free resources to go into the goodies I bake.

I’ve had MANY epic the beginning. But, through persistence and determination, soon the successes came, Callie got to eat her fill of safe cakes, cupcakes and whoopie pies and I started to get requests for my offerings from people other than my family! I became a proud apprentice member of the Retail Bakers of America and have been mentored by the industries best bakers via the SBA’s SCORE mentoring program.

We are here for Callie and for the more than 6 million people afflicted with nut allergies. Nut free goodies for nut FREE Cuties. Bringing joy and smiles to the nut free world one piece of cake at a time.

Thank you for your interest and support of our passion to provide nut free, beautiful, homemade – preservative free cakes, cupcakes, and gourmet whoopie pies.

Proud member of the FARE Network (Food Allergy Research & Education) – and the Retail Bakers of America –

For more information and resources on nut allergies, to become a member and donate to further research please visit

Our family is also part of an important new organization in Callie's name - The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Callie was diagnosed in May of 2012 with Type 1 - diabetes. Please donate to this amazing organization and help us find a cure for Callie and the millions of other children afflicted with this terrible - currently incurable, life threatening disease. Visit to learn more about Type 1 and to donate to help find a cure.